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Chiron in Aries February 18th, 2019 to 2027: Become Strong and Say No to Negative Self Talk.

Everyone has an area in life that we loathe about ourselves and no matter what, it is always in the background causing us in some ways to be tortured by the overwhelming insecurity of it all. Chiron is what causes these feelings of inadequacy to hang over our heads.

These are inner demons we struggle with and try to evade but are not always successful at entirely detaching ourselves from them. No matter how much we run from this issue we can’t escape it, that is why we must work on these self-conscious issues, so we can move forward and finally discard them.

Chiron triggers our repressed emotions and causes us to deal with the things we bottle up. This planet doesn't allow you to sweep things under the rug for long because this planet wants you to work on these issues so that you can move on to your real purpose.

Our Natal Chart shows what kind of wound in this life we have and what we can do to channel it into a positive so we can heal and move on to a higher plane. This is a wound that gives us the most pain, our fears, and weaknesses that we are forced to heal. It also shows us where we can improve ourselves so that we can operate in a balance between the real world and the spiritual realm.

What is Chiron

Chiron is a minor planet that takes about 50 years or so the move through the zodiac. When it is in retrograde, it stays there for a good 5 months. Chiron is the bridge between our last personal planet to the first outer planet allowing us to travel from the gateway of consciousness to the realm of transcendence.

Chiron can do this because of its Unique orbit between Saturn and Uranus. It spends a period inside Saturn's orbit and then travels over to the outer orbit of Uranus. So, in many ways, it is a messenger transmitting from our conscious to the subconscious level.

There seem to be many renditions of this legend, but this is the way the story of Chiron goes. He was known as the wounded healer, in Greek mythology, he was a centaur who had terrific healing abilities. He was injured by a poison arrow and survived it because of his immortality. However, he was unable to heal from it.

Even though, Chiron was a world-class healer he was unable to regenerate his own wound. Zeus, the god of all gods, had captured Prometheus for stealing fire from the gods and gifting it to humans and was being tortured for that.

Chiron decided to sacrifice himself to save Prometheus and traded place with him. For this reason, Zeus to pity on Chiron and freed him from his suffering and when he did, he was transformed into the constellation Sagittarius.

Your Chiron in Aries lesson.

The energy of Chiron in Aries is about living in your truth; you have to learn to be brave and not allow others to make you be something you are not. In other words, you must not let others tell you how to live your life; you need to live on your own terms. It is a situation of making up your own mind or others will do it for you.

You have to come out of your shell, learn how to be sociable, speak up, not be overly polite, or a doormat. The thing you must master is asserting yourself without coming off excessively pushy or passive.

This will be a time where you must maintain your enterprising spirit, you will need to fight against demotivation because Chiron has a way of making you feel like you can’t be a pioneer in this sign.

Vibes and How They Will Affect You: Natal and Transit Energies.

Below is the vibes you will feel or notice during this period Chiron is in Aries which will be the next 8 years. Also, these are the symptoms people with this placement go through before they heal themselves. To see what area of life this planet will transit in your chart go to astro.com

Impulsively Expressing Oneself

One of the lessons of this placement is the person or transit of Chiron in Aries will go through periods of bottling up their feelings towards others, harboring resentments, or constantly silence themselves because they just can’t get the words out.

This causes them to come off like they are unable to assert themselves. The problem with this is there is a tendency to bubble over like a pressure cooker and then explode, which confuses the people around them because they had no idea how they really felt.

Identity Crisis with Spiritual Self.

Another issue with this aspect is there tends to be a problem identifying what a person's beliefs are. They have a hard time living in their truth because they are always questioning what they are feeling instead of just going with their instincts.

You Need to Clear This to Reveal Your True Identity.

There is an issue with knowing who they indeed are so they will try many different personas to figure it out. The problem with this is they get lost in other peoples ideas of what you should be and how you should live.

There are situations where the person with Chiron in Aries will latch on to another person’s identity as if it were theirs. Doing this will cause the ego to be bruised and a sense of not feeling like they belong.

Finding The Answers Within Themselves is When They Genuinely Heal.

They must learn how to trust in their higher self to get past this. There is a trial of learning how to live in their ego and just be. Learning how to be courageous and step out of there shell. The only way to get past this is to find their true identity is to start taking action.

Purge These Feelings and Become Independent of Limiting Beliefs.

If you follow the lessons and heal your ego Chiron in Aries will help you with becoming more innovative, ambitious, and will grant you the gift of perseverance. If you fight against it you will struggle in the areas listed above. Walk in your truth no matter how scary it might be or what others think, once you do your true identity will be revealed. You will be liberated, and can finally use your voice the way it was intended just like a freedom loving Aries.


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