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Jupiter Retrograde April 10 2019: Vibes And How They Will Affect You.

March 27, 2019



  • 1-14-2019 1:56 am Enter Rx Zone

  • 4-10-2019 8:56 am Stationary Retrograde

  • 8-11-2019 5:42 am Stationary Direct

  • 11-05-2019 6:39 pm Leave Rx Zone


Jupiter is going into Retrograde this April in its home sign which has not happened in 12 years. But, what makes this truly fascinating is Neptune is in Pisces Jupiter’s secondary sign so the influences of this retrograde will be strong.  Both planets are in dignity so the effects will be transformative, and when Neptune goes in RX around June, these energies will intensify. These heavenly bodies have not been in RX while in their natural Zodiac Signs in 166 years, so this is truly a once in a lifetime retrograde!


Other events happening around this time was Uranus in Taurus. Also, Saturn and Pluto already finished their Great Conjunction by that point. All of these planets haven’t been in these signs at the same time or ended a significant conjunction since petty coats were in style! This cosmic activity is pretty rare, and now, we get to see some of these planetary aspects play out simultaneously in our modern era.


Neptune went into Pisces from 1847 to 1862, and Jupiter ingressed to Sagittarius November 9th, 1852; at that time people were fighting for their beliefs in what is right or wrong, while others looked for freedom from limitations by heading West in hopes of a better future. California became a State a few years prior, and the Gold Rush was in full swing because people were taking a risk in hopes of gaining their fortunes. Humanity as a whole was exploring their options and trying to expand into new territory which is a very Jupitarian thing to do.


This was a time of taking chances, looking at your belief system and exploring what else was out there, what other options did we have as humans. This is the way Jupiter works especially in RX, we start to explore what we truly need and what we should place our faith in,  as well as what is fair and what is not in line with our souls.

Today we can see some of these energies play out and while the narrative is different people are still exhibiting the pioneering spirit, looking for ways to improve their lives, seeking a sense of freedom from limiting beliefs, fighting for causes, and holding firm for what they stand for in life.


Jupiter RX Vibes and how they affect you:


Jupiter retrogrades are all about making tweaks to things like your beliefs, boundaries, plus dreams and wishes so you can be ready to enjoy the luck of this planet without limits.


  • Getting your ego in check, so you become humble and not step over others

  • Fixing your shortcomings, what you believe and even some of your own biases, this will be a time to change and learn how to respect others opinions, plus become open-minded

  • Traveling, make sure you are looking at all of the details or that any plans you have for long distance travel is secure.

  • Relocating cross country or international, some revisions might be necessary for your big move

  • Higher education- look at your options but wait for the right moment before you pick a school/program, or you might feel like it’s not right for you

  • Sacrifice plays a huge role; letting go of things that aren't good for you for something better.

  • Things you once believed in might feel like it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

  • Hopes, dreams, and wishes go through a shift; this is a time to revamp what you thought you wanted

  • The truth is going to be something you will be on a quest for; it will be your time to search for answers to things you thought you let go of or something that has been losing it’s luster

  • Greed must be addressed; Jupiter will reveal that side of you or in others.

  • Gambling and impulsive behavior is another thing that needs to be healed.

  • Seeking out the help of gurus and spiritual healing is a good way to get through this RX period

  • Overbooking, overachieving, overindulging, over-exaggerating the 4 O’s of Jupitarian syndrome. You need to learn to be less and set healthy limits.

Beginning Transits Around April 10th, 2019



Jupiter Trine Sun- Part 1 (This happens twice during the retrograde cycle, it is an aspect that is exclusive to Jupiter RX)
This Brings in the ability to attract success in what you want in life and be a luck magnet. Optimism comes washing over you and gives you the confidence you need to get through the day. People are generous during a period like this, and it is incredible for attracting those who will have your back.
Jupiter Opposite Moon: Be Charitable For A Good Cause

Generosity fills the air so people will be more giving than usual. It is perfect for getting chatty with friends and sharing your time. The biggest thing you have to watch out for with this transit is oversharing because it will attract others who want to ride your coattails and, your judgment of who is who will be lapse. Also, be careful what charities you donate too and just make sure you are reading the fine print before you give your items away.

Jupiter Square Mercury- Pt 1: Believing in Those Who Don’t Deserve Your Trust

Sagittarius and Pisces are mixing together in a mutable square for this transit. It will be hard to focus because the mind will be flooded with all of these big ideas and plans, but you will have to find a way to narrow down all of your possibilities.


Gambling will be something you have a talent for just try to make sure you aren't too grandiose, or there can be consequences. Try to watch out for conspiracies or falling for false prophets. Additionally, intellectual arrogance is an issue with this transit.

Jupiter Square Venus- Part 1: Rose Colored Glasses

Venus and Jupiter together bring out the party vibes! Socializing isn't going to be a problem because there will be an overabundance of friends both old and new. You will attract all kinds of people from different walks of life and want to look at all of the fun, cultured things you can enjoy.


Use your best judgment in love, friendships, and money because this could be a situation where you are overdoing it, and lack the best judgment due to having a rose-colored glasses view of the world. Additionally, there is a considerable chance of meeting those who are all about free love and non-committal relationships, it is kind of a fuck boy energy.

Jupiter Square Neptune- Part 1: Losing my Religion

You are going to have that feeling of losing faith with others but at the same time try to ignore it. In other words, you will try to sweep those feelings of detachment to what you once believed in and say it’s nothing. This transit is like living in the Land of Make Believe with King Friday and Lady Elaine. There is going to be a need to live in your fantasies and also delve deep into topics like philosophy, religion, esoteric issues.


Additionally, even if you aren’t ready to walk away just yet or shake harmful habits, please create boundaries with yourself and others, or there could be an issue keeping your energy safe from overdoing it with stimulants or being taken advantage of by scammers.


May 2019

Mercury Trine Jupiter: The Gift for Gab

Optimism comes sweeping back in with this transit so you will feel like you’re getting back on track. Mercury and Jupiter in this kind of aspect will cause you to crave some mental and verbal stimulation with people who are on your level. There is going to be an urge to mingle and get out there with others for an adventure.  Also, this aspect gives some luck to your conversations causing you to have a nice streak where your words win others over.


Mars Opposite Jupiter: Be Self-Aware and Please Don’t Steam Roll Others

An aspect like this is going to make you feel energized and able to get things done! The issue with this is you need to be mindful of your behavior because even though you have the energy of a speed skater, it doesn’t mean that everyone else has to be on your pace. There is a tendency to get annoyed by those who slow you down which causes a rude reaction or it could be someone in your environment that is tactless. Lastly, you will feel impetuous and braggadocious, so try to be aware of the need to overinflate your own self-importance.


Mid Retrograde Transits of Late Spring and Summer 2019



June 10

Jupiter Opposite Sun: Reckless, Out of Proportion, and Cocky AF

You are on a high that is going to make you feel luckier than usual. This is the kind of transit that will have you blowing things out of proportion in ways that might seem fun at the time but turn out to be a poor choice. It can also overinflate your ego causing you to be cocky. Similarly, you have to be careful not to speculate because you could end up jumping to conclusions.


Jupiter Quincunx Mars: Competitive to The Extreme

Being a Go-Getter is the only way to get things done as long as you don’t go on the extreme end of that. Be careful not to be so consumed with winning that you become arrogant and decide to challenge everyone. This is going to bring out the worst in people who are naturally conceited causing them to be vain and have pissing contest with others just to prove they are better. A slice of humble pie might set you back if you reach too far.


Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Contradicting, Opinionated, Changeable, Intuitive, and a Lucky Streak

Unpredictability is the nature of this energy because it causes things to change in a persons life, good bad, and indifferent. This transit also causes others to contradict themselves in a way that is “do as I say not as I do” and if you question this, then they might just transfer the blame on you becoming highly opinionated. The good thing about this transit is it does give a person the intuition for the right timing and opportunities to better themselves.


Jupiter Square Neptune: Losing My Religion Part 2

Now that Neptune is in Retrograde as well the second phase of this aspect causes you to look at the truth of what has been in front of you. You can no longer hide from the facts because it has been inflated enough for you two see people for who they indeed are. You now have decisions to make because your intuition has unveiled what you didn’t want to face. It’s time to make changes and distance yourself from those who take advantage of you. You feel embarrassed and have been gullible to others, this could cause you to want to escape.

Jupiter Quincunx Moon's North Node: Karmic shifts bring New People But Don’t Mess it up

Beneficial people are ready to make their way over to you, so this is a period where the hard work you did pays off and brings you trustworthy individuals to network with. This is a fated aspect and can work to your advantage as long as you aren’t selfish, also watch your beliefs and views on subjects because it might drive away those lucky contacts.


Venus Opposite Jupiter: Let go and Walk Away

Even though you know the truth of the situation you might feel the need to go back to old habits, so you don’t have to deal with everything that is changing around you. In other words, you may have the tendency to try and cling to things that no longer serve you or put you in situations that mess with your self-worth. This aspect is great for socializing and partying as long as you use it for a fun escape and not to evade your problems. There is an overindulgent vibe that might cause you to be more open to stimulants, food, alcohol, and bad relationships you use to binge on.




Mars Trine Jupiter; Karmic Luck from your efforts!

July’s Jupiter transit to Mars saves the day! Even with this celestial body in RX and most of the other planets as well except for Venus and Mars. Uranus is in Shadow RX  and goes inverse in a month, but this is still a useful aspect.

You will be energized and finally, feel like you have a grasp on what it is you are meant to do with your Jupiter RX dilemma. Doors open up, and you are able to seize the day. You will feel more confident than usual, have lucky opportunities land in your lap, and love also comes your way. The smartest way to handle this energy is to not let it go to your head because then things can backfire if you get too grandiose.


Shadow Direct  Transits- August 2019


Jupiter Trine Sun- Part 3: The End of a Mentos Commercial

Finally, you are back to your old self again and are able to move mountains. Your faith in yourself is restored, your optimism is high, and you are able to channel your energy into what it is that you are ready to create for yourself. You get the green light to move forward, and the cool thing is you have a new perspective and are no longer stagnant. The Jupitarian luck is back on your side and will help bring comfort back to your life. Use this time to get back to what it was you were trying to accomplish before the retrograde started.

Just like those Mentos commercials from the 90’s you come out of what looks like a sticky situation and shine. You are able to breathe again, your optimism helps you climb mountains, and it is like you have all of your energy back. You gain a lucky streak that becomes illuminated by this transit, so if you channel this energy properly, you can really turn circumstances in your favor.


Jupiter Square Sun- Part 3: Dealing with a Braggadocious Nature

By this point, you are ready to make changes to improve your situation and attitude. You are in the mood for some fun and to go out with friends, which is going to be great for you. Now that you are mindful of some of your behaviors this would be a good time to check your ego and try to not come off like you are full of yourself. This is a time to not drink your own Kool-Aid, or it will blow up in your face.


Jupiter Square Mercury- Part 3: Look at The Details

Your mind is coming out of a foggy period so you will have to take your time no matter how much you might want to rush or get a project off the ground.  You have to watch out for liars during this period. Read everything that is on your documents, make sure your travel plans are all set with no hiccups. Your optimism at this point is coming back, and you are just ready to move forward which is the direction this will lead, just be patient.


Jupiter Sextile Venus- Part 3; Attracting The Right Vibes

Your personal magnetism comes through and shines at the right time because this is going to bring that luck and optimism back into your life. You might feel like throwing a party because at this point you are wanting to be more social and less inward or not as inclined to escape from your problems by gorging on harmful things. Sure, you might want to indulge a little and rest on your laurels, but this is at least better than where you were months ago.  This is a fantastic time to get what you want, go after it and restore your faith in things that are worth your time.


Jupiter Quincunx Mars Part 3: Turn Your Competitive Energy into Something Helpful

Learning to curb your competitive nature is going to be your best bet at this point. Anything that might have caused embarrassment because you have been acting out of character will be tamed, and you will be eating that humble pie. Additionally, this aspect will give you the ability to handle those who are trying to take you down or top you. You now have the strength to handle arrogant people in a way that has you in the best position.


Jupiter Square Neptune Part 3: Losing My Religion

Because you have been dealing with the truth of what has been going on you are at a final crossroads with what you once believed in and are ready to either revert back because it’s comfortable to just pretend nothing is wrong. Hopefully, this is one of those situations where you learn to heal yourself, put reasonable limits on things or people who aren't good for you, and move forward from situations and people you’ve lost faith in. Your confidence will fluctuate as this transit passes so you will have days that are good causing you to feel ready to change and others where you regress. Take this time to heal your energy and keep riding the wave of good Jupiter aspects.


Jupiter Quincunx Moon Part 3:

Luckily you get one more shot to draw in beneficial people that are here to help you on a karmic level. Just remain even-keel, and you will be able to have a favorable experience. If you push your own ideas and agenda, then this will slip through your fingers.


Looking At All The Possibilities


Now that you made it through this Jupiter RX, you will see that you are able to become outgoing again, this is a time for you to soon launch what you have been looking forward to and be social. You will be able to get your own personal arrogance in check so that you can benefit from this lucky planet as usual.

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