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Saturn Retrograde April 29th, 2019: Saturnian Powers Activate; Form Of Stability!

April 19, 2019

  • 1/22/2019 7:42 am Shadow RX

  • 4/29/2019 3:38 pm Station Retrograde

  • 9/17/2019 11:09 pm Stationary Direct

  • 12/24/2019 2:34 am Out of Rx Shadow


Saturn is the third planet this month to go Retrograde, so it’s safe to say we are fully in RX Season.

Typically this planet goes inverse on an annual basis for about 4 ½ months, so year-after-year we have a Saturnian lesson to learn, but this Retrograde is different because this celestial body is in its own sign and has made it’s first contact to conjunct Pluto which happens to be in Capricorn as well.


The last time Saturn and Pluto were together and in the same sign was January 3rd, 1518. We are about to complete a 500-year cycle and start a new one that transforms the way we do things as a society. With this conjunction, we will clear out what no longer serves us and make way for fresh new structures that will improve our environment giving us the stability we need.


Indeed, this is a special retrograde, so depending if it is aspecting one of your natal planets then you have some area in your life that is about to undergo a revamp. Saturn brings karma, so anything that needs to be resolved has to be taken care of, you have to let go of things you can’t control and be realistic because this celestial body rules reality and the physical. If there are hard aspects from transiting Saturn RX to your natal planets, then this will be a tough one especially if you have hard elements during this growth cycle. Easier aspects like Trines and Sextiles will still be felt, but it will not be as much of a reality check it will actually help you free yourself from the Saturnian restriction.


Saturn Retrograde Vibes and how they affect you

Think of Saturn as that friend who tells you the truth even if you don't want to see or hear it.
Things that happen are for your own good with Saturn because this planet wants you to get your shit together and not settle for less than excellence.

Saturn RX goes in stages and during those you are going to want to take your power back
At the beginning of the RX things that had momentum begin to slow down and this is very noticeable. It is time to go inward and work to transform because whatever is being halted is not the right path and you need to get to the source of the problem.

Through the first two months, you will find yourself trying to get back to where you were or take back what you feel you lost, in some ways it is like bargaining like people do in the stages of grieving, you are going to want some sort of satisfaction back in your life.


The four areas that need attention during this inverse cycle are:


  • Facing things, that you need to take responsibility for

  • Getting a reality check because you’ve refused to own up to your misdeeds

  • Gaining integrity within yourself

  • Paying in penalties and interest in a karmic way

  • Situations have reached it's peak of maturation and need to be cleared up

  • Lost of things


  • Don't commit to things, any commitments you have made needs to be under review

  • Do not incorporate a biz

  • Look over your plans and revise

  • Fix structures in your life and home

  • Get organized, Clear out outworn structures that no longer makes sense and rebuild

You are going to feel the need to evade or hide, but you have to change some of your ways to get what you want, this maturity needs to happen, and this is a cycle of growth until you are ready to be liberated from the Saturnian discipline. You must clear out what doesn’t work and create new sustainable structures

Working through Loneliness

  • If you have been too close off this retrograde will cause you to come out of your shell or other areas, you were restricted

  • Depression is a huge issue that will go through a review on how to get you back on your feet again

  • If you have been feeling miserable and detaching yourself from others than the RX will force you to clear out what is causing you to feel hopeless


  • It's time to grow up- there are areas of your life that you must become mature in

  • Learn discipline with yourself and others

  • Accountability

  • Boundaries, you need to make put limits on yourself and others in a way that is healthy

  • Becoming realistic about life in the area Saturn is aspecting

  • Cleaning up your act and learning to restrict things that don't help you

  • Gaining focus in areas of your life that need attention

  • Be strong and say no to toxic people, don't be a pushover

By the second half of the RX, you begin to get some sort of understanding or a shift in the dynamics of how this will all go, there is still a voided feeling and restrictions because you need to mature. Saturn only gives you what you want once you’ve earned it so things will be held back until you do the work.

As Saturn begins to go direct the plans you had that were shelved will now move forward, and the final rebuild of your situation will be receiving its last bit of a nip-tuck. You will feel ready to get things going, but it isn’t quite right for you just yet, you still have a bit of a wait. Once Saturn is moving again and goes over the degree it was when it went RX you will feel liberated and finally able to think again, you will have eureka moments.

Overall, while Saturn is shadow direct, you will feel different, and you are not going to allow yourself to be back in the same place you were before the RX started.


If you have anything that got put on the back burner that is Saturn approved, you will have permission to go ahead and pick up where you left off. If it is something that was not realistic then it is time to let that project, go. When Saturn is out of Shadow, you will see everything conclude.



Transits of Saturn RX for The Next Four Months

April 29th, 2019- The Beginning



Saturn Square Mercury: Living in Your Head Pt 1

Mercury making this hard aspect to Saturn will cause you to feel more cerebral than talkative, so you are going to be more of the observer than the Chatty Cathy. This transit’s excellent for being realistic, but it could get to the point where there is no room for a gray area. The energy will cause you to feel like you have nothing to believe in creating a ton of unwanted thoughts in your head. There are bouts of depressive energy that comes from this and a ton of negative self-talk.


Saturn Quincunx Mars: Rolling Up Your Sleeves and Getting Shit Done

Mars and Saturn can work with each other or against one another, so when you have these celestial bodies in an awkward aspect like a Quincunx, it actually works a bit better than expected. This transit is fabulous for getting things done, being focused on the task at hand, and having enough energy to power a train. Your persistence pays off, and any hard work you started during this transit will come back in your favor. The only thing you have to watch out for is being easily annoyed by others because you might feel they are in your way and anger is a problem with this transit.


Saturn Sextile Neptune: Your Fantasy, Becomes a Reality Pt 1

Channeling this transit the proper way will help you reap rewards of helping others and also start on a path that allows you to turn your dreams into a reality. This transit is excellent for transforming your views on superficial things and being more open to higher vibes.


Saturn Conjunct Pluto: The Transformers of Outdated Ways

Once every 35 years or so, Saturn and Pluto come together and form a Great Conjunction which is powerful enough to transform structures of things that no longer serve us. Currently, they are close but will Retrograde away from one another, so this gives us a small taste of what is to come in 2020.


Saturn Opposition North Node: Karmic Assistance pt 1

Karmic vibes from Saturn and the Nodes will bring in opportunities even with it being in Retrograde. Sure this will be a slow outcome, but this at least brings you to a starting point of meeting people that can help you with projects. Responsible people come into your life and are from different age groups, but there is a connection that causes them to be on the same frequency as you. The only thing you have to do is take your time with this transit because coming off impetuous could cause more delays, restrictions, and people walking away from you.


July- Halfway Done with Saturn Retro!



Saturn Opposition Sun: Dominate Male Energy That Needs to Be Checked

With the Sun now in Capricorns opposite sign cancer, and the Nodes close to the same points this is indeed a transformative period that is necessary. You must take responsibility and learn how to be stable. Your relationship with others might be at a point where you need to make some significant decisions on who you can rely on or what sort of boundaries need to be drawn. Your energy is low, and you need to take care of your health on an emotional, mental, and physical level. You also need to stand your ground with dominant males who are power hungry. There is a need to close yourself off from others which don’t help with feelings of loneliness and isolation.


Saturn Square Moon: Protecting Your Inner World

Considering Saturn is already making a hard transit with the Sun in Cancer it does not help that it is making a Square to the home planet of this Zodiac Sign. Any issues you are having with family might come out in a way you weren’t expecting that is emotionally imbalanced. A transit like this causes a person to shut down because you feel detached and are guarding against being disappointed. Issues with women in your life also become more apparent at this point.


Saturn Sextile Neptune: Your Fantasy, Becomes a Reality Pt Part 2

Grounding your energy is the best thing you can do for yourself at this point. With all of the other aspects that are incorrigible, this is the one where you have some sort of control. Embrace your magical side, and make magic happen because this allows for you to manifest what you have been fantasizing about for a long time. Saturn is all about reality so combined with Neptune. This makes dreams come true.


Saturn Opposition North Node: Karmic Assistance Pt 2

By this time things are slowly starting to move with your new contacts who have come in on a karmic level, that can help you with what you are trying to accomplish. These people will come from all walks of life, and there is a chance for an age gap between you and them as well.


September- Saturn Direct 2019



Saturn Trine Moon: Emotionally Stable

Emotionally you are finally feeling like you are making progress. Even if you don't want to be social, you are at least feeling like it is a choice rather than being isolated. As a matter of fact, this time to yourself to gather your thoughts is what you need to get organized and look at what you just went through.


Saturn Trine Mars: The Ability To Move Mountains

Energetically, you are feeling ambitious and ready to get things started once again. Things won’t go super-fast, but at least you are now able to see that your plans are underway and moving. Your goals will go from stagnant to steady, and you will finally be able to break free from restriction.


Saturn Trine Uranus: Getting Out Of Restrictive Patterns

Change is something you are craving at this point, you are ready to get out of this Saturnian rut and all about doing something new and exciting. Even if you have gotten comfortable being conservative, you will still be prepared to let your hair down. This is going to be a time where things start to shift, and you finally get the movement you have been looking for. You might be in the mood to change your style with this transit as well.

Saturn Sextile Neptune  Making Magic Happen Part 3

Spiritually you are feeling stable, you can manifest what you want, but you are realistic about what you can obtain


Saturn Opposition North Node

You are ready to receive a karmic blessing, even though things have taken time to come your way they will finally start taking form.


Saturn Square Mercury: Being In Your Head pt 2

Even with the rough few months, you have had and some serious decisions to make and are now sticking to them. There is a guarded vibe about you, and you are taking caution after the retrograde especially with who you share your thoughts and opinions with.


Saturnian Powers Activate; Form Of Stability


Now that you’ve made it out on the other side of Saturn's inverse cycle it’s time to get moving again. You’ve cleared out things that were no good for you and restructured your plan in a way that will be sustainable and become something that you can be proud of because you worked your ass off to achieve it. Also, you survived a retrograde that forced you to grow up, so pat yourself on the back and live a life that is free of restriction.

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