Saturn Retrograde: Saturnian Powers Activate; Form Of Stability!

April 19, 2019

During Saturn Retrogrades it's time to look at the area's of your life that need structure.


Saturn brings karma, so anything that needs to be resolved has to be taken care of, you have to let go of things you can’t control and be realistic because this celestial body rules reality and the physical. If there are hard aspects from transiting Saturn RX to your natal planets, then this will be a tough one especially if you have hard elements during this growth cycle. Easier aspects like Trines and Sextiles will still be felt, but it will not be as much of a reality check it will actually help you free yourself from the Saturnian restriction.



Typically this planet goes inverse on an annual basis for about 4 ½ months, so year-after-year we have a Saturnian lesson to learn.


Saturn Retrograde Vibes and how they affect you

Think of Saturn as that friend who tells you the truth even if you don't want to see or hear it.
Things that happen are for your own good with Saturn because this planet wants you to get your shit together and not settle for less than excellence.

Saturn RX goes in stages and during those you are going to want to take your power back
At the beginning of the RX things that had momentum begin to slow down and this is very noticeable. It is time to go inward and work to transform because whatever is being halted is not the right path and you need to get to the source of the problem.

Through the first two months, you will find yourself trying to get back to where you were or take back what you feel you lost, in some ways it is like bargaining like people do in the stages of grieving, you are going to want some sort of satisfaction back in your life.


The four areas that need attention during this inverse cycle are:


  • Facing things, that you need to take responsibility for

  • Getting a reality check because you’ve refused to own up to your misdeeds

  • Gaining integrity within yourself

  • Paying in penalties and interest in a karmic way

  • Situations have reached it's peak of maturation and need to be cleared up

  • Lost of things


  • Don't commit to things, any commitments you have made needs to be under review

  • Do not incorporate a biz

  • Look over your plans and revise

  • Fix structures in your life and home

  • Get organized, Clear out outworn structures that no longer makes sense and rebuild

You are going to feel the need to evade or hide, but you have to change some of your ways to get what you want, this maturity needs to happen, and this is a cycle of growth until you are ready to be liberated from the Saturnian discipline. You must clear out what doesn’t work and create new sustainable structures

Working through Loneliness

  • If you have been too close off this retrograde will cause you to come out of your shell or other areas, you were restricted

  • Depression is a huge issue that will go through a review on how to get you back on your feet again

  • If you have been feeling miserable and detaching yourself from others than the RX will force you to clear out what is causing you to feel hopeless


  • It's time to grow up- there are areas of your life that you must become mature in

  • Learn discipline with yourself and others

  • Accountability

  • Boundaries, you need to make put limits on yourself and others in a way that is healthy

  • Becoming realistic about life in the area Saturn is aspecting

  • Cleaning up your act and learning to restrict things that don't help you

  • Gaining focus in areas of your life that need attention

  • Be strong and say no to toxic people, don't be a pushover

By the second half of the RX, you begin to get some sort of understanding or a shift in the dynamics of how this will all go, there is still a voided feeling and restrictions because you need to mature. Saturn only gives you what you want once you’ve earned it so things will be held back until you do the work.

As Saturn begins to go direct the plans you had that were shelved will now move forward, and the final rebuild of your situation will be receiving its last bit of a nip-tuck. You will feel ready to get things going, but it isn’t quite right for you just yet, you still have a bit of a wait. Once Saturn is moving again and goes over the degree it was when it went RX you will feel liberated and finally able to think again, you will have eureka moments.

Overall, while Saturn is shadow direct, you will feel different, and you are not going to allow yourself to be back in the same place you were before the RX started.


If you have anything that got put on the back burner that is Saturn approved, you will have permission to go ahead and pick up where you left off. If it is something that was not realistic then it is time to let that project, go. When Saturn is out of Shadow, you will see everything conclude.




Now that you’ve made it out on the other side of Saturn's inverse cycle it’s time to get moving again. You’ve cleared out things that were no good for you and restructured your plan in a way that will be sustainable and become something that you can be proud of because you worked your ass off to achieve it. Also, you survived a retrograde that forced you to grow up, so pat yourself on the back and live a life that is free of restriction.

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