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Horoscope For The Week Of April 4th to 10th, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, we have a very active week of Mercury Alignments that could have communication going great one minute than harsh the next moment. Venus will go into Pisces, allowing us to be dreamy about love. And Mercury goes into Taurus at the end of the week, which could help us mellow our minds.

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Hey guys, we have a productive week of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury will leave Aries and go into Taurus, changing the tone of how we think plus communicate to a more laid-back approach. This is yet another week of Mercury making up most of the alignments, causing a considerable emphasis on communication, overanalyzing, but also having the mental bandwidth to solve complex problems. Venus will go into Pisces, which could cause romance to feel more like a fairytale. And this will be an active week for Mars, which could help us feel motivated to go after what we wish.

At the beginning of the week, we have an opportunity to see Mars and Saturn in the sky during the early morning hours of April 4th and 5th just before dawn. These two planets will be in a Conjunction which causes them to appear close together from Earth’s point of view. You can spot them in the sky because Mars will be the reddish celestial body on the left, and Saturn will look like a faint yellowish gold color. The Moon will be in its Crescent phase by the 5th so it will join this light show in the early morning sky. To conclude, Venus along with Jupiter will also be visible during this event and will appear as the brightest planets making April 4th and 5th spectacular days for sky watching.

April 4th to 5th are days filled with frustration; however, it helps point us in the right direction.

Mars and Saturn will form a Conjunction with one another, giving us the stamina to tackle work we haven’t finished or something we’ve never started due to procrastination. It’s been two years since Mars and Saturn were in a Conjunction with one another; back on March 31st, 2020, was the last time they connected in this kind of configuration. Also, the Aspect they made two years prior was in Aquarius.

The only difference is their last Conjunction with one another was in a critical degree of this Zodiac Sign, which was at the start of the global lockdown due to the pandemic. But now that we are starting a new cycle with these planets, we will take action to upgrade the outdated structures in our life.

These two celestial bodies will also make alignments to Jupiter and the Lunar Nodes, which will cause us to look at where we might have been too careless and need to work on our deeply repressed situations.

With the Jupiter connections to Mars and Saturn, we will see why it’s not okay to overpromise things. We need to take things seriously, how we lacked responsibilities, didn’t set healthy limits, and were expecting fast results. Also, we will have to work on our maturity and why we need to let go of childish behavior. An alignment like this also points to issues we need to curb, like needing to one-up other people and a lack of humility.

Mars and Saturn will also form a T-Square to the Moons Nodes called a Nodal Bending.

Venus has already passed this point, causing us to look at what we truly value while questioning our worth.

With the energy of configuration, we need to act on critical situations in our committed relationships, how we work with money that isn’t ours, i.e., financial matters to do with other people’s resources, and the situations we’ve repressed. This will come up so we can find a more mellow approach to working on these issues to become solid and consistent.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to loosen up and just be breezy, you’re in luck because on the 5th Venus enters Pisces. Venus does well here because she can just let her hair down with no cares other than just being in relationships and having a good time. With this Ingress, we tend to be more in touch with the side of us that enjoys a good fairytale in our love lives, so there is more of an inclination to be romantic in a storybookish way. Use this time to connect with your creative side and lose yourself in a safe and balanced way.

On the 6th, Mars and Saturn will be in a Semisextile to Neptune; this could be a day where you need to recharge your batteries.

To put it another way, you could feel slightly unmotivated and just require some relaxation. Use this day to do some self-care and ground your energy because an alignment like this could cause you to feel more susceptible to vibes. Also, this tends to bring in people who can be draining, so try your best to set boundaries with those who emotionally dump their problems on you without asking if it’s okay to vent.

There are two alignments and one that gets us back on track. Mercury will make a Semisextile to Jupiter and Neptune. We need to be mindful of arrogant behavior because this could lead to irritating others. And the one with Mercury in Neptune could have us questioning someone’s intentions.

Conversations should be more productive on the 7th with Mercury in a Sextile with Saturn. One of the great things is that it's easier to strengthen your relationships with others from this planetary Alignment. Things typically go as planned with this Transit, and you can stay the course without everything being out of order. And speaking of plans, Mercury in a Trine with Saturn is excellent for thinking about long-term goals and feeling focused on a good strategy for the future.

Friday is another day of Mercury Transits that are mixed; one situation is excellent for motivating us, while the other could cause communication to feel pushy. One of the great things is that we will feel decisive about what needs to be done. Mercury will make a Sextile with Mars, which should help us act on the plans that we’ve had on the back burner and are now feeling enthusiastic enough to carry out.

With Mercury and Pluto in a Square to one another, this might be another edgy day resulting in harsh communication. In a complex Aspect, Mercury and Pluto tend to bring out the direct and opinionated side of people, which might trigger disagreements, so try your best to let things roll off your back. My best advice is to wait for the right moment to talk to those who upset you when you are calm or let them cool off before initiating a conversation. Also, this Transit tends to bring things to light, so if something is hard to figure out, it will bring it to the surface.

I recommend using this Plutonic energy productively by researching better ways to cope, studying hard-to-understand topics, or doing activities that help you focus on something healthy.

Lastly, on the 10th, Mercury enters Taurus, which should help us communicate patiently. With Mercury here in this Sign, our minds become more mellow; we become mentally relaxed and speak calmly. Our brainpower won’t fire off as fast as Mercury was in Aries; however, we absorb whatever we are trying to learn more efficiently. This could be a time when you try to find serenity for your mind and seek out easy breezy social situations.

Here's the audio version of this week's horoscope:

Vibes for the week

The vibes this week start off with an edgy tone.

Solitude is highest on the chart at the beginning of the week, along with confusion and psychic energy intersecting, making for a Monday that feels off-kilter. There will be some motivation mixed in, causing us to need to keep going even if we don’t feel social or focused.

Good luck vibes are coming in the middle of the week, which could help us look for opportunities or have certain circumstances go in our favor. This is also intersecting mental energy that could help us develop a game plan for ourselves.

There is emotional sensitivity in the middle of the week, even with some of the more accessible energies. Therefore, you could feel like your emotions are in overdrive while having at least some moments where you can ground yourself.

Psychic energy shows up on the chart in the middle of the week, and with the high levels of emotional sensitivity, this could have you feeling more susceptible to vibes. However, your intuition might be strong enough to decipher when you need to set boundaries.

And the vibes get mixed over the weekend with a smidge of social vibes and good luck energy showing up again.

Transits Of The Week

Indeed, the beginning of April has some edginess to it, but as I always say, when we have harder alignments, the bonus to them is that we get things done.

Transits for April 4th to 10th:

  • 4/4 Mars Conjunct Saturn: The Ability To Complete The Hard Work You Never Finished

  • 4/4 Saturn Square The Lunar Nodes: Understanding Your Limitations

  • 4/4 Mars Semisextile Jupiter: How To Be Careless

  • 4/5 Jupiter Semisextile Saturn: Taking Responsibility For The Mishaps You Created

  • 4/5 Venus In Pisces: A Fairytale Romance Come True

  • 4/6 Mars and Saturn: Semisextile Neptune: Recharging Your Batteries While Setting Boundaries

  • 4/7 Mercury Semisextile Jupiter: When Bragging Goes Wrong

  • 4/7 Mercury Semisextile Neptune: What Are Their Real Intentions

  • 4/7 Mercury Sextile Saturn: What’s Your Long Game?!

  • 4/8 Mercury Sextile Mars: How To Motivate Others

  • 4/10 Mercury Square Pluto: Overwhelming Conversations With Controlling People

  • 4/10 Mercury in Taurus: How To Mellow Out

Use this week to clear situations that are holding you back and make a game plan for your long-term goals.

-Later guys