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Horoscope For The Week Of August 1st to 7th, 2022

In this week's Astrology, Mercury enters Virgo helping us be more discerning. Additionally, Venus, Mercury, and Mars are making most of the alignments, causing us to focus on communication, motivation, love, and finances.

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Horoscope For The Week Of August 1st to 7th, 2022

Hey guys, we have a colorful week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury heads into its Home Sign Virgo which will help us become more focused, use better discernment, and communicate helpfully. And Mercury will also make a few Transits that could add a layer of confusion to our conversations. Additionally, Venus, Mercury, and Mars are making most of the alignments, causing us to focus on socializing, motivation, love, and finances.

Monday gives us an interesting mix of energies that could lead to confusion while simultaneously causing jitteriness.

Mercury will be in a Yod with Neptune and Pluto, resulting in a day of high spiritual activity, power struggles, and mixed messages.

Spiritually, this could be a day of intuitive downloads so we could feel like our gut instincts are higher than usual. You’ll need to find a constructive way to ground yourself when Mercury and Neptune are in a Quincunx, so your best chance is to channel this energy into spiritual pursuits, music, painting, being outdoors, or purchasing crystals from a stone store.

However, due to the nature of this alignment, take your time making decisions or responding to others since our judgment could be skewed. We could feel triggered quickly, resulting in irrational behavior.

Because this Yod is also connected to Pluto, there could be moments when others try to overpower conversations. This could be a day when things just don’t add up regarding what people are telling you versus reality. Therefore, try to use healthy coping mechanisms if you’re dealing with irritating situations, that way, you aren’t being pulled into someone else’s toxic spiral.

That same day we could also feel energized to take action to build up our resources if we’ve been stagnant. Because we still have connections from Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and the Lunar Nodes, we could feel an extra push to resolve problems that have built up. As a result, this could be a day of coming up with solutions to the issues that seemed unsolvable.

After two years, Mars and Uranus will be in a Conjunction, causing us to feel like we’re over-energized. Therefore, the next few days will cause you to feel like you’re running on rocket fuel.⁠

One of the cool things about this Transit is it will give you the audacity you need to take risks and stay motivated. Also, Mars and Uranus allow you to make some changes to things that have been stagnant. ⁠

Nonetheless, my most extensive advice is to try to pump your breaks because with all this energy comes impetuousness, so make sure you’re not rushing into things that you’ll regret later. Tempers quickly become triggered under this alignment, so do your best to give yourself adult timeouts.⁠

Tuesday brings us a mixed bag day where we could feel burnt out but in some ways looking forward to changes with love and money.

The Sun will be in a complex alignment with Neptune, which could result in feeling unclear about what’s next. In other words, you could feel doubtful about your new direction in life, resulting in moments of insecurity. This could be a day where things feel out of reach, so you’re not sure how you’ll get to a place where your confidence is solid.

Luckily Mars and Venus are connected to Uranus in a surprisingly good way.

Due to Mars being connected in this alignment, this will further ramp up the energy of this Transit. We will feel motivated to act regarding our love life and career goals. This gives us the confidence to take charge, make the first move, feel passionate about life, seek out better ways to earn money, and attract the right people and opportunities to ourselves.

There could be a sudden urge to make updates to your love life that will benefit you in the long run. If you’re single, this could be a time to break out of a dating rut. Also, you could feel more open to different types of people and revamp your dating approach.

For those in committed relationships, this could be a period to rev up your intimacy, plan more lively dates, and feel rejuvenated in your union. We also get the urge to do a much-needed makeover to our clothing, hair, and other ways to adorn ourselves.

Career-wise, we might feel compelled to take more chances and put ourselves out there. During this period, you could refresh things in your current position or look for something authentic to who you are at this point in your life.

Wednesday gives us a Zodiac Sign change that could help us be more observant in our lives. Mercury is going into its Sign of Rulership, Virgo.

What this means is Mercury will operate at total capacity. With this planet being in one of its natural pairings, it could bestow upon us the ability to focus on the areas of our lives that need polishing. In Virgo, we can give full attention to our essential matters and think of ways we can improve our lives and others.

Also, our analytical side becomes more pronounced. So, if there are any important details we need to go over or research, we will have the mental fortitude to stay the course. Mindset-wise, we become focused on creating a better routine, ensuring our health is in order, and how we can be of use instead of wasting our time frivolously.

Perfectionism might cause us to feel the need to present everything in a nice neat package because our minds will be on looking presentable. This could be helpful but also counterproductive if we aren’t making sure we’re grounded.

Remember, nobody’s perfect; it’s okay to want to be the best at things; just make sure it isn’t at the expense of your health and relationships. On the lower vibration, something to be aware of is: becoming overly observant to a point it makes you critical. Also, due to the nature of this Ingress, we find more comfort in being analytical, so it’s easier to shut down emotionally.

One more thing to note about Mercury going into Virgo, by the time we get to the 24th of August, this planet will go into its Pre-Shadow Retrograde. So once that date hits, pay attention to patterns associated with this Sign because it will give you your Retrograde topic. But, more on that in a few weeks.

Thursday could be a day of overthinking and conversations about past events.

Mercury and Chiron will be in a complex Transit which could cause us to feel like our minds are on a continuous loop of things that happened in the past. Therefore, we could be in our heads about situations that have transpired, but we still feel embarrassed about them, so try to find ways to clear your mind.

Communication-wise, this is a mixed bag, so words might not come across clearly, leading to triggered feelings. So, try to be mindful of your words and do damage control when you can.

Continuing with our conversational style, the urge to discuss issues that have already been addressed might be problematic. Therefore, try to clear things up without it becoming repetitious or combative.

Friday could be when we focus on what we’re getting from a relationship that lacks passion or a career that no longer fulfills us. Venus and Saturn in a complicated configuration like a Quincunx could bring up scenarios where you’re trying to address these concerns but aren’t getting what you need out of the other party.

We could feel like speaking up in a relationship that lacks emotions to help our partner understand our needs. Or, we could finally recognize that the commitment we want might not be obtainable with this person.

Employment situations could be on our minds regarding feeling undervalued, so we know it’s time to dust off our resumes and find a new workplace. This could teach us the importance of committing ourselves to the right kinds of work.

Over the weekend, a Transit with Mars and Saturn might cause difficulty if we don’t exercise patience. During this alignment, it’s crucial to ensure we’re not overstepping the boundaries of others.

In a complicated Aspect, Mars and Saturn show us where we’re rushing things and need to act more maturely, so try to be mindful of your temper and risky behavior. This could be a day where we feel as though we’re at odds with people who have more authority than we do, which could be parental figures, bosses, or high-ranking individuals.

My best advice is don’t be pushy. With Mars and Saturn Transits, we don’t want to step on anyone’s toes because one, it’s uncool, and two, this could cause more issues for you later. So try to wait for the right moment because your opportunity will come; it’s just not during this alignment.

In life, things get delayed for a reason, but if you handle them right, you will learn what opportunities truly align with your soul and are meant for you. Once this happens, you end up reaping the rewards later.

At least the 7th has Venus and Neptune in a harmonious Transit which is lovely for experiencing a romance that feels otherworldly.

Sunday will have a nice romantic undertone, thanks to this amorous alignment. Because these two celestial bodies get along so well, the energy they emit is upbeat and entertaining.

It can be a day when you experience stronger than usual ties with the people you like. Venus-Neptune alignments can result in spiritual connections, so this might be a day when people feel at ease around you. The main caution with this Transit is to keep an eye on your spending because you can believe you have more resources than you actually do, resulting in depleted funds.

Check out the audio version of this weekly Horoscope:

Vibes for The Week

These next 7 days have a variety of vibes that could cause us to feel like our emotions are up and down.

From the 1st to the 4th, romance is high on the graph. This week there are a ton of alignments to do with love, so we could have moments when we’re more passionate than typical. With this being the highest vibe on the chart, we will crave something more than basic in our love lives.

There are low amounts of emotional sensitivity, solitude, ambition, and psychic vibes from the 1st to the 3rd. With a week of mixed bagged Transits, we could feel off kilter. There will be moments when our intuition might warn us not to react to things and others when we feel energized to go after what we want due to the ambitious energy. With a week of mixed bagged Transits, we could feel off kilter.

On the 1st good luck, energy is high on the chart. With the beginning of the week feeling slightly uncertain, this good luck energy could fuel us to leap at opportunities that are worth our time, even if we don’t know the outcome yet.

Around the 4th, our capacity to deal with others could be low due to mental energy intersecting a high amount of solitude. This might be when you’re too burnt out to think or deal with people, so space to yourself is necessary. By this point in the week, we will need time to recoup, so use this time to rejuvenate.

By the 6th, there are low-grade amounts of solitude, emotional sensitivity, romance, and ambition. The weekend could feel a bit off, so there might be instances when you need space and other moments where you need a distraction.

Transits For the Week

Energetically, the next 7 days will have some confusing moments, and even though we might feel motivated, it’s essential to be patient.

This Week’s Transits from August 1st to the 7th:

8/1 Mercury Quincunx Neptune: Conversations That Just Don’t Add Up

8/1 Mars Conjunct Uranus: How To Alleviate A Stagnant Energy

8/2 Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune: Feeling Unsure About Your Direction

8/2 Venus Sextile Uranus: Making Much Needed Changes With Love And Career

8/2 Mercury Quincunx Pluto: When Someone Comes On Too Strong

8/2 Venus Sextile Mars: The Best Way To Win In Love And Goals

8/3 Mercury Goes Into Virgo: How To Be Observant

8/4 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Chiron: A Day Of Overthinking

8/5 Venus Quincunx Saturn: Trying To Make Sense Of A Relationship That Lacks Passion

8/7 Venus Trine Neptune: Dreaming Of A Romance That’s Otherworldly

8/7 Mars Square Saturn: When Impulsivity Backfires

Use this week to create a long-term plan for yourself and learn the art of delayed gratification.

-Later guys


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