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Horoscope For The Week Of August 8tht to 14th, 2022

In this week's Astrology, Venus goes into Leo, helping us be more charismatic in romance and career. And, we have a week with the Sun and Mars making up most of the Aspects, causing us to feel more energetic and expressive.

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Horoscope For The Week Of August 8tht to 14th, 2022

Hey guys, we have a jammed-packed week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Venus goes into Leo, which could help us learn how to be more charismatic in our love life and career. Mercury is making more awkward Transits this week, which could throw off plans, cause our thinking to be foggy, and make communication difficult. And, we have a week with the Sun and Mars making up most of the Aspects, causing us to feel more energetic and expressive than typical.

Monday brings in a Retrograde alignment that benefits our egos with the Sun and Chiron.

The Sun and Chiron in this Transit generally shows us the opening and closing of a Regressive Cycle. In this case, we’re at the beginning of Chiron RX, so this opening Trine could guide us about what we need to heal regarding our ego.

Creating healthy ways to boost our ego is essential, so getting a Transit like this will help us find more constructive ways to validate ourselves. Self-esteem-wise, we could have moments when we feel we’re pushing past circumstances that drain our confidence. Because of this, we might feel open to taking chances and putting ourselves out there for opportunities we’re usually too self-conscious to try.

Healing becomes an ongoing theme that day with Venus in an Opposition to Pluto.

Due to the nature of Venus being about our relationship and finances and Pluto’s association with uncovering the truth, this could be a day of facing reality. This could help us get to the root cause of unhealthy patterns we need to break that are holding us back from finding happiness in our love life and career.

Because this shows us truths, we could also discover essential details about dishonesty with romantic partners or close relationships. Also, control issues with love and money could be more pronounced today. Hopefully, the Sun Chiron alignment softens the vibes of Monday.

Tuesday, we will need to be aware of our egos because the Transits on that day could cause levels of unjustified inflated confidence.

Whenever Mercury and Jupiter are combined in a complex Aspect, we tend to think we can do no wrong, so we blow off important data. After all, we couldn’t be bothered with the details because we believe we’re intellectually superior, pfft.

Know it all behavior could lead to awkward confrontations with others.

Correcting peoples’ mistakes but not paying attention to our own shortcomings can feel more pronounced in this Transit. As a result, there could be mishaps, so try to focus on your own task rather than others.

Mars will make a complex Transit to Jupiter that same day, which could further inflate levels of irrational self-assurance. As a result, we might have a hard time seeing why it’s not okay to overpromise what we can’t produce.

Because of this, we could feel confident in our abilities to take on more than we can handle. Of course, this results in situations becoming jumbled up, leading to unfinished work.

Our reckless side could also come out under this Transit. With Mars and Jupiter together, there’s a need to blow off steam and participate in excitement-seeking behavior, so this could be a day to go on an adventure.

We will also need to focus on our maturity and the reasons we must curb childish behavior. An alignment like this also highlights problems we must address, such as the urge to outperform others and a lack of humility.

Thursday has two Transits that involve Uranus, so things could get shaken up on that day.

August 11th brings us the Full Moon in Aquarius!

Aquarius’s modern Ruler, Uranus is making alignments that bring in much-needed change. As a result, we could feel the need to revamp things in our life that have been stagnant. The Full Moon in Aquarius will allow us to examine why we need to take action that helps us see progress in our lives.

With a Full Moon in Aquarius, we will look at the last 6 months to see how far we’ve come in this Sign. Complete Lunar Cycles are about looking at the foundation we build, tweaking things that need to be fixed, and letting go of what is no longer working.

Aquarius helps us embrace who we are authentically regardless of what others think of us. In this Sign, we look at what needs a refresh in our lives and find solutions to break out of our comfort zones. So, this could be a period where you’re revolutionizing your life and finally being yourself unabashedly.

Zodiac Signs that will feel this lunation the most are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 15 to 25 degrees of the Fixed Signs.

On that same day, we have more Uranian energy.

The Sun will Square Uranus, which could bring in vibes that feel erratic. This could be a day where we want to express ourselves, but it’s coming out wrong. In other words, we might come off in a way that’s insufferable and overly assertive, so try to be mindful.

We could experience glitches with this Transit, so electronics, gadgets, or other digital devices might be buggy. And things tend not to go as planned, so we could have a day of unexpected things throwing off our schedule.

On that same day, communication could be harsh with Mercury and Pluto connecting in a complex Transit. Because the Sun and Uranus are already in a challenging Transit, it could be difficult to communicate effectively. With Mercury and Pluto in a rigid alignment, people tend to be more assertive than usual, so this could be a day when conversations go in the wrong direction due to tempers being flared up.

At least the rest of Thursday rounds out in a fun way, with Venus going into Leo.

Venus entering Leo brings out our over-the-top side in love, money, adventure, and our need to shine. Our mood will be all about taking the edge off, so the urge to be fun and celebratory will hit us for the next 3 weeks. This is excellent for romance. If you’re single, this could be a period of feeling more magnetic than typical.

For those in relationships, this could be a demonstrative time. Therefore, the urge to luxuriate with someone special will be strong. In this energy, get playful, go on epic dates, and bring more passion to your union. Money-wise, Venus in Leo urges us to treat ourselves, so splurging will feel easier than typical.

The 11th rounds out with an alignment that’s great for taking action on our dreams with Mars and Neptune.

Mars and Neptune are in a Sextile, helping us seek out our New Age goals. So, if you’ve wanted a reason to delve deeper into spiritual endeavors, you’re in luck because this Transit helps us put that into action.

Thanks to this link, we also have more stamina to work toward the objectives we’ve daydreamed about. In other words, we all fantasize about the things we want in life, but without action, they will never happen. However, an alignment like this helps push us to go after our whims. Therefore, this is great for making a dream a reality because you’re working to gain said aspirations.

As for our romantic life, we could also feel intense desire in our committed partnerships. Therefore, if you’re single and looking, this could help you attract those you have a real connection with on a spiritual level. For those already in healthy relationships, this alignment is great for intimacy, passion, and deepening your connection.

Sunday has a mixed tone, with the Sun making an Opposition to Saturn. We could feel like we’re not ourselves due to the gloomy nature of this Transit. This Aspect causes us to face reality. We begin to look at what’s no longer feasible, how to set boundaries, do the hard work to get past roadblocks, and where we need to take accountability.

An alignment like this could result in feeling emotionally numb, needing space, or even feeling demotivated to do anything. Arguments tend to happen easier due to people pointing out what they dislike in us.

Indeed, this is challenging energy.

However, this is the halfway point of Saturn Retrograde, so at least we’re in the last portion of this Regressive Period. With Saturn, when we do the hard work, we push past the obstacles and reveal our true potential. Plus, if you’ve been doing the work, Saturn does help us reap the rewards.

Dwelling on what would have, should have, could have, might cause us to feel like our moods fluctuate on that same day.

Mercury and Chiron will be in a complex Transit that causes us to look back at things we believe we should have done differently.

With this Transit, we must remember that some things needed to happen the way they did, and beating ourselves up won’t change the past. Our thoughts feel intrusive as a result; we ruminate on the things that felt awkward. If you’re feeling this, use this energy to research ways to clear your mind and find healthy coping mechanisms. That way, you can move forward from thoughts that bog you down.

Lastly, we have an alignment between Mars and Pluto that could motivate us to transform situations hindering us.

Unlike many Mars-Pluto aspects, this one allows you to be assertive without being oppressive. With a factor like this, you’ll feel ambitious and realize your real purpose.

A configuration such as this could help us gain stamina and focus on repairing or regenerating from things that have kept us down. This is great for aiding others who need a helping hand. If you needed to detox from a poor diet or substances, this could be a great time to clear your system from unhealthy things. This type of Transit is exceptional for achieving success in anything you set your mind to, so take advantage by utilizing this energy to your advantage.

Here's the audio version of this weekly Horoscope:

Vibes For The Week

With the energy this next 7 days, the vibes this week are very hyper yet somewhat gloomy.

From the 8th to the 10, solitude, emotional sensitivity, ambition, and romance are mixed together, making a confusing start to the week. Our emotions might fluctuate, but at the same time, we could feel motivated to tackle issues holding us back.

Then emotional sensitivity reaches its peak on the 10, mixed in with psychic vibes, ambition, and romance. During this, we could feel edgy and sensitive to energies. Our gut instincts might cause our intuition to be spot on; however, this could cause us to pick up on other people’s moods.

From the 12 to the 14th, more solitude, mental energy, and ambition show up. This could be a weekend to do your own thing and be reflective about what your next steps are regarding your goals.

Transits For The Week

The second week of August will feel supercharged, so taking care of ongoing situations won’t be a problem. However, we could feel edgier than usual so do your best to ground yourself and alleviate your stress in the healthiest way possible.

This Weeks Transits Aug 8th to 14th:

8/8 Sun Trine Chiron: Finding Better Ways To Pump Up Your Ego

8/8 Venus Opposite Pluto: Uncovering The Root Cause Of Bad Relationship Patterns

8/9 Mercury Quincunx Jupiter: When You Can’t Be Bothered By The Details

8/9 Mars Semisquare: Jupiter: Excitement Seeking Behavior

8/11 Full Moon in Aquarius: How To Break Out Of A Stagnant Situation

8/11 Sun Square Uranus: Expressing Yourself In A Obnoxious Way

8/11 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Speaking The Truth At The Wrong Time

8/11 Venus Enters Leo: How To Be Magnetic In Love And Career

8/11 Mars Sextile Neptune: How To Take Action On Your Fantasies

8/14 Sun Oppose Saturn: When Your Ego Gets A Reality Check

8/14 Mercury Quincunx Chiron: Dwelling On Would Have, Should Have, Could Have!

8/14 Mars Trine Pluto: Feeling Motivated To Transform Your Life

Use this week to sort out what’s good for you versus the things that hold you back.

-Later guys