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Horoscope For The Week Of December 6th to 12th, 2021

In this week’s Astrology, we have yet another 7 days filled with Mercury Transits causing us to focus on our social life and work through unclear situations. Also, Mars will make some alignments that help us go after what we want while learning how to work on overconfidence.

Hey guys, we have a jammed-packed week full of planetary Transits.

Mercury gets a ton of attention in this week's Astrology and will be making the most Aspects, so it’s another busy week for communication. There will be a bit of haze with a few alignments to Neptune, causing indecisiveness. In the last week of Pre Shadow-Retrograde, Venus is amplifying what we genuinely need in relationships and careers. Plus, Mars will be active, helping us take action, which is a mix of focused energy that pans out with a can-do attitude that could cause us to overpromise something we can’t deliver

At the beginning of the week, we have an alignment that should help us focus our energy on what matters. Mars will make a Sextile with Pluto, which helps motivate us to place our attention on projects we didn’t complete, plus go after the goals that require our focus. Another situation is that if you’re putting in a lot of effort with work, higher-ups finally notice you.

Mentally we could experience clouded judgment on the 7th with Mercury in a complex Aspect with Neptune. This alignment tends to cause confusion over text messages and any form of communication. Also, this could be a time where you see the truth about those who have been dishonest with you. So be aware of deceptive people or even stimuli you’re taken in during this time.

With the Mercury-Neptune stuff carrying over from the previous day, try to go slow if you aren’t feeling clear-minded because the 8th has a careless vibe. Mars and Jupiter will Square one another, bringing an overexcitable tone to the day. Don’t get me wrong; there is a fun vibe to this alignment because it does get us trying things we usually wouldn’t and helps with socializing; however, it is overconfident energy.

One of the situations that could arise with Mars Square Jupiter is biting off more than you can chew. In other words, you want to make sure you aren’t overpromising things you can’t produce in a short amount of time because they could come out haphazard and underdelivered.

The 10th and 11th are chocked full of Mercury alignments, which will ramp up communication, socialization, and thought processes. This planet will make Aspects to Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter. Apart from Jupiter, most of these alignments could cause complications in our communication.

Regarding Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus, we could have situations where moods fluctuate in terms of how people communicate. With Venus, this could cause people to feel like they aren’t getting enough attention. The Aspect to Saturn could make specific communication come off cold, especially over text. Pluto’s alignment with Mercury tends to cause situations where we deal with people who try to dominate the conversation. And with Uranus, expect the unexpected when it comes to contact with people you typically don’t hear from or being informed about a somewhat weird situation. These alignments combined could be hectic, causing us to feel like we are on pins and needles, so do the best you can to manage your stress.

However, on the 11th, we get a pleasant surprise from Jupiter, which should help mitigate and diffuse most of the drama from the past few days. Mercury in a Sextile with Jupiter could have us feeling social again and diffuse drama from the previous days.

First, the Mercury-Jupiter alignment is excellent for connecting with old friends. This Aspect makes it easy to bump into people you enjoy or reconnect with others over social media who you lost touch with a while ago.

Secondly, this might bring new people to your life that are perfect for friendship or love.

Third, it will give you the kick-start you need to get things going with your career or new business contacts.

Fourth, any ideas that were foggy come back with more clarity. Finally, things go as planned with this Transit, so it should smooth out the kinks with situations that weren’t working.

Venus has one more week of being in its Pre-shadow Retrograde and aligns with Pluto on the 11th. This Transit will bring out the urge to have something more profound in our love life and financial matters. With this Aspect, we look at what we’ve been in denial about in relationships and see things for what they really are, which isn’t easy. This is a time to resolve the stuff that got swept under the rug in your love life and career. This is the first of 3 contacts Venus will make with Pluto; the next is on the 25th, so try to pay attention to the themes of this week because it will come back around at the end of the month.

Lastly, on the 12 the Sun and Neptune will be in a Square, causing us to feel more drained than average and unsure of ourselves. This could feel like a lazy Sunday, where you just want to lounge and do things that require little brainpower. With a Transit like this, you want to make sure you aren’t allowing others to project on you because it leads to exhaustion. This is the kind of Aspect where you must be mindful of those who are deceptive because this tends to amplify situations where unscrupulous individuals reach out communication-wise. Also, this causes moods to fluctuate, so you could feel up and down when it comes to your confidence.

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This Week’s Vibes

The vibes this week are not as jolly as they were for the last 14 days. So, this week could feel like a bit of a rug pull.

From the 6th to the 7th, there is a smidge of psychic vibes and a lot of imagination and confusion, so try to go slow when making any decisions.

Even though uncomfortable energies are dominating the Transits this week, we could feel more motivated than typical to take care of our situations. This is a common theme for harder Transits; we become motivated, which is some of the energy shown on the graph with the drive and ambition.

Emotional sensitivity seems to be a vibe throughout the week so that you could feel more sensitive than usual. With some of the mental energy mixed in, you could have moments of overthinking.

And we do have a steady stream of romantic energy throughout the week so at least the possibility of flirty situations occurring is present over the next 7 days. Hopefully, this eases some of the tension and puts a more optimistic tone to the air.

Transits For The Week

As far as weeks go, this one is a mixed bag, sure; it’s edgy with a chance of foggy moments, but we do have a few sweet spots to enjoy.

This week’s Transits December 6th to 12th, 2021:

12/6 Mars Sextile Pluto: Focusing Your Energy On What Matters

12/7 Mercury Square Neptune: When Your Judgement Is Clouded

12/8 Mars Square Jupiter: Overpromising And Underdelivering In A Careless Way

12/10 Mercury Semisquare Saturn: How To Respond To A Cold Text Message

12/10 Mercury Semisextile Venus: Attention Seeking Behavior

12/10 Mercury Semisextile Pluto: Know When To Disengage From Domineering Communicators

12/11 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Communication That’s Shockingly Unrefreshing

12/11 Venus Conjunct Pluto: The Urge For A Deeper Relationship part 1

12/11 Mercury Sextile Jupiter: Feeling Social Again

12/12 Sun Square Neptune: The Things That Drain Your Confidence

Use this week to learn the art of effective communication and reconnect with the people worth your time.

-Later guys


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