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Horoscope For The Week Of December 6th to 12th, 2021

In this week’s Astrology, we have a proper mix of alignments over the next 7 days that bring in a social vibe, looking at healthier ways to fix past trauma and focus on our needs in love.

Hey guys, we have a lovely week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, the first few days start with the Moon in Aquarius connecting in mostly harmonious alignments, resulting in feelings socially open towards others. Mercury is in its Pre-Retrograde Shadow Period and will make connections this week that will come back around during its Inverse cycle. Venus is still in Retrograde and is reconnecting with some alignments it did in Pre-Shadow, which could bring up dissatisfaction in a broken relationship. However, even with Venuses Regressive Cycle, we have two alignments that remind us how good things can be in love and finances.

From the 3rd thru the 4th, the Moon enters Aquarius causing us to feel social. Even though I’m sure we’re all partied out from the holidays and New Year, the Moon in this Sign might help connect with the people in our inner circle. There is one alignment the Moon will make earlier on the 4th that is a bit uncomfortable; however, most of the connections this Moon is making could help our moods feel more controlled than usual.

On the 4th, we have a connection from the Sun to the North Node, which could put us in a place where we know it’s our time to step forward in our lives, but we could feel reluctant to put ourselves out there.

Romantic vibes should fill the air on the 5th from this transit with Venus and Neptune. These two Celestial bodies play well together, and for this reason, we get good vibes and fun times from this energy.

It could be a day you feel like your connections to those you like are on a higher frequency than usual. It also revs up soul connections with those you are already in a relationship with, making your union stronger. If you are single, this is excellent for attracting new prospects with a past life overtone to them. This overall brings in a dreamy mood to your relationships.

Besides romance, this energy is also suitable for doing something cultural like going to the theater, gallery hopping, doing paint and sips over Zoom with friends or family, or just going to the movies. Also, this is the kind of alignment where you have more of the urge to luxuriate, so it’s good for treating yourself to something you usually wouldn’t splurge on. People tend to have a bit of luck when it comes to manifesting or fortunate circumstances coming out of know where with this configuration as well.

The 6th could be a day where you feel thrown for a loop. Mercury is in the Shadow Period of its Retrograde Cycle, so this alignment with Neptune will circle back around 2 more times after this one. This could make you deem everything you feel, think, or see to appear contradictory to the truth. Some other situations out of this alignment might cause misunderstandings over text and cryptic messages from others meant to throw you off intentionally.

That same day, the Sun is making a Semisquare with Jupiter causing people to display a level of confidence that feels like overcompensation. This inflates our sense of self. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes we need our ego pumped up; however, this is a slippery slope, potentially causing us to overreact, hurt other people’s feelings, or shamelessly self-promote ourselves. So, if you’re feeling like your confidence is sucking the life out of everyone in the room, try to be mindful and rein yourself in before things get very awkward.

Currently, Venus is making connections during its Retrograde cycle that has us looking at where we are dissatisfied in relationships. On the 27th, this alignment between Venus and Mars could have us looking at where a relationship has lost its appeal due to petty arguments, deception, or a lack of passion. Use this Transit to look at what you need in a relationship to be happy and what your next steps should be when it comes to love.

Luckily the 9th brings us a configuration that we haven’t seen since Spring of 2021. Venus and the Sun are making a Conjunction which is fantastic for attracting the right circumstances in love and finances. Even though Venus is in Retrograde, this alignment still carries favorable vibes; as a result, we have a fun experience in this energy.

Venus with the Sun in this Aspect is great for passion in healthy relationships, making friends or bonding with old ones, and gaining some traction when it comes to money.

Finally, a moment of clarity!

If you’ve felt mentally and verbally stifled, you’re in luck because on the 9th; Mercury will make a harmonious configuration with Chiron.

Mercury and Chiron in a Sextile are excellent for diffusing drama in your relationships. Also, when it comes down to your thoughts, this Transit is perfect for healing your inner dialog and creating peace within your mind. One of the best parts of this configuration is that it helps us kickstart working on our coping skills to find healthier outlets to self-soothe.

The audio version of this week's horoscope

Vibes For the Week

The graph this week is filled with primarily pleasant energies.

Throughout this entire week, there is a wave of family and friends’ vibes, which has a lot to do with socializing with the people who matter most in your life. So, this could be a week of get-togethers, calls, facetime, or zooms with your loved ones, especially around the 4th and 8th.

The beginning of the week is very social for all kinds of relationships. Flirty vibes happen over the next bunch of days, with romance being one of the highest lines on the graph. In a harmonious alignment, Venus, the Sun, and Neptune, from the 3rd through the 6th, bring in this charming tone.

Even though there are many awesome vibes, we could have some mood fluctuations with the emotional sensitivity intersecting the romantic and family/friends’ social energy. So, there could be moments you’re just a bit off-kilter despite the fun going on around you.

On top of that, this week’s psychic energy will intersect with some of the emotional sensitivity, so there could be flashes of intuition and picking up on others’ feelings. Empathic situations could occur, plus moments of precognition with mental energy intersecting the psychic vibes.

And by the weekend, the social tone continues with party vibes tied into family and friends.

Transits For The Week

Compared to most, this week is a cakewalk, so let’s soak up all of these pleasant vibes wherever we can.

This week’s Transits January 3rd to 9th:

  • 1/3 Moon in Aquarius Alignments: Feeling Socially Open

  • 1/4 Sun Sesquiquadrate The North Node: Reluctantly Standing Out From Others

  • 1/5 Venus Sextile Neptune: A Dreamy Romance Come True pt 2

  • 1/6 Mercury Semisquare Neptune: Cognitive Dissonance pt 1

  • 1/6 Sun SemiSquare Jupiter: How To Appear More Confident Than You Really Are

  • 1/8 Venus Semisextile Mars: Addressing Dissatisfaction In Relationships Part 2

  • 1/9 Sun Conjunct Venus: Good Vibes And Fun Times Despite The Retrograde

  • 1/9 Mercury Sextile Chiron: Gaining Clarity On Old Pain That Needs Healing part 1

Let’s use this first official full week of 2022 to let our hair down and enjoy socializing with the people who matter.

-Later guys

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