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Horoscope For The Week Of February 14th to 20th, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, we get some much-needed fun, social, and romantic vibes thanks to Venus and Mars. And Jupiter will connect with Uranus, which could bring some surprises in a good way.

Hey guys, we have another colorful week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury moves forward into Aquarius, which will have us revisiting Pre-Shadow Retrograde situations that occurred the first week of January. Mars and Venus will connect with one another, causing us to feel more romantic than usual. The Full Moon In Leo is happening this week, which might help us feel more comfortable with showing the world our uniqueness. And the Sun will go into Pisces, which should help us connect with our more idealistic side.

To kick off the week, Mercury will go forward in Aquarius on the 14th. Mercury spent about 13 days in the early degrees of this Sign back at the beginning of January; now, a month later, we will be revisiting scenarios that occurred over the Retrograde. Since we have one more week left of the Post Shadow, this will be a time you find solutions to old problems, learn how to get out of your comfort zone, and feel confident enough to not seek approval from others.

On the 15th, the Sun will be in a Semisextile with Pluto, which could cause us to look at where we need to let go of control. With the Sun and Pluto in this configuration, we could feel like we’re going through an ego deflation. Our egos could be in overdrive with an alignment like this because it causes us to feel like we need to be dominant over others. This could also result in obsessing over situations where you have no control, causing feelings of being out of sorts.

The Full Snow Moon in Leo happens on the 16th, which should help us understand that it’s okay to put ourselves first for a change. Surprisingly, the tone of the last few Moons has been a bit of a mishmash. Our moods may fluctuate because this is a mixed bag of lunar vibes. On the other hand, this one raises issues with our romantic relationships and the way we mingle, requiring a talk about our communication and demand for attention.

48 hours after Valentine’s Day, Mars and Venus make a Conjunction causing us to feel more romantic than usual. Even though we didn’t get this alignment on Valentine’s, we could still feel the effects looming because when alignments are applying to one another, we can feel their effects building up a few days prior. This Transit will be excellent for our love lives even if you’re single or in a relationship, plus bring in some much-needed harmony. And to top things off, it will give us a fun-filled few days loaded with social events and adventure.

Venus and Mars will connect with Saturn in a Semisextile on the 16th, causing us to deal with uncomfortable emotions in relationships and money. Things that we lack the patience for in love could backfire on us. Venus is still in the Post Shadow RX, so this could cause us to look back on an event from the Retrograde where we discovered we were in a relationship that was deficient in commitment and vulnerability. This alignment will have us take action if we haven’t been satisfied in a partnership resulting in us making things work or moving forward. These planets will travel with each other until about the end of April.

Jupiter will Sextile Uranus on the 17th, which should bring in some unexpected fun, luck, and social vibes. With this alignment, we could see things that have been on hold finally break free in a good way. Opportunities to do better for ourselves come through unexpectedly. If you needed a new path, this could be your opening to something that aligns with you and is fortunate. Socially, this is great for connecting with people you could be long-term friends with or networking partners. You could feel more open to spirituality. Surprise revelations tend to happen with an alignment like this. Overall, look at all of the potential prospects you have out there because this could be your time to take a considerable risk that will reward you finally. This Transit is only hitting once this year, so try to take advantage of it.

Pisces Season starts on the 18th, giving us a more compassionate tone to the air. This could be a time when you are feeling more daydreamy than usual, so you could find yourself interested in art, poetry, film, and spirituality. We tend to be less egotistical and connect to our more idealistic side. And, we are more in tuned with our psychic abilities during Pisces Season.

Vibes For The Week

The vibes over the next 7 days bring us more fun than we had the last few weeks.

Let’s get the not-so-fun stuff out of the way; there are low amounts of solitude, imagination, and confusion going on, so things could be slightly off-kilter. Mixed in with the low amount of psychic energy, this could cause the end of the week to be somewhat uncomfortable.

However, we have a ton of good luck vibes going on for the entire week, peaking out on the 17th. The good luck energy is coming from all of the fortunate alignments, specifically Jupiter and Uranus. The great thing about this is we can expect the unexpected but in a good way.

Romantically it’s another big week, with the 16th and 17th being the highest amount of love energy. This romantic energy will be with us for awhile since Venus and Mars will travel together until about the end of April. So, we have ample time to capitalize on these amazing romance vibes.

Transits For The Week

As far as February goes, this has been one of the better weeks with a ton of promise and fun opportunities.

This Weeks Transit Vibes:

  • 2/14 Mercury Goes Forward in Aquarius: 10 More Days And We Will Be Out Of Mercury Shadow RX

  • 2/15 Sun Semisextile Pluto: Ego Maniac

  • 2/16 Full Moon in Leo: Are You Finally Putting Yourself First For A Change?

  • 2/16 Venus Conjunct Mars: The Benefits Of Steady Love

  • 2/17 Mars Semisextile Saturn: Sometimes You Have To Wait Your Turn

  • 2/17 Venus Semisextile Saturn Part 3: When You’re Just Not Into Them Anymore

  • 2/17 Jupiter Sextile Uranus: Pleasant Surprises

  • 2/18 Sun in Pisces: Getting In Touch With Our Empathic Side

Use this week to connect with your spiritual side and take steps to create a better love life for yourself.

-Later guys


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