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Horoscope For The Week Of February 21st to 27th 2022

Mercury goes out of its Post Shadow Retrograde in this week’s Astrology, giving us a break from this Inverse Cycle for a few months. Mercury will also make a majority of the alignments over the next 7 days, which could cause a week of healthy communication. And Venus, along with Mars, will make harmonious alignments that could help us out with love, life matters, plus finances.

Hey guys, we have a busy week full of planetary Transits.

Mercury finally leaves its Post Retrograde Shadow in this week’s Astrology, giving us a nice break from this planet’s Regressive Cycle for a few months. There will be a plethora of Mercury Transits that are a mixed bag, causing tons of communication one moment and other periods throughout the week where we would rather be alone with our thoughts. And, we have another big week with Venus and Mars, which should help us feel more optimistic about our love lives and career.

The third installment of Mercury Semisquare Neptune happens on the 21st. While Mercury was in Pre-Shadow and its Retrograde period, it made two alignments with Neptune, which could have caused you to feel like your mind was stuck in a loop. As a result, this may bring back events from the last 6 weeks in which there was a miscommunication with someone.

Mercury will finally be out of its Retrograde Shadow on the 23rd, so now we are entirely out of the Inverse Cycle. We still have two more closing Transits on the 24th and 26th, but at least we are done with Mercury Retrograde for a few months. We won’t have another Retrograde with this planet until May, so for now, let’s pat ourselves on the back for getting through another Mercury RX.

We have a mixed bag of alignments on the 23rd, two that are harmonious and one that can be challenging.

Jupiter and Pluto will be in a Semisquare on the 23rd, which could cause individuals to overinflate their sense of power. In other words, this could cause people to feel entitled to assert their dominance over others resulting in power struggles. If you healthily channel this energy, it could be used to transform stressful circumstances in your favor. Therefore, it’s wise to use this to take care of things you normally lack the energy and focus to work through.

One of our saving graces for the 23rd is Mercury and Chiron. These celestial bodies will be in a harmonious Aspect that can aid in all sorts of communication, so if any issues need to be resolved, this Transit should help defuse drama from the last few days.

Another fantastic feature of this Alignment is that it provides moments of clarity and concentration if you've been experiencing mental obstacles or even brain fog.

On that same day, Venus and Mars will form a Sextile with Neptune, which should help us act on our dreams, love life, and career pursuits. These planets are both in Capricorn which should motivate us to take practical approaches to the things we want in life.

With the Mars portion of this alignment, we will have the stamina to go after what we desire. In other words, aspirations that seemed unrealistic are easier to obtain because we feel determined to work towards them. Also, when it comes to our love lives, we will feel ultra-passionate in our committed relationships. For singles, the enthusiasm from this configuration could cause an urge to put yourself out there in the dating world. And we could feel motivated to work on our spirituality finally.

This Transit with Venus and Neptune should flood the air with romantic sentiments throughout the next few days. These two Celestial bodies get along nicely, and as a result, we get positive vibes and wonderful times from this energy. It could be a day when you feel that your relationships with folks you care about are stronger than usual.

Venus-Neptune configurations are known to bring about spiritual connections, so this could be a day where you feel like you’re on the same wavelength as others.

Even though Mercury went out of the Post Shadow Phase earlier in the week, we still have two final Transits to close out the Retrograde cycle. On the 24th, Mercury will make its 3rd Square to Uranus. Mercury Squaring Uranus will bring up conversations that went wrong around the beginning of January so that we can resolve them. Therefore, if you’ve had a miscommunication with someone over the RX Cycle, this could help you move forward and have closure. This type of Transit causes people to say the wrong thing abruptly, so try to do some damage control as soon as possible if this happens. Additionally, because things don't always go as planned, be prepared to roll with the punches if something goes wrong.

Lastly, on the 26th, we have the final Aspect that was connected to the Retrograde cycle with Mercury and Jupiter. One of the great things about this is it should help us go over the details we missed at the beginning of January. This could also bring up conversations that went wrong due to a person’s arrogance.

The audio version of this week's horoscope:

Vibes For The Week

This week’s vibes show yet another romance-heavy 7 days on the graph.

Romantically the next 7 days has a flirty tone to them. One of the reasons these last few weeks have had this vibe is because Venus and Mars are closely traveling with each other. Plus, Mars and Venus will connect with Neptune, causing us to have more storybook situations in love.

There are low-grade amounts of good luck, mental, psychic, and confusion. Because of this moderate mix of energies, we could have mixed emotions throughout the next 7 days, with some being fun and other moments where we feel awkward.

The psychic energy mixes in later in the week with solitude and emotional sensitivity, which might cause you to pick up other people's energy.

Transits For The Week

The 3rd week of February is truly one where we will have moments to shine and others to tie up loose ends. Either way, this is still one of the better weeks we’ve had in a while.

This Weeks Transit Vibes:

2/21 Mercury Semisquare Neptune: Cognitive Dissonance Part 3

2/23 Mercury Goes Out Of Its Post Shadow Retrograde

2/23 Mercury Sextile Chiron: Healing Your Inner Dialog Part 2

2/23 Jupiter Semisquare Pluto: An Overinflated Sense Of Power

2/23 Mars Sextile Neptune: When Daydreams Turn Into Action

2/24 Venus Sextile Neptune: Romance Out Of A Fairytale

2/24 Mercury Square Uranus: Oops Did I Say That?! Part 3

2/26 Mercury Semisextile Jupiter: Always Read The Fine Details Part 3

Use this week to rev up your social and love life while taking care of the lingering tensions leftover by the Mercury Retrograde Cycle.

-Later Guys

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