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Horoscope For The Week Of February 28th to March 6th, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, Venus finally goes out of the Post Shadow Retrograde Phase and will finally leave Capricorn. Mars, along with Venus, will go into Aquarius, helping us upgrade our love lives, career, and how we take action. And we have a New Moon in Pisces, which should connect us with our spiritual side.

Hey guys, we have a jammed-packed week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Venus will finally go into a new Sign, Aquarius, after 4 months in Capricorn. Also, Venus will finally go out of the Post-Shadow Retrograde Phase ending the long Regressive Cycle this planet has been in Since November 17th, 2021. Mars will also go into Aquarius, causing us to take action in a more innovative way. Venus and Mars will continue to make a bunch of alignments together, which will help us look at what’s best in our love lives and financial matters. The New Moon in Pisces will take place this week, which should help us get more in touch with our poetic side. And we have a ton of Aspects happening to the Sun, which might result in us feeling up and down about expressing ourselves.

The first 3 days of this week start with many Solar alignments; during February 28th, the Sun will make a Semisextile to Chiron. With this Transit, we could be emotionally uncomfortable due to feeling self-conscious and slightly off-kilter. On the flip side, this alignment could cause us to see where we have overly expressed ourselves and need to find a balance. Also, you could run into people who tend to be over the top with the way they present themselves to others.

Venus went into Retrograde on December 19th, showing us where we needed to get serious about relationships, careers, and other financial matters. Venus will leave its Retrograde Shadow on March 1st, marking the end of a long Inverse Cycle that started in the middle of November when this planet went into its Pre-shadow RX. Cardinal Signs are the ones who would have felt this Retrograde more than others are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, between 5 to 29 degrees of these Signs.

With Venus going out of Shadow, it will come to a point where it makes its Greatest Western Elongation to the Sun over the next 19 days, which is when this planet is inching furthest away and creates a SemiSquare. The Sun and Venus in a Semisquare causes us to feel contradictory energies since our moods tend to fluctuate; on the one hand, we could feel social, chatty, flirty. On the other hand, it could cause us to feel self-conscious and somewhat awkward when it comes down to expressing ourselves in romantic situations. Another issue this could bring up is turbulence in relationships where there is resentment or feeling alone.

Luckily, the Sun will Sextile Uranus on that same day, causing us to feel the need to bring some excitement to our lives. With the Sun and Uranus in this Aspect, we could experience a surprising surge of confidence in ourselves; even with the other alignment going on from Venus in the Sun, this Transit could help us shake off some of that downer energy. An alignment like this is great for getting creative, feeling motivated, having strokes of genius, and feeling social. This could be a time of reconnecting with the people you like or attracting new friendships. Also, with the Sun in Uranus in a Sextile, we get the opportunity to upgrade certain things and situations in our lives, so this could be a day where it’s easier than expected to move forward from something stagnant.

A New Moon will occur in Pisces on March 3rd, which should help us start something fresh in this Sign. With this lunar event, we will look at how we can get more in touch with our intuition creativity and where we need to learn more compassion for ourselves.

Mercury will Conjunct Saturn. Unlike the last Transit, we have some coming up that could feel like a mix of uncomfortable and practical. This alignment tends to cause communication to come off coldly, so there could be situations where text messages go flat, people tend to be short, or there is an icy delivery to an emotional convo. Try to stay balanced in this alignment because people tend to lean more towards a harsher way of thinking. One good thing about this alignment is it does allow us to get connected with our more analytical side, so we will be able to problem-solve better than usual. Also, it brings us to a point where we are realistic about making plans, so things actually go according to schedule.

March 3rd is turning out to be a day of complex Transits. The Sun will make a Semi-square with Pluto, which might lead to issues with our ego. With an alignment like this, we have to remind ourselves that we can’t always get our way and be okay with others telling us no. There tends to be power struggles due to entitlement if we don’t. Also, we could be dealing with those who get annoyed easily, resulting in arguments.

Venus and Mars will Conjunct Pluto, which could drudge up past conflicts, relationship drama from the Venus Retrograde, and other hidden agendas. Even though Venus is out of Shadow, there is still one lingering alignment it made during its Retrograde with Pluto. Therefore, this could not only give you insight on how to proceed with drama from the Inverse cycle in regards to finances and love, but it could also expose a situation that was hidden in those areas. Mars being here in this Conjunction is also serving as an activation point, so it will help us take action on problems from the Venus Retrograde that were left unfinished.

Mars coming together with Pluto could cause some disputes because these two planets tend to bring out the confrontational side in others. Try to be aware of how you communicate with people; reign yourself in if you feel edgy because this alignment leads to arguments. Also, you want to make sure you aren’t acting on suspicion.

These planets will be in this Alignment for a while. Hopefully, we will benefit from Venus and Mars Conjunct Pluto to improve our circumstances. And one thing to note is that these harder Transits do motivate us to take care of situations we left on the backburner, which encourages us to do better so; hopefully, this helps with getting our lives back on track. And at least with Venus and Mars in a Conjunction, we will have a continuum of passion with our love lives, social, career, and taking action on our finances.

Mars will leave Capricorn and go into Aquarius, which should help us go after what we want innovatively. With this Sign placement, we will have the urge to go beyond our normal scope and finally feel like it’s time to take chances and leave our comfort zone. So, if there has been some idea to go after something that will better your life, you will have the stamina to take action under this energy.

Who’s still craving more Aquarius energy?!

Well, you’re in luck because Venus will also go into the Sign of the Water Bearer.⁠

If you couldn’t wait for Venus to get out of Capricorn, then you’re in luck; this planet will finally leave this Sign on the 5th. After 4 long months, Venus will be in a new Sign offering us a fresh new perspective on love and money. Venus in Aquarius should help us get out of our dating ruts or rejuvenate a healthy relationship that’s falling into a routine and needs to switch things up. Also, it will help us open our options in love along with our career while giving us the urge to change up our style to something fun and fresh.

Lastly, Venus will make a Semisextile Jupiter which should bring a social tone to the air. A Transit like this is excellent for feeling celebratory, so the need to treat yourself will be huge. Also, it causes us to be over the top when it comes to romance, so if someone is being flirty, it could feel like they are overly laying on the charm too much.

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Vibes For The Week

If you just can’t get enough of this romantic energy that’s been on the graph, you’re in luck because this is another week for love life situations.

The only issue is that it could be over the top romantic situations.

Venus and Mars will be the main contributors, and Pluto and Jupiter, causing us to fixate and overdo it in love. This energy will peak on the 3rd and stay with us for the entire week.

Even though we have had so much social and romantic energy, some contradictory situations are still occurring on the chart, with solitude at the beginning of the week intersecting with emotional sensitivity.

We will feel motivated to get things done with ambitious energy on the chart from the 1st to the 4th. This will mix in with good luck energy, allowing us to take advantage of promising opportunities from the 4th to the 6th.

And there are low amounts of mental and social energy. Even though we will have some sociable alignments, this could still be a week where you don’t feel as though you have the mental energy to deal with most people, so you could need moments to yourself.

Transits For The Week

The first week of March will give us a variety of Transits that could have us feeling like the next 7 days are full of highs and lows.

This Weeks Transit Vibes:

  • 2/28 Sun Semisextile Chiron: Taking The Wind Out Of Your Sails

  • 3/1 Sun Semisquare Venus: Awkwardly Flirty

  • 3/1 Sun Sextile Uranus: A Sudden Dose Of Confidence

  • 3/2 Mercury Conjunct Saturn: A Cold Delivery Over Text

  • 3/3 New Moon in Pisces: An Urge To Be More Spiritual

  • 3/3 Sun Semisquare Pluto: How To Not Be Overpowering

  • 3/3 Mars Conjunct Pluto: Easily Annoyed By Others

  • 3/3 Venus Conjunct Pluto: Revealing What You Need In Love

  • 3/5Mars In Aquarius: Taking The Necessary Actions To Upgrade Your Life

  • 3/5Venus in Aquarius: Setting A New Trend In Your Love Life And Career

  • 3/6 Venus and Mars Semisquare Jupiter: Over The Top Displays Of Affection

Use this week to do something adventurous in your love life and take action on the things that need an upgrade in your world.

-Later guys


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