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Horoscope For The Week Of February 7th to 13th, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, we will get an extra dose of help from Mars and Uranus, allowing us to change stagnation in our lives actively. And Pluto will play a significant role this week, which should help us finally uncover hidden situations from the last 3 months

Hey guys, we have an interesting week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, things are seemly light regarding how many Transits we have over the next 7 days; however, they are impactful. Mars will connect with Uranus causing us to make changes that will go in our favor. Jupiter will align with Chiron, which will have us reevaluating our belief systems. And Mercury which is still in Post Shadow Retrograde will make its 3rd and final Conjunction with Pluto to help us get a definitive answer on things that didn’t add up for the last few months.

We start the week off right with an alignment between Mars and Uranus. Even though this is a Trine, we will still take action on what we are ready to go after. An alignment like this will help us take some risk for a change, and the good thing is it won’t blow up in our face. This is a day where we will feel on top of things, so our responses to others will be quick, we’ll feel more decisive, and get in touch with our ability to individuate. This is also good for excitement, so today will be anything but boring. Plus, it’s great for going out on dates and intimacy; it's not the most romantic or committal, but at least it's a good time sort of alignment. And since these are slow-moving planets, we should enjoy this buzzy energy for a few days.

We could be coming down off the high energy from the last few days with an Aspect on the 10th from the Sun and Neptune. An alignment like this could have us feeling more drained than usual. As a result, you could feel moodier than typical. One of the best things to do if you’re feeling off-kilter is to try to do things that ground your energy with music, creativity, a nice relaxing bath, or even journaling.

Neptune and the Sun in this configuration could also cause us not to feel grounded, so try not to act impulsively. In other words, this Transit causes us to look at things from an unrealistic lens, so you want to make sure you aren’t reacting to someone due to distrust or hastily buying something you might regret later.

On the 11th, Mercury will Conjunct Pluto, which might assist us in obtaining the answers we've been looking for throughout Mercury's Regressive Cycle. To put it another way, this could be a time when you discover something unusual that happened between December 29th, the 2nd, and 28th of January. A configuration like this could help us better understand some realities that we haven't been able to grasp since the end of 2021.

Additionally, Mercury coming to this position will also help us solve complex issues that occurred during the Venus Retrograde. Planets that go over the same degrees as another that went into its Regressive Phase generally bring up things left unresolved, unsaid, and unanswered. In other words, Mercury is connecting with the same path that Venus went Retrograde under; when this happens, it tends to drudge up unfinished business. Considering Mercury also went into Shadow on the Same degree as Venus Retrograded, this will bring up more issues with relationships, career, self-worth, and finances.

Pluto and Mercury will Trine the North Node of the Moon and Sextile the South Node on the 11th, which could cause us to uncover ways to work on repressed emotions and trauma. This will serve as a release point for the things we’ve buried underneath the surface so we can heal from them and work on how to become more solid in our lives.

Jupiter will make a Semisextile to Chiron on the 11th, which could help us see why we feel disappointed with various life issues. An alignment like this causes us not to feel as certain as we once did with topics like spirituality, education, and other belief systems we carry. And alignment like this helps us check in with ourselves to see if we are on the right path or need to make some adjustments.

Lastly, on the 13th, the Sun will be in a Semisquare to Chiron, causing us to look at why we are so hard on ourselves. An alignment like this could have us focused on our appearance and overanalyze what we think are imperfections. The Sun and Chiron Aspects help us look at how we can learn to be comfortable in our own skin, so use this time to rebuild your self-esteem.

Vibes For The Week

The vibes on the graph aren’t as prevalent as they were the previous week.

One of the more complicated energies occurs on the 10th with solitude vibes and a bit on the 11th with emotional sensitivity. With both being uncomfortable vibes, we could require a few days to take care of our own needs while focusing on improving how we react to others and triggering situations.

We have small amounts of mental energy at the beginning of the week and some in the middle. This small amount ties in with the solitude and emotional energy, so we could need a moment to rest our minds with this low amount.

Some good luck energy on the chart could give us small windows of opportunity from the 7th to the 9th. If you need to do something but needed to wait for the right timing to get it off the ground, this could be an opportunity to take action.

Romance is high by the end of the week with some social vibes. So we could have a good mix of fun for relationships and our platonic ones. This romantic energy on the chart will continue for a while since Venus and Mars will be traveling together in a harmonious alignment lasting until the later part of April. So at least we have some positive energy that will get us feeling creative, social, ambitious, and help with our love lives.

Transits For The Week

The second week of February still has its tense moments, but at least we get the one alignment from Mars that helps give us a nudge.

This Weeks Transit Vibes:

2/8 Mars Trine Uranus: Taking Risk Outside Your Norm That Could Pay Off

2/10 Sun Semisextile Neptune: Feeling Off Kilter

2/11 Jupiter Semisextile Chiron: Questioning Your Beliefs

2/11 Mercury Conjunct Pluto: Understanding Situations For What They Truly Are PT 3

2/11 Pluto Trine And Sextile The Lunar Nodes: Uncovering Better Ways To Cope With Trauma

2/13 Sun Semisquare Chiron: Maybe It's Just Bad Lighting

Use this week to take healthy risks outside of your norm and heal the areas of your life where you feel bogged down.

-Later Guys

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