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Horoscope For The Week Of January 31st to Feb 6, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, the Moon will be one of the more prominent energies for the first 3 days of February, causing us to feel like our emotions are fluctuating. And Mercury will go out of Retrograde, allowing us to make sense of what was occurring at the end of December.

Hey guys, we have a colorful week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we kick things off with the Super New Moon in Aquarius, which should have us looking at how we can bust out of ruts. The Moon will be one of the dominant energies for the first few days of February, which will cause our emotions to fluctuate. Mercury will go out of Retrograde this week, allowing us to take a step back and piece together what was causing so much confusion since the end of December. And Mars will make a few alignments that are very different from one another, which could cause us to feel confident one moment then doubt ourselves a few days later.

On the 31st, we have the Super New Moon in Aquarius. One of the most interesting things about this lunation is that it’s the second New Moon in a calendar month, usually referred to as a Black Moon. The term we are all familiar with is a Blue Moon which is when we have two Full Moons in a 4 week period, so hearing the word Black Moon seems odd. Another great thing about this Moon is it will help us start a new game plan to pull ourselves out of stagnation if we’ve fallen into a rut for an extended period.

The 1st of this Month will be a day of lunar Transits that are more complex than usual, which will cause us to feel like our emotions and temperament are all over the place. For the next 2 days, the Moon will be prominent and make the majority of alignments. With some of these configurations, we might feel like we can’t think straight, so give yourself time before completing a serious task. If you’re feeling edgy on this day, do your best to take time to yourself. Try to wait for the right moment if your temper is ramped up before discussing anything with anyone. And if you’re feeling gloomy, try to connect with the things that bring you joy and promote relaxation.

Unlike the previous day, February 2nd will have us feeling motivated. Our emotions will be somewhat off at times, but at least there are Transits with the Moon that will get us taking charge of our circumstances, so if there are situations that have caused you to ignore your emotions, you will have the opportunity to heal. One of the good things about this day is that we will have many moments that feel upbeat while opening us up to try new things. On top of that, this could be a day where love life concerns get resolved, and a bit of romance comes our way.

Mercury goes Direct on the 3rd; however, we still have the Post-Shadow Period to get through, which will be done entirely on February 23rd. So, over these next 3 weeks, we will go over the situations that occurred for the last month and a 1/2, but now that Mercury is going forward, we will at least have more clarity on how to act on our situations. The Zodiac Signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 1 and 12 degrees of these Signs, would have felt this Retrograde more than others. Also, the Cardinal Signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 23 and 29 degrees could have experienced this Regressive Cycle as well.

With the 4th, we have a mixed bag day of one alignment that’s enjoyable, and the other is more like a fun zapper.

Mars and Jupiter will make a harmonious Aspect on the 4th, which will be the sweet spot of our week. An alignment like this motivates us to go after opportunities we usually wouldn’t out of fear of rejection. In other words, if there has been a job you wanted to apply for but didn’t have the confidence to, this will give you a dose of self-assurance to send your resume to said company. Or if it’s a love life situation, this could help you finally ask your person of interest out on a date. One of the lovely things about this is it gets us feeling cheerful and not taking things so seriously. Also, it motivates us just to go out and have a good time. Use this alignment to go after rare opportunities and get what you want overall.

Contrary to the last Transit from Mars and Jupiter, this one can cause us to take a hard look at our responsibilities. The Sun will make a Conjunction with Saturn, which will help us understand where we lacked follow-through in our lives. An alignment like this causes us to feel somewhat gloomy. There could be situations where we feel bogged down by extra responsibilities and just need some relief. Another thing with is we do see some sort of karma come back around, good, bad, or indifferent. However, one cool thing is that this has its decent parts, so if you’ve put in the hard work, you will reap the benefits.

Lastly, Mars and Chiron are forming an uncomfortable Aspect on the 6th, which could cause pent-up disappointment and anger to arise. With this, it’s essential to address deeply embedded anger with others that have been suppressed so you can move forward. Also, this aspect allows you to learn how to step forward and be more courageous.

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Vibes For The Week

We have a pretty full week which is reflective on the graph.

The beginning and middle of the week could feel off with emotional sensitivity and solitude showing up on the chart. The solitude is one of the dominant energies and peaks out on the 4th but will linger into the weekend.

However, some fun energies are mixed in with these vibes, which could cause you to feel like your emotions are fine one minute, and then the next, you just need a moment to yourself. The amount of ambition, romance, good luck, and mental energies will make it easier to enjoy yourself and let go of what you cannot control.

Romance is also steady energy throughout the next 7 days, so hopefully, it will soften some of these vibes.

Transits For The Week

February starts with a bang; hopefully, we will navigate this week without too many hiccups.

This Weeks Transit Vibes:

  • 1/31 New Moon in Aquarius: How Not To Care What Others Think

  • 2/1 Oodles of Moon Transits Day 1: Feeling Like Your Emotions Are All Over The Place

  • 2/2 Oodles of Moon Transits Day 2: Uplifting Our Mood

  • 2/3 Mercury Direct: Why Things Have Been Out Of Sorts Since December 29th

  • 2/4 Mars Sextile Jupiter: Motivated And Ready To Seek Great Opportunities

  • 2/4 Sun Conjunct Saturn: It’s Time To Step Up To The Plate

  • 2/6 Mars Square Chiron: Healing Your Temperament

Use this week to work through stuck emotions and reflect on your Mercury Retrograde situations, so by Friday; you’re at least able to enjoy yourself with that lovely alignment we have from Mars and Jupiter.

-Later Guys


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