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Horoscope For The Week Of July 11th to 17th, 2022

This week's astrology has a Super Full Moon in Capricorn to encourage us to do something masterful in our lives. Plus, Venus will go into Cancer, intensifying the sentimentality of our romantic lives.

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Horoscope For The Week Of July 11th to 17th 2022

Hey guys, we have another transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we get a Super Full Moon in Capricorn, which could help us look back on what we were trying to master 6 months ago. Venus will leave Gemini and go into Cancer, shifting how we view romance to a more sentimental approach. And we have another week of Venus and Mercury making most of the Transits, which will help us work on our inner dialog, communication, love life, and finances.

On the 12th, Venus and Saturn will form a Trine, which is excellent for making a smooth commitment. This is exceptional energy for signing your commitment paperwork-wise, so contracts go smoothly.

Romantically, this could be a good moment for those in healthy love life situations. For those who are just dating, this could be a time to put a label on things. In committed unions, this could be a situation where the relationship is taken to the next level. In other words, this could be a time of cementing your union.

On the 13th, we have a Super Full Buck Moon in Capricorn. So far, we have had two in the Spring and will have a pair over the Summer.

From an energetic perspective, this can be a period when you start to notice that something in your life is standing out more than usual. In other words, if you've been making the necessary efforts to advance in your life, now can be when things start to change.

Capricorn energy is all about putting ourselves in a position to succeed, delaying gratification, building something lasting, having limits, and mastering an area of life we want to be great at one day. The Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, between 15 and 27 degrees, will be the signs most affected by this Full Moon.

Mercury and Uranus will be in a harmonious alignment on the 13th, which should provide us with exciting communication over the next few days.

Socially, this Transit is excellent for having energetic exchanges with others, so our hangouts will be anything but boring. There should be unexpected communication coming from people you want to hear from, plus unexpected news in a good way.

Mentally, this is a very stimulating Transit that will tie into our conversations and our need for intellect. On this day, we might have the urge to go on a learning fest and have the capacity to absorb more details than typical. Also, this is great for gaining the latest information about something innovative.

Even though we have mental clarity with Mercury, certain situations with our love life and finances could be blurry due to a Square with Venus and Neptune.

This is the moment to examine and accept the realities of a relationship that’s reached its end. Together, Venus and Neptune can cloud your perception of reality and make you more prone to denial. Also, with Neptune being in Retrograde, this could finally give us answers to a relationship or money situation that had us in a constant state of confusion.

Coming out of a haze helps us move forward from romance or unscrupulous job situations. Also, with Venus-Neptune Aspects, we slowly realize the importance of valuing ourselves rather than chasing an illusion of happiness.

As we get to the 15th, more Venus alignments continue. Venus will make a Quincunx to Pluto.

A complicated Venus-Pluto alignment pronounces the unhealthy side of love and money. This might also bring up control issues, secrets, and suspicion in a relationship. Venus-Pluto Transits show us the importance of standing up for ourselves. With money and career, this could look like gaining control of your finances if things have been mismanaged. Or this could be a time to look for a new job where a toxic boss isn’t dominating you.

Saturday brings in a day when our egos could feel somewhat deflated with the Sun and Saturn in a complex alignment.

Energy like this causes us to question if our approach is correct. As a result, it could have us examining what we bring to the table and if people appreciate us for who we are or what they think we should be. We might feel like we aren't being seen for the hard work we put in at our job and other areas of life. With the Sun and Saturn in this arrangement, we could feel numb one moment, then upset, then hopeful.

The 16th continues to be a day with edgier Transits with Mercury and Saturn also in a Quincunx.

Having a week where 3 planets have been in a Quincunx configuration can cause a lot of doubt, walking contradictions, and blind spots in our behavior. Mercury and Saturn in this formation might cause you to feel like you need some space from everyone because you don't want to be bombarded with other people's problems. Take care of yourself because your inner dialog can get toxic. Try not to be too hard on yourself or others; know that things will get better, and these feelings will pass.

Sunday will be a mixed bag of alignments ranging from fun to intense.

One of the first alignments on the 17th might give us a moment of clarity with Mercury in a Conjunction with the Sun. This Conjunction will help us feel more alert than typical. An alignment like this is like receiving a nice pick-me-up, so if you’ve felt off-kilter or mentally exhausted, this could give you a nice boost.

Multitasking comes naturally with this alignment, so it’s easier to breeze through many tasks. We also get the urge for mental stimulation and ways to level up our minds.

And we tend to feel better about ourselves. With this, we can be confident in communicating, making plans, having strokes of genius, and being social. As a result, this Transit could give us a busy but stimulating Sunday for our minds and interactions.

If you’re looking for more Cancerian energy, then you’re in luck because Venus is going into this Sign.

Cancer Season will be over in 5 days, but at least we get one more opportunity to enjoy more of this Sign’s sentimental vibes. Venus in Cancer craves emotional stability, comfort, and a relationship that lights up our souls. Also, Venus in Cancer urges us to do cute things for the people we adore. It’s easier to wear your heart on your sleeve under this Transit.

With this Ingress, we could feel more inclined to go after opportunities that offer more stability.

In the case of finances and career, this energy is more concerned with emotional security than material. Due to Cancer being a Sign of fluctuations, try to take care of your emotions regarding love and money; otherwise, it could be unpleasant.

Carelessness could seem higher than typical with Mars and Jupiter in a Semisquare on Sunday.

Mars and Jupiter in this configuration brings out our need for adventure, so this could be a day when you feel more excitement seeking than normal. If you’ve felt pent up, this energy could help release the tension you’ve been feeling. The perfect ways to excerpt this energy are in the form of intimacy, working out, or finding activities that keep you moving.

However, the lower vibration could result in reckless behavior. People tend to one-up one another with Mars and Jupiter in complicated alignments, which could result in bickering. Due to this configuration's irresponsible nature, try to be mindful of partying too hard, or it might result in a gnarly hangover and other regrets.

At least on that same day, the Sun will make a Trine with Neptune. An alignment like this marks the beginning and end of the outer planet's Retrograde Cycles. Currently, we’re 13 days into Neptune’s Regressive Phase.

With this Transit, we feel the urge to do something that feeds our ego on a spiritual level. Even if this is a Retrograde configuration, this brings in an extra dose of inspiration. So, this could be a day of trying to do things that connect you with your higher self, like meditation, getting an energy healing, or taking a nice spiritual bath with candles and incense. Hopefully, this will take some of the edginess of the other alignments occurring that day.

Psychically we could feel more in touch with our intuition.

Connecting with nature is another way to capitalize on these good vibes. Psychically we could feel more in touch with our intuition. Or take a trip to a stone shop to buy crystals that raise your vibration, especially if you’re feeling jittery, and ground your energy.

Lastly, we have an alignment with Mercury and Pluto on the 17th that could bring out the combative side during conversations.

Communication-wise, this Transit can feel at odds with others due to having a very different approach to life and how we speak to others. Confrontational behavior is more pronounced in this energy. A Mercury-Pluto Aspect like this can lead to abrasiveness and others coming on too strong in conversation.

Another thing about this Transit is lousy behavior tends to get exposed. Also, this could be a revealing day for truths about ourselves and the people in our lives.

Full Moon in Capricorn Podcast Version:

July 11th to 17th Weekly Astrology Podcast Version:

Vibes For The Week

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Astrology Transits Graph for July 11th to 17th. 2022

These next 7 days are edgier than usual with a mix of comforting alignments.

Emotional sensitivity starts on the 11th and gets to the highest on the 14th. Because of the mix of groupings this week, we have nervous planetary energy ahead, causing us to feel more triggery than typical.

On top of that, the emotional vibe intersects mental, solitude, and romantic energy. We could be very reflective this week to process how we’re feeling.

Throughout this week, mental energy is consistent and will intersect with family and friends’ vibes. Even with the harder alignments this weekend, we will get opportunities to come out of our shells and be social.

Also, psychic energy is high, so we could have moments when our intuition points us in a better direction to take for ourselves.

Transits For The Week

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Neon letters

July’s second week has its highs and lows, so try to keep yourself balanced in the best way you can.

This Week’s Transits July 11th to 17th:

  • 7/12 Venus Trine Saturn: Committing Yourself To The Right Relationships

  • 7/13 Full Moon In Capricorn: How To Be Masterful In Everything You Do

  • 7/13 Mercury Sextile Uranus: Outside Of The Box Thinking

  • 7/13 Venus Square Neptune: Accepting The Truth About An Unhealthy Relationship

  • 7/15 Venus Quincunx Pluto: Working On Control Issues In Relationships

  • 7/16 Sun Quincunx Saturn: A Deflated Sense Of Self

  • 7/16 Mercury Quincunx Saturn: When You Don’t Feel Like Talking

  • 7/17 Sun Conjunct Mercury: A Moment Of Clarity

  • 7/17 Venus In Cancer: How To Be Sentimental

  • 7/17 Mars Semisextile Jupiter: Doing What You Want Because It Feels Good

  • 7/17 Sun Trine Neptune: The Urge To Explore Your Spiritual Side

  • 7/17 Mercury Oppose Pluto: Conversations With Overpowering People

Use this week to contemplate what stressors need to be eliminated, how to create a harmonious personal life, and the successful outcome you want to see for your life.

-Later guys

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