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Horoscope For The Week Of July 18th to 24th, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, Sun and Mercury will enter Leo this week, causing us to feel lively and shine confidently. And Chiron’s entering Retrograde to help us work on old stories and embrace our authenticity.

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Horoscope For The Week Of July 18th to 24th, 2022

Hey guys, we have another transformative and jammed-packed week full of planetary Transits.

In this week's Astrology, the Sun and Mercury will enter Leo, causing us to communicate confidently and get noticed for our flare. Chiron will enter Retrograde, which could help us realize it's time to heal from past disappointment along with how to assist others with their stressors. And for the 3rd week in a row, Mercury and Venus will make up most of the Transits, which will help us continue to work on issues with finances and love.

Monday gives us a fresh way to think and communicate with Mercury going into Leo.

Mercury in this Sign will shift the tone from a hang-back emotional approach to a passionate, extroverted vibe. Leo, combined with our planet of communication and thinking, Mercury, will bring us out of our shells, help us communicate with more flair, and think creatively. This combination will allow us to speak more from the heart, bringing sincerity to our self-expression.

Confidence levels tend to go up with Mercury in Leo, so this could be a period when you're feeling self-assured about expressing your personality. Our need for stimulation goes on things like outings, creative outlets, movies, sports, and romance, so this will be an exciting time for entertainment. The tricky thing about this Ingress is our need for validation becomes higher than normal, so be aware of expecting more praise than anyone can give.

Tuesday is jam-packed with a ton of planetary activity with some intensity.

Yet another celestial body turns Retrograde, which is the asteroid Chiron. Chiron moves between the orbit of Saturn and Uranus.

Currently, this asteroid is in the orbit of Uranus.

Chiron Retrogrades are all about looking at the areas that require healing in your life. Think about what occurred for you around March 25th since this celestial body went into its Shadow period. What were you trying to heal or recover from in your life?

This asteroid is currently in Aries; themes involving this Zodiac sign could have shown up in your healing journey. With this combination, we could have worked on resolving issues with physicality, our individuality, being more ambitious, asserting ourselves, and our self-hood.

Another way we could experience Chiron Retrograde is through working on trauma we've ignored, letting go of old stories that don't fit who we are anymore, and learning that some problems are not our responsibility.

The themes from this Inverse Phase teach us to work through our difficulties and release past pain. This Retrograde also motivates us to help others with similar disappointment by showing them how to get back on their feet.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, between 8 to 20 degrees, could feel this Regressive Cycle more than most.⁠ Therefore⁠, if you have planets in the mentioned degree of the Cardinal Signs, this Retrograde will be more pronounced for you.

Hopefully, all of you benefit from Chiron's RX cycle and are about to walk into your best life.

That same day the Sun will Oppose Pluto, which could cause us to look at why we need to check our ego.

The Sun and Pluto in this complicated alignment causes us to look back at where our attitude has caused us unnecessary grief. In other words, this could show us why our ego has to lead us down an unhealthy path. This brings up issues with understanding how we used our personal power, bad habits, and being offensive, envious, and antagonistic. We get a reality check about our entitled levels and why we must be respectful to others.

A Transit like this can have many consequences for past wrongdoings, so this alignment has a karmic tone. The Sun with Pluto in an Opposition also points to things not going as planned in a way that can be extreme and stressful, so try to be aware the next few days. But the more comforting thing with this Transit is that if you've Chiron's made changes and actively tried to improve, this will go in your favor.

Interestingly, we are now at the halfway point of Pluto Retrograde. Being at the midpoint means we are halfway to the finish line, phew! Anytime the Sun Opposes the outer planets, we are at the peak of the Inverse cycle.

Wednesday could cause us to feel like we need to shake things up due to boredom with Venus and Uranus in a Semisquare.

Venus has been connecting with Uranus over the last week and is now in this configuration that causes people to behave erratically in love life and financial circumstances.

Love life-wise, this might inflate issues with inconsistent and unpredictable people causing even more disruption. Career-wise, if you felt restricted at a job, those feelings could be more pronounced than typical. Before making rash decisions with all these scenarios, try to have a proper strategy because it could result in being disappointed with the outcome after this anxious alignment is done.

Thursday gives us two alignments that could show our bratty side to others.

Thanks to Jupiter and Saturn, we'll learn why it's unwise to be careless. With this Transit being mindful of our maturity levels is crucial, especially when we don't get what we feel entitled to receive; otherwise, things can backfire on us. Our competitive side could get the best of us with this Transit, so the need to outperform others should be curbed.

Jupiter and Saturn in this Transit can point to where we've been irresponsible. We must recognize why we didn't meet crucial obligations, failed to set sensible boundaries, and demanded immediate outcomes.

Attention-seeking behavior might not go the way we wanted with Mercury in a Semisextile to Venus.

With this Transit, we could feel edgy if others aren't gratifying us. In other words, this could cause us to react poorly if a person doesn't reply fast, compliment us over social media, or a picture we sent them. So, try to be patient and allow others to respond in their own time to take the anticipation off of you and to avoid an unnecessary argument.

But, lucky for us, Thursday brings in a Sign change.

Happy Leo Season!!

After traveling the Zodiac for a year, the Sun is finally in its Home Sign, so now we will get the best expression of this Luminary.

Leo Season is all about expressing yourself and showing the world why you're super cool.

In this Sign, we feel lively, so the urge to go out, get dolled up, and do exhilarating things will be high. Our ego will gain the most gratification from being at the center of things. In other words, we will want to be at the right places where we can get in on the action, thrills, and post-selfie-worthy scenes to show the world that we're rad.

Leo's creativity comes in various forms, sure it can be through painting, but this display happens through our choice of clothes, the way we cook, the decor in our home, and our hair. So, we tend to pour artistry into ourselves. Expressing ourselves will feel more natural under this energy, and we could show this off in a creative way.

Defining ourselves will feel more natural under this energy, and we could show this off in a creative way.

A lower expression of this Ingress could pronounce our egotistical side and bring out our need for praise more than typical. Try to channel the regal expression of this Sign, let your hair down, and enjoy the summer vibes, Leo style.

Saturday brings us two Mercury alignments that aren't like the other. So, communication, plans, and thinking might go fantastic for a minute but then feel off-kilter the next instant.

Conversations take an upbeat tone with an alignment between Mercury and Jupiter.

Communication tends to be pleasurable with this Transit. If you want to make some fun in the sun plans, this gives an extra push to go on an adventure. Being forward-thinking also comes easier with Mercury and Jupiter. Our minds tend to be expansive, focused, and filled with inventive ideas. And conversations tend to be effortless due to this energy's friendly and carefree tone.

However, we do have another Mercury alignment that brings a level of confusion to the air.

Uncertainty in our chats with others could occur from a Transit between Mercury and Neptune. You may feel as though you are speaking cryptically or that others are being evasive during this Transit. Take a moment to clear your mind before sending text messages to ensure there's no confusion from your end. And try to clarify misunderstandings with others when you're feeling more grounded.

What's moderation, pfft?!

Sunday brings in two Venus Transits that are also not like the other. One brings in a celebratory tone, and the other is more sobering.

Venus will be in a complex Transit to Saturn, which could cause us to see things for what they are in romantic relationships and careers. This configuration shows us where we aren't getting our needs met emotionally and intimacy-wise. The other side of this Aspect helps you realize that you're no longer into someone. Both of these scenarios could help us begin the process of letting go of a dissatisfying relationship.

Jobwise, this could show us where we are dissatisfied with our current employment. As a result, we might feel compelled to update our resume and begin the process of applying for something that'll be more rewarding to our career path.

Over-the-top shenanigans are easier today due to the extravagant Transit with Venus and Jupiter.

Of course, fun is always welcomed; however, this Transit is the type where our responsibilities take a backseat. A Transit like this puts a party vibe in the air, leading to excessive drinking and eating.

Lastly, there's a tendency to go overboard with romantic exploits or blow things out of proportion with love life scenarios. And, our urge to be risky is more pronounced, which could look like gambling and overspending.

Check out the podcast version of the weekly Horoscope:

Vibes For The Week

There are two main vibes on the graph this week that could cause our intuition and mind to feel busy 7 days.

Psychic and mental energy will go up and down for the next bunch of days. In the beginning, these energies intersect.

Around the 19th, there’s a bit of family and friends energy, so communication with loved ones could seem constant.

The Psychic energy is at its highest on the 20th, which might make us feel more intuitive than usual. This could be a day where our ability to be preceptive is spot on, so we could have moments when our gut instincts point us in the right direction.

Mental energy is at its highest by the weekend with a smidge of psychic vibes.

With Mercury and Jupiter, our minds will be buzzing with tons of inventive ideas. We will also crave intellectual stimulation weeks. This weekend could still have moments of confusion, but we mostly bust through them better than other times.

Intersecting this is a high amount of romantic energy, so this weekend could bring in a flirty and adventurous vibe regarding love.

And, there’s a smidge of imagination and confusion, with small amounts of social vibes.

Transits For The Week

July has been a very dynamic month of planetary activity, Chiron's. Having another mixed bag week of pleasant and complex Transits can be stressful, but the good part is it causes us to take care of things holding us back.

This week's Transits July 18th to 24th:

  • 7/18 Mercury Enters Leo: How To Communicate with Flair

  • 7/19 Chiron Retrograde: How to Heal Your Persona

  • 7/19 Sun Oppose Pluto: The Consequences Of Your Ego

  • 7/22 Sun enters Leo: How To Let Your Radness Shine

  • 7/19 Mars Semisquare Neptune: Feeling Drained And Directionless

  • 7/20 Venus Semisquare Uranus: Unpredictable Behavior With Money And Love

  • 7/21 Jupiter Semisquare Saturn: Accountability For Reckless Actions

  • 7/21 Mercury Semisextile Venus: When Our Needy Side Takes Over In Relationships

  • 7/23 Mercury Trine Jupiter: Looking At All Of Your Opportunities

  • 7/24 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune: How To Speak In A Confusing Way

  • 7/24 Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Shutting Down Romantically

  • 7/24 Venus Square Jupiter: How To Ignore Your Problems And Have Fun Instead

Use this week to get in touch with your regal side and do something that helps you stand out for all of your unique talents.

-Later guys


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