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Horoscope For The Week Of July 25th to 31st, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, a Leo New Moon will help us connect with our awesomeness. Jupiter's retrograde in Aries will help us reflect on our journey since May 5th. And the static situations in our lives could be shaken up by a Grand Cross Aspect pattern.

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Horoscope For The Week Of July 25th to 31st, 2022

Hey guys, we have another transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we have three crucial alignments occurring that may cause the week to feel dynamic. A New Moon in Leo could help us connect with our regal side and show us how to stand out for our awesomeness. Jupiter will go Retrograde in Aries, causing us to examine where our journey has taken us over the last 3 months. There will be an Aspect Pattern called a Grand Square that brings to our awareness what's been building up in our lives. And Mercury will make most of the Transits this week, compelling us to have paramount talks about what needs to be worked on with others.

Monday around 10:53 AM Pacific time, the Moon enters Cancer for the next two days.

This luminary is in its Balsamic Phase, which is the waning state of the lunar cycle before we get to the New Moon. This dark phase of the Moon is the end of a process, so it’s excellent for letting go of things that aren’t useful, cleaning your home, detoxing, and contemplating what new improvements you’d like to bring into your life.

Also, this celestial body is in Cancer, it's natural paring, which generally brings benefits in its Sign of Rulership. However, even though this Moon is in its Home Sign, we still have edgy alignments to work through.

For the first few hours of the 25th, we could feel triggery. This Moon will come off a Semisquare to Mars, which could cause us to be emotionally reactive. Then Square Jupiter, which could inflate our moods, good, bad, or indifferent.

On the 26th, this Cancer Moon makes harmonious Alignments to Venus and Mars, which will help us get back on track and rev up our romantic lives. The Moon is connected to Venus and Mars in an easy alignment that brings in flirtation, affection, passion, and intimate moments.

By the 27th, this Moon will leave Cancer by 11:36 PM Pacific and head into Leo, but before it does, it will make three Aspects.

Throughout the day, this Moon will Oppose Pluto, which could cause us to feel up and down. This Transit to Pluto helps us understand things we’ve avoided that need to be dealt with to move forward. Luckily, this Moon will connect with Jupiter and Neptune all day, which will help us use our intuition to guide us and feel hopeful that our new track will lead to something great.

Wednesday gives us a nice moment of clarity and an opportunity to heal our minds with Mercury in a harmonious Transit with Chiron.

If any issues need to be resolved, this Transit should make it simpler because Mercury and Chiron are forming a friendly aspect that can aid in communication. An alignment like this may inspire you to research strategies to boost your self-esteem. And this is also helpful for regaining clarity if you’ve been experiencing brain fog.

Thursday gives us three Astrological events with the New Moon in Leo, Jupiter Retrograde, and an Aspect Pattern occurring in the cosmos.

A New Moon in Leo happens on the 28th, which will help us understand how to create a life that lets us realize we deserve to shine brightly.

New Moons are about starting something fresh in the Zodiac Sign it’s associated with, so this will be all about working with the best qualities of Leo. With this lunar event, we could look at what we want to develop in this Sign over the next 6 months to step into our regal energy.

Leo New Moons help us look at where we deserve the spotlight for a change and the importance of not hiding our brilliance. With this Sign, we gain the understanding of taking pride in our appearance, being creative, and how crucial it is to have leisure in our lives. Also, we learn to boost our confidence and work on the understanding that we are worthy of more than we’ve allowed ourselves to experience.

Signs that will feel this New Moon the most will be the Fixed ones, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 00 and 10 degrees of these placements.

That same day Jupiter Goes Retrograde.

Jupiter will enter Retrograde in the Sign of Aries and head back into the last few degrees of Pisces. This is because Jupiter entered its Pre-Shadow Phase on May 5th, at the end of this Sign. Therefore, the Pre-Shadow Phase lasted longer in Aries, giving us more time to spend with this placement.

In particular, Jupiter RX isn't as harsh as other Inverse Cycles but can have uncomfortable moments.

From an energetic perspective, we look for ways to become more reasonable and feel motivated to reach our full potential. When Jupiter is in Retrograde, we often search for the truth, seek knowledge, or discover new viewpoints. A Regressive Phase like this enables us to examine what is fair and the unjust things.

Jupiter will go out of Retrograde on November 23, then leave its Post Retrograde Shadow on February 14th, 2023. Signs that will experience this Retrograde on a deeper level will be Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 1 to 9 degrees. The Mutable Signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces within 26 to 29 degrees will also be more affected by this Regressive period.

Mercury Squares Uranus today, resulting in our interactions going completely awry. Since this particular Transit causes individuals to abruptly blurt out the wrong thing, try to be mindful of impulsive reactions. Additionally, some things might not go as expected, so try to roll with the punches.

Also, this Mercury is taking part in an Aspect Pattern called a Grand Square in Astrology. Mars, Uranus, and The Lunar Nodes will all be in positions forming this pattern.

Because the Zodiac Signs associated with this pattern are of a Fixed nature “Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius,” we could feel like what’s stagnant is now freeing up. We will have this formation for a while, so the next few weeks could feel like we need to change situations that have piled up for some time.

Energetically we could feel pressure to finally make changes to the things we’ve put off for a while.

Friday brings in more nervous energy with Mars making a Semisextile to Chiron. With this Transit, we will need to work on issues where are temperament is out of balanced. Things could feel like they're building up for a while, but we need to find a healthy way to express feelings of irritation.

Healthily asserting yourself is the best choice; that way, you can avoid retaliative behavior like being petty and doing low-key punishments. Not speaking up could lead to acting passive-aggressively, which could work against us. On the flip side, this build-up could come out as anger and saying the wrong thing, so try to make sure you’re mindful of your words.

Over the weekend, there are three uncomfortable alignments, but then a saving grace that could help us feel more optimistic about where things are headed.

Saturday will be a hard day to get our words out appropriately with Mercury and Saturn in an Opposition.

These planets are still in the Aspect Pattern mentioned earlier but are now in an exact Opposition. Mercury and Saturn in this configuration make communicating difficult, so we could feel like staying to ourselves. Our minds could feel heavy, which could cause our attitudes to fluctuate from being annoyed, unmotivated, anxious, insecure, and feeling voided.

Reality checks tend to be handed out with this Transit, so this could be a point where responsibility needs to be taken. Also, this could result in a day where we’re over situations with people who lack empathy and have been distant to us, so there could be a need to let them know how you feel.

And when it comes to paperwork or contracts, make sure you’re looking through everything to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

Sunday gives us two alignments that are very opposite regarding self-esteem. At least there’s a Transit later in the day that could help us regain our stride.

Venus will be in a Square with Chiron, which could help us see the truth about love and what kind of behavior is acceptable in your relationships.

Anxiousness might arise due to not feeling secure about an unhealthy relationship. As a result, we could feel self-conscious about ourselves because we aren't getting our needs met and think the problem is us. As hard as it is, don’t allow other people's behavior to make you feel it’s you.

Try not to be hard on yourself because this Transit causes us to dwell on things that didn't go right in a relationship. This is due to not accepting the truth, so now that the dust has settled, you’re seeing things for what they are, which is upsetting.

An alignment like this brings to our attention the holes in unhealthy relationships so we can start the process of moving forward. However, cut yourself some slack if you feel you made mistakes staying with someone who didn't deserve you.

Unlike the last Transit with Venus and Chiron, we have one with Mercury that could puff us up.

Anytime Mercury and Jupiter are in complex Transits, there's a tendency to be more arrogant than typical. This could be a day of dealing with people who need to puff themselves up by convincing others they’re the greatest.

Overexaggerating is also problematic in this energy, so try to ensure you’re not buying into someone stretching the truth. This configuration tends to cause our minds to feel scattered, so try to make sure you’re paying attention to details and essential conversations.

Lastly, we have an alignment that could help us turn all of these lemons we’ve been receiving this week into lemonade.

Even though the Sun Trine Jupiter is a marker for the Retrograde Cycle of this planet, it brings in some much-needed optimism and luck. The Sun in a Trine with Jupiter puts the Retrograde in actual motion, and while it does, it pumps us back up if we’ve felt deflated over the last 4 days.

Sunday Funday gets easier with this mitigating Transit, phew.

Our need to be social will feel higher, so we’ll have the urge to hang out with friends and family for some summer fun. This helps us feel optimistic and take the much-needed leisure time to ourselves.

Road trips or any kind of travel tend to happen without too many issues with this energy. After a long week of not-so-fun energy, we will feel like doing something exhilarating.

Opportunities tend to happen in this energy. Even though this is a lax Transit, this could bring in something that benefits us in a fortunate way.

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Vibes For the Week

These next 7 days will feel intense due to the planetary energies, so this week could be more taxing than typical.

At the beginning of the week, there's a smidge of good luck, social and mental. We could start the week off feeling so-so with the low amounts of these vibes.

Our moods will feel edgy throughout the next bunch of days. Emotional sensitivity and mental energy peaks on the 26th and tapers off by the 28th. We could feel extra pressure to resolve situations on the back burner.

Solitude vibes are at a high on the 29th. Then it ebbs through the weekend, intersecting good luck and social. With how this week is going, we will want time to take care of ourselves, so this might call for some self-care.

With the good luck energy it is the highest on the graph, so at least we round out a hard week with optimism. This should help us feel like things have been looking up after dealing with complex situations for the last 7 days.

Transits For The Week

We’re leaving July with a bang with these heavier Transits.

As I always say, the benefit of complex planetary energy is that we’re motivated to take care of situations that are meant to be resolved. Sure, it’s stressful and not something we enjoy, but at least we can finally settle the complexities in our lives.

This Weeks Transits July 25th to 31st:

7/25 Moon in Cancer Vibes: Feeling More Touchier Than Normal

7/26 The Moon in Cancer Continues: Clearing Out The Clutter To Create A Happy Home

7/27 Mercury Trine Chiron: Healing Our Mind

7/27 New Moon in Leo: How To Be Regal

7/28 Jupiter Retrograde: What Kind Of Quest Have You Started Since May 2022

7/28 Mercury Square Uranus: Communication That Suddenly Takes A turn

7/28 Aspect Pattern- Grand Fixed Square: Needing To Release Built-Up Tension

7/29 Mars Semisextile Chiron: Working On Your Temper

7/30 Mercury Opposite Saturn: Lacking Empathy In Communication

7/31 Venus Square Chiron: Being Hard On Yourself For Past Relationship choices

7/31 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: Not Paying Attention To The Details

7/31 Sun Trine Jupiter: Turning Bitter Lemons Into Deliciously Sweet Lemonade

Use this week to get things back on track for yourself, and once you do, take a moment to have some leisurely time.

-Later guys


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