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Horoscope For The Week Of June 20th to 26th, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, Cancer Season starts, bringing in a need for connection and emotional stability. Venus enters Gemini helping us learn the art of flexibility in relationships and careers.

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Hey guys, we have a transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we get two Sign changes! The Sun will go into Cancer, bringing in a need to connect with those we consider family. Venus will go into Gemini, which could help us feel more adaptable in relationships and career situations. And the Moon, along with Venus, will make up a bulk of the alignments, causing yet another week to understand our needs in love life situations, work on our emotions, have moments of intuition, and recognize our worth career-wise.

Happy Summer, Solstice! On the 21st, we enter Cancer Season.

In this Cancerian Season, our urge for get-togethers, entertaining at home, food, emotional security, and inner stability will be vital. It’s a fabulous excuse to have a good time with the people we enjoy. It could be just fun summer activities, reconnecting with people you consider family, and even creating new bonds with people who can potentially be that for you.

We become more focused on what matters and how to have a better personal life. This Sign helps us focus on ensuring we create a happy home and the importance of stable relationships. Our focus also goes on taking care of the needs of others and being more caring than typical.

Due to the water nature of Cancer, we become more in touch with our instincts and emotions. The great thing is it helps us connect with our inner world and recognize what we are feeling. But, the uncomfortable part of the Sun in Cancer is our moods tend to fluctuate due to this profoundly emotional Sign. Therefore, look at healthy ways to ground your energy.

On that same day, Venus will make a Trine with Pluto. This energy can cause things to feel intense in relationships and financial matters. However, it’s not harsh in a toxic way; it’s the type of intensity people crave.

A Transit like this could help us understand that we require something more profound in our love life. If you’re single and trying to narrow your options, this could help you open up with someone who offers substance rather than superficiality. Also, this ups the chances of fated connections or types who are all or nothing in relationships. If you’re just hanging out with someone, this could be a time when things get serious. Those in committed relationships could experience more passion and intimacy in their union.

Career-wise, this is excellent for focusing on how to improve your circumstances at the job. Also, this is excellent for taking control of your finances so you can have more stability. Venus-Pluto helps us understand what we need to focus on and transform with our career and finances, so use this day to make necessary changes.

Wednesday brings in a compelling shift to our love lives and career. Venus will leave Taurus and head into Gemini. So, if you were missing the stimulating vibes of Gemini Season, then you’re in for a treat because we have more wonder twin energy ahead.

Let’s face it; we could use a little bliss right now, and this kind of Venus enjoys a good time. We focus on socializing, looking for new adventures, and examining what piques our curiosity about love and career.

Venus in Gemini is all about being easygoing in relationships, making sure we relate to like-minded people in our love life and being flirtatious through witty banter. For those in committed relationships, this could be a time to try various activities, go on fun, adventurous dates, and be flirtier than usual with each other. A combination like this is good for bringing some variety to your love life if you’re single, so this could be a time to leave your options open.

With this Ingress, the main thing we need to be mindful of is flakiness in relationships, trying to take on too much career-wise, and getting bored quickly once we’ve gotten used to something.

Around the early morning hours, at about 5 am, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be visible and lined up. This summertime planetary lineup is worth waking up early to see for those of you who are planet watchers or Astrophotographers.

These celestial bodies will be in this lineup for a few days, but June 24th is the best day for viewing. Though if you are unable to catch that particular date, at least there is still time to enjoy this brilliant light show. And if you’re one of those lucky people to have a good pair of binoculars, Uranus and Neptune should be viewable as well.

Thursday could cause a feeling of uneasiness and out-of-the-ordinary situations with The Sun Semisquare Uranus. A Transit like this can also make us feel self-conscious when we're around people because we believe they won't understand our personalities. Remember that if others can't accept you for who you are, they don’t deserve to be in your presence. No matter what people think, always be yourself.

On the 23rd, a semisquare between Venus and Chiron could bring up feelings of resentment with those who didn't treat you well. Our thoughts could gloss over old situations when we felt taken advantage of due to our generous nature. So, when these feelings arise, try not to be hard on yourself. Look at this as a reminder to prioritize your needs in relationships and set healthy boundaries.

Friday's energy could feel polarizing in terms of communication with a complex Transit between Mercury and Pluto. Due to this being a challenging alignment for contact with others, our conversations might not go as intended.

As a result, correspondence with others could seem inappropriate, someone’s business gets told, or people making the conversation about themselves. Also, because this is a pushy alignment, communication could get edgy with those who try to overtalk others to control the conversation.

Continuing with Friday, the Moon heads into Taurus.

A configuration from the Taurus Moon to Uranus and the Lunar Nodes could help us make sudden changes to stale situations. This alignment might help us take care of things that have been piling up. Therefore, if you’ve been in a rut of some kind, this could be the day to fix that so you can move forward.

Later that day, the Moon is leaving a challenging alignment with Pluto and approaching a harmonious Aspect with the Sun in Cancer. With this Taurus Moon, we could feel as though we’re finally coming off of an edgy two weeks, so this could give us the urge to treat ourselves. Therefore, Friday evening could feel like a time to take care of your wants, plus go out and enjoy a cool bar/lounge or a fancy restaurant.

By Saturday, this Taurus Moon will Square Saturn causing us to feel slightly detached. Our emotions could feel off due to being disappointed, but at the same time, not surprised by a situation that left us numb. This leads to shutting down for a bit emotionally to deal with hard things.

However, this Moon will Sextile Neptune and Trine Pluto on that same day. With these harmonious alignments, we can reconnect with our emotions and use intuition to guide us through hard-to-solve problems. Also, this configuration helps us look for ways to clear up old feelings that are no longer serving us.

As we go into Saturday afternoon, the Moon goes into chatty Gemini. This Moon kicks things off with a harmonious Transit to Jupiter. The rest of the day takes on a more energetic and happy-go-lucky tone causing us to shake off feelings of dread. With the Moon and Jupiter in this configuration, we will feel more open to going on an adventure. Our attitude will be about shaking off the drama and enjoying ourselves. The Gemini Moon will also make a Transit with Chiron that night.

Sunday gives us more Moon in Gemini Aspects that are mostly harmonious. The Moon will make connections to Mercury, Venus, and Mars. With the Moon making these connections, our day could feel social, flirty, and full of adventure. Energetically, this will be a day to connect with the people you enjoy and try new places to hang out or even have a Sunday Funday get-together at home.

Lastly, the rest of the day wraps up with one complex Transit but another that is stabilizing. This Moon will connect with Neptune causing moments of feeling unfocused and like our moods are fluctuating. However, this Moon will be in a Trine to Saturn at that same time, which could mitigate Neptune's foggy feelings. A Trine with Saturn could help bring stability to unstable moods or situations. This could also help us evaluate which problems in our lives need to be improved to have a more secure life.

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Vibes for the week

The vibes this week are a blend of analytical and intuitive.

From the 20th to the 21st, romance, emotional sensitivity, mental, good luck, and a smidge of psychic vibes will be present. Therefore, at the beginning of the week, there's a tone that things are going well; however, there might be moments of being uncertain and feeling edgy.

The 21st to 23rd could be a day where you’re experiencing pre-cognition, causing things to feel weird but cool because your intuition is accurate. Psychic energy peaks on the 22nd and connects with the mental vibes. With these energies mixing, our intuition and cognitive power will feel more potent than expected.

Mental energy will be more prominent throughout the week but fluctuates with the highest amount on the 24th. With Mercury, Venus, and the Moon being in Gemini, this weekend could feel like you’re more mentally alert than usual. This could help you understand things that require brain power and absorb something you’re attempting to learn.

By the 24 to 25th, solitude will be high. Oddly, even though we have this amount of solitude over the weekend, things will still be communicative and social. However, there could be moments when you need to sort out your feelings, causing you to need space from others.

This Week's Transits

The 3rd week of June has a significant focus on communication and relationships with an edgy twist so try to stay as grounded as possible.

This Week’s Transits, June 20th to 26th:

6/21 Sun Goes Into Cancer: The Need For Emotional Security

6/21 Venus Trine Pluto: Craving A Relationship That's Intense

6/22 Venus Goes Into Gemini: How To Be An Intelligent Flirt

6/23 Sun Semisquare Uranus: Unexpectedly Feeling Self-Conscious

6/23 Venus Semisquare Chiron: The Importance Of Prioritize Your Own Needs Too

6/24 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto: The Need To Control The Conversation

6/24 Moon in Taurus: A Need To Mellow Out

6/25 Moon in Gemini: How To Let Drama Roll Off Your Back Effectively

6/26 Moon in Gemini Continues: Looking For Adventure And Romance

Use this week to work on self-worth and self-esteem, along with making tweaks to things that are no longer working for you.

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