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Horoscope For The Week Of March 14th to 20th, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will cause us to focus on confidence, love, finances, and the way we communicate. And the Astrological New Year begins with the Sun going into Aries, causing us to crave new adventures.

Hey guys, we have a jammed-packed week full of planetary Transits.

We have a variety of alignments in this week’s Astrology from the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Our confidence could feel like it’s fluctuating over the week due to the Sun making complex alignments. Over the next 7 days, Venus will be in a variation of Aspects that will help us understand where we need to be more realistic regarding our romantic life and finances. Mercury will also be very active this week, causing us to feel social and compelled to resolve communication issues. And by Sunday, the Sun moves into Aries, which might aid us in feeling surer of ourselves.

The 14th will emphasize relationships that aren’t giving us the fulfillment we deserve. Venus will be in a Semisquare with Neptune causing us to look at where we could have been unwilling to see past the distortions in our romantic life. If there was a relationship where we refused to know the truth, this could help us finally come to terms with reality. This could cause us to finally understand that we must accept the facts for what they are and slowly begin moving forward from an unrealistic relationship.

Mars will be in a Semisquare with Neptune on the 16th, which could cause us to feel lackluster. In other words, we could feel unmotivated to get our task done, so this could slow down some progress for the next few days when it comes to goals and work stuff. With this alignment, we also tend to feel drowsier than typical and need a few days to recharge our batteries. Another issue with this Transit is that we could have problems with emotionally draining people, so try your best to set boundaries with energy-zapping individuals.

Around the 17th, we get a combination of Mercury Transits, which might cause stressful communication, overanalyzing situations, but somehow finding a solution to our problems. Because of this, the 17th energetically could feel like our moods are contradictory.

One of the first configurations is Mercury in a Semisquare to Pluto. With a Transit like this, the day could feel like a series of conflicts when communicating with others. To put it another way, this may be a day when we deal with people who prefer to talk over others and don't let anyone speak up. As a result, arguments could arise due to power struggles with individuals who are pushy.

Mercury will make a complex alignment to Chiron, causing us to feel like we aren’t on our A-game. An alignment like this is tricky because we tend to be harder on ourselves than typical. Our inner dialog can be harsh, and feelings of would have, should have, could have, come up about the things we can’t change. Do your best to cut yourself some slack because we all fall into furrows and beating yourself up won’t help.

Unlike the last two Transits, we have one that should aid us. Mercury will make a harmonious configuration with Uranus, which could result in improvements in our lives. This Transit helps us have breakthrough moments to solve the impossible. In other words, if you’ve been stuck on an issue for a long time, this Aspect helps us gain a fresh perspective, which should help us come up with a solution to a problem. We also tend to get news about groundbreaking topics with harmonious Mercury-Uranus alignments. Thursday will be a day where we have fun, thought-provoking convos, feel social with the people we enjoy and are open to making new friendships.

That same day, there is a complex Transit with the Sun that might cause us to feel uncomfortable with things that are outside the norm. A Transit like this could also make us feel uncomfortable being around others because we think they won’t get our personality, resulting in self-consciousness. When this happens, try to remember that if others can’t accept you for all of your uniqueness, they aren’t the people who should be in your inner circle. Always be yourself no matter what others think.

Friday is another mixed bag day for Transits. The Sun will align harmoniously with Pluto, which might aid in clearing thoughts and letting go of things that stop us from making the changes we need for a better life. This alignment is great for achieving focus on what’s vital, gaining some control back in our lives, and as a bonus helps us get in touch with our personal power which will boost our confidence.

Venus will Sextile Chiron on the 18th, causing us to look at more relationship and career situations that aren’t healthy for us. In other words, this configuration brings up the areas of our romantic life where we are seeking the approval of others to be loved. It’s important to be yourself in relationships because you attract the right partner when you do. Also, when it comes to money along with jobs, this could help us understand why we sell ourselves short and not go, after what we deserve career-wise.

Try not to make sudden alterations with your love life and finances on Saturday because Venus and Uranus are in a complex alignment that tends to not work out in our favor if we impetuously shift things. There are times when you just want to make some drastic changes because you're feeling held back or like you need to keep things fresh with your appearance, relationships, and even work, but just because you have the desire doesn't mean you should act on it.

The Square formed by Venus and Uranus may drive you to make changes that you did not intend to make. In other words, if you opt to cut your hair, you can wind up with horrible bangs, so there's that! You also don't want to abruptly quit your work or end a relationship that you believe is holding you back because this could backfire and result in a different ending than you expected. If you want to make significant decisions or adjustments, wait for the perfect time; try not to operate from a place of impulsivity.

For the last 13 days, Venus has been out of Shadow and will make its Greatest Western Elongation from the Sun. Venus is now the furthest away from the Sun western-wise. Due to its close orbit, this planet can never go more than 48 degrees away from the Sun, creating a SemiSquare. Because our moods tend to fluctuate, the Sun and Venus in a Semisquare might cause us to feel gregarious, chatty, or flirting on the one hand, and withdrawn on the other. It might make us feel self-conscious and uneasy regarding romantic circumstances. This may also cause anger or feelings of loneliness in partnerships.

Happy Astrological New Year!! Sunday kicks of Aries Season, which means we are starting a brand-new Zodiac cycle. We can really use this Cardinal Fire energy right now to create a new adventure in our life that we’ve been craving. Another cool thing is this Sign change is expressed well because the Sun is in Exaltation in Aries, meaning we finally have a planetary placement that works amazingly. Overall, this should be an exciting Aries season; even with some of the harder transits, it will hit, at least we will be able to persevere and become more ambitious in our life. Let’s all get motivated and go after what we crave in the healthiest way possible.

Mercury and Jupiter will align harmoniously, making this a true Sunday Funday. This Transit makes us feel open to communication and helps us diffuse drama. We will also learn new things, and contracts will go well under this alignment.

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Vibes For The Week

The vibes on the graph are up and down this week.

Love life-wise, the romantic energy looks like peaks and valleys over the next 7 days, with the 15th and the 18th-9th having an abundance of amorous vibes. This could be a week where we have some extreme highs and lows with love life situations.

Because of the Transits, we are experiencing solitude and emotional sensitivity intersecting with the romantic energy. Therefore, we could have moments where we need space in relationships and also feel a sense of disappointment in a romance that’s run its course.

The mental energy will fluctuate throughout the week but is at its peak from the 16th to the 17th. One of the remarkable things about this week is that we get the opportunity to find solutions to old problems and break out of mental ruts.

Socially, we have some get-together vibes for the next 7 days, along with a smidge at the beginning of this week. Even though this will be a week of fluctuations when it comes to connecting with others, we will still get our social needs met. The best day for getting together with others is the weekend, especially Sunday.

And we will see a continuation of the visionary and inspired vibes causing us to feel more intuitive than usual.

Transits For The Week

With another week of heavier alignments, do your best to work on the situations that need your attention and try to take time to care for yourself as much as possible. At least by the time, we get to the end of the week things lighten up, thank goodness.

Transit vibes for the week of March 14th to 20th:

  • 3/14 Venus Semisquare Neptune: Distortions in Relationships

  • 3/16 Mars Semisquare Neptune: Feeling Drowsy

  • 3/16 Mercury Semisextile Chiron: Learning To Be Easier On Yourself

  • 3/17 Mercury Sextile Uranus: When Things Go According To Schedule

  • 3/17 Mercury Semisquare Pluto: Feeling Drained By Overpowering Conversations

  • 3/17 Sun Semisquare Uranus: Not Feeling Comfortable Being Yourself

  • 3/18 Venus Sextile Chiron: You Don’t Have To Seek Approval To Be Loved

  • 3/18 Sun Sextile Pluto: Channeling Your Need For Transformation In A Positive Way

  • 3/19 Venus Greatest Western Elongation: Venus Is At Its Furthest Point From The Sun

  • 3/19 Venus Square Uranus: Making Drastic Changes With Relationships You Might Regret Later

  • 3/20 Sun in Aries: Happy Astrological New Year

  • 3/20 Mercury Conjunct Jupiter: A Very Chatty Sunday Funday

Use this time to work on your communication skills and find a way to salvage the rest of your week with some weekend fun.

-Later guys


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