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Horoscope For The Week Of March 21st to 27th, 2022

We have another week of Mercury making most of the alignments in this week’s Astrology causing us to have moments of deep contemplation while working on our communication skills. Mars will make a few aspects that might help us make progress yet feel like we’re on pins and needles. Also, Mercury will leave Pisces and go into Aries, causing us to have quick conversations and to the point.

Hey guys, we have an action-oriented week full of planetary transits.

Mercury will make most of the alignments in this week's Astrology as it has for the last bunch of days. As a result, these next 7 days will be chock full of communication, deep contemplation, along with moments of confusion. This week will feel mixed bag with the variety of alignments, so there will be points where we feel like we can conquer anything and others where we feel frustrated. Mercury and Mars will make complicated alignments with Uranus, which could cause situations not to go as planned. And there will be one Mars Transit which could have us feeling like we are getting everything in order even with the stressful alignments occurring.

Monday starts off right with Mars and Chiron in a Sextile; this Transit is the definition of “Turning lemons into lemonade.” One of the great things about this alignment is it gives us the stamina we need to turn difficult situations in our favor. So, with this Transit, your motivation will be in overdrive to provide you with the resilience to tackle challenges you never thought you could handle.

The 22nd is a day when things could feel more complex. Mercury will be in a Semisextile with Saturn causing communication to be harsh. This could be a day when we can’t express ourselves correctly. Also, this alignment tends to cause issues with being overly judgmental of ourselves and others.

That same day Mars and Uranus will be in a complex Transit which could cause us to feel more revved up than expected. As a result, we could feel restless and need to burn off extra energy, which is perfectly normal as long as it’s channeled correctly through things like exercise or cleaning the house; otherwise, an alignment like this could cause us to blow off steam in an unproductive way. This Aspect might produce erratic behavior, irritability, and feeling tense so try to pick and choose your battles over the next few days.

If you needed an excuse to connect with your spiritual side, Mercury and Neptune have you covered on the 23rd. This is the ideal energy for having spiritual talks, receiving text messages that are both engaging and abstract, plus connecting with your intuition. The only thing with this configuration, like most Mercury-Neptune Transits, is we could feel a bit foggy in certain situations, so this day might not be best for performing challenging mental tasks that require focus and analytical skills.

Unexpected communication could occur on the 25th with an alignment from Mercury to Uranus. When these two planets come together in a more arduous Transit, we could receive contact from others we didn’t anticipate. As a result, we tend to hear from the people we aren’t interested in talking to, which could cause us to feel caught off guard. Also, situations don’t go as planned; therefore, sudden cancellations could occur due to the nature of this configuration, so try to have a backup plan in case things get thrown for a loop.

Saturday will have an interesting blend of Mercury Transits and one with the Sun that could cause our confidence to fluctuate.

On the 26th, Mercury and Pluto form an aspect that could aid you in solving challenges you've been unable to handle on your own. One of the fantastic things is it helps us gain focus on the topics that require our undivided attention, so if you felt off-kilter at the beginning of the week due to the Mercury-Neptune alignment, this should get you back on track. An alignment like this is excellent for some deep mental work that will have you transform your perspective and how you cope with things. And it’s ideal for having conversations full of substance, so any communication you receive today will be worth your time.

After swiftly traveling through Pisces, Mercury enters Aries on the 26th, changing the tone to a more fast-paced approach. In Aries, things get straight to the point, so combined with Mercury, our planet of cleverness and communication, this configuration could help us feel mentally sharp. With this Ingress, quick-thinking occurs but in an effective way, especially when absorbing whatever we are attempting to learn. And the great thing with this is we will feel decisive, so if there were moments of uncertainty since the beginning of March while Mercury was in Pisces, this could help us feel surer of ourselves.

Hopefully, the other alignments on the 26th could mitigate a Transit with the Sun and Saturn on that same day; otherwise, we might feel our confidence fluctuating. A Transit like this could have us focusing on what isn’t going the way we hoped, resulting in feeling demotivated. Try to cut yourself some slack on that day and do as much self-care as possible.

With Venus and Jupiter in a Semisextile on the 26th, we get some fun and social vibes in the air, which is needed after the Sun-Saturn Aspect. Even though there are a few caveats with this Transit, it’s still better than feeling gloomy. Usually, Venus-Jupiter Transits, even if they are considered complex, lead to wanting more than your share of the pie.

To put it another way, we could feel more indulgent than average and just want to lose ourselves in fun-filled activities. This is where we could go overboard, though. In other words, you could overdo it with shopping, food, drink, or other types of overindulging. Use this to have a fun escape, just not to the level of feeling sick from eating a family-sized bag of Doritos.

Lastly, Mercury will make a SemiSquare with Mars on the 27th, which could cause us to feel more assertive than typical. Communication on this day will be abrupt, so conversations could feel more short than usual or come off harsh. Hence, if something needs to be said, it will be easy to say how you feel; however, an alignment like this causes us to not be graceful in our delivery. However, the positive side of this Transit is that it could give us the extra push we need to speak up for ourselves when necessary.

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Vibes For The Week

This week's vibes are as mixed bag as the next 7 days.

Solitude pops up on the 21st, so there could be moments where we just need space from others.

Oddly, this solitude energy intersects with drive and ambition, along with a smidge of social vibes, making the 21st thru the 23rd off-kilter mood-wise.

Psychic senses, imagination, and confusion will also intersect some of these other vibes, so the first few days of the week have an odd tone to them. We could have moments where our gut instincts are helpful; then, other times, we might experience feelings of being disoriented.

We have some mental vibes that will help us have moments of clarity after a foggy start to this week. And, we have more social vibes showing up, so at least we will be able to salvage the weekend after an odd bunch of days.

Transits For The Week

With a mixed week like this, try to stay as grounded as possible because there are moments where we could feel thrown off course and others that will at least get us back on track.

Transit vibes for the week of March:

  • 3/21 Mars Sextile Chiron: Having The Stamina To Work On Your Healing Process

  • 3/22 Mars Square Uranus: Feeling Restless

  • 3/22 Mercury Semisquare Saturn: Overly Harsh Communication

  • 3/23 Mercury Conjunct Neptune: A Spiritual Way Of Thinking

  • 3/26 Mercury Goes Into Aries: Communication That’s Straight To The Point

  • 3/25 Mercury Semisquare Uranus: Sudden Communication From People You Don’t Like

  • 3/26 Mercury Sextile Pluto: Regaining Your Focus

  • 3/26 Sun Semisquare Saturn: Feeling Unmotivated

  • 3/26 Venus Semisextile Jupiter: Eating More Than Your Share Of The Pie

  • 3/27 Mercury Semisquare Mars: Communication That’s Abrupt

Use this week to make lemons out of lemonade and learn the art of effective communication even when things are tense.

-Later guys


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