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Horoscope For The Week Of March 28 to Apr 3rd, 2022

This week's astrological alignments with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury could make us feel more irritable than usual, making the final week of March ends like a lion's rather than go out like a lamb's.

Sun with Confetti

Hey guys, we have a colorful week of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we have an interesting mix of alignments from the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. The Sun will be in a mix of harmonious along with stressful alignments, which will cause us to feel surer of ourselves one minute then experience some self-doubt the next. However, at least these Sun alignments will motivate us to start the process of working through issues that cause discouragement. Mercury, our planet of communication and thinking, will be in a mix of configurations that could help us learn not to be so harsh on ourselves and others. And Venus will make the majority of the Transits this week, causing us to focus on how to get realistic about love along with finances.

On the 28th, Venus will Conjunct Saturn along with the Moon, Mars, plus asteroids Juno and Vesta which will create a huge Aquarius Stellium “which is 3 or more planets in a Sign.” One of the good things about this is that we will approach our responsibilities with love and finances in a bit unorthodox way, but this will help us in the long term.

Typically, a Conjunction with Venus and Saturn causes us to take our commitments seriously. Therefore, this could be a day where unexpected commitment occurs in a dating situation if you’re single or a relationship takes a turn for the better.

The 30th might be a day of uncomfortable truths and somewhat icy conversations. Venus and Neptune will be in a Semisextile, which might cause you to realize that people and financial situations aren’t worth your time. An alignment like this shows us where we refused to accept the truth in relationships, and as a result, the situation has become unignorable. With this alignment opening our eyes, this helps us take the necessary steps to move forward from unhealthy relationships. Also, when it comes to money matters, this could help us see why we need to make a game plan for ourselves that allows us to earn money realistically or look at the importance of setting healthy boundaries at work.

A New Moon in Aries occurs on the 30th, and other than a few complex Transits, this Lunation will be harmonious and motivational. New Moons are about starting something fresh, and in Aries, our focus will be all about getting back in the game so we can start winning again.

Mercury will be in a Semisextile to Saturn on that same day, making communication difficult. In other words, this could be a day when we cannot explain ourselves adequately, causing us to come off incorrectly. Also, because this alignment tends to bring out the judgmental side of ourselves and others, try to avoid negative self-talk or being too harsh on individuals.

Mercury will form a Semi-Square with Venus on the 1st, which could enhance love interactions. This might be a day that you get unexpected social media messages or responses from someone you haven't spoken to in a long time. During this Transit, people tend to communicate in an over-the-top manner, so flirtatious texts could come across as cheesy or misleading. Be wary of becoming irritated if you don't get the attention you want, as this alignment could bring up the need for validation.

With the Sun and Chiron in their annual Conjunction on April 2nd, this could cause you to look at why you could be seeking approval from others. This Transit tends to bring up our need for validation due to gaining confidence from other people rather than ourselves. On the flip side, this configuration can do the opposite, causing us to act as if we don’t need anyone and don’t care about seeking approval. It’s good not to need gratification from others, but there are times when getting help and even acceptance is essential due to a job situation or making a first impression. So, try to balance these two extremes the best way you can.

Our moods and ego could fluctuate with the Sun in Semisextile to Uranus on that same day. Therefore, there could be more feelings of self-doubt; this is the kind of Transit that could make you uncomfortable when it comes to showing who you really are to others.

However, surprisingly, because the Sun is combined with Mercury in a Cazimi “Which is a perfectly exact Conjunction to the Sun,” we will be able to bounce back quickly from the things that bog us down. Also, this will give you the ability to communicate with ease. Usually, Chiron aspects can be awkward, but this helps us speak concisely. In other words, even though we get a reminder today to work on why we seek validation from others, we can find a solution on how to resolve our need for reassurance.

We get a reminder to put ourselves first for a change when it comes to love and money on that same day with a Transit from Venus and Chiron. Venus and Chiron will be in a Semisquare, which could bring up old feelings of resentment for others who didn’t treat you well or took advantage of your giving nature. This also comes up as a reminder that putting yourself last in relationships is no way to live.

On the 3rd, we could find ourselves fixating on our love life with an alignment between Venus and Pluto. Venus and Pluto in a Semisquare tend to stir up feelings towards a partner, which could result in low-grade envy. Do your best to stay grounded and communicate your doubts once you’ve cooled off. Otherwise, it could result in a disagreement.

Check out the audio version of this weekly Horoscope here:

Vibes For The Week

This week’s vibes are not as prevalent on the chart; however, we will feel a sense of edginess.

At the beginning of the week, solitude and emotional sensitivity will be higher on the graph, causing us to feel more triggery than average. Of course, with some of the Transits we have over the next 7 days, it feels like a week of needing to nurture ourselves, taking some downtime, and only being social when necessary.

And by the weekend, we have mild amounts of mental energy, so we could feel unfocused Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Transits For The Week

March usually goes in like a lion and out like a lamb, but the end of this month feels like it’s the reverse order of that old saying. At least most of April is looking promising in terms of more harmonious alignments; phew!

Transit vibes for the week of March 28th to April 3rd:

  • 3/28 Venus Conjunct Saturn: Making A Serious Commitment In Relationships

  • 3/30 Venus Semisextile Neptune: Not Accepting The Truth In An Unhealthy Relationship

  • 3/30 Mercury Semisquare Saturn: A Judgmental Point Of View

  • 3/31 New Moon In Aries: How To Get In The Drivers Seat Of Your Life

  • 4/1 Mercury Semisquare Venus: Flirty Communication That’s Fleeting

  • 4/1 Sun Conjunct Chiron: Healing Your Self-Doubt

  • 4/2 Sun Conjunct Mercury: A Mental Recharge

  • 4/2 Mercury Conjunct Chiron: Motivating Others To Heal Their Inner Dialog

  • 4/2 Sun Semisextile Uranus: Unpredictable Moods

  • 4/2 Venus Semisquare Chiron: Old Resentments In Relationships

  • 4/3 Venus Semisextile Pluto: Fixating On Negative Emotions In Relationships

Use this week to get in touch with your reality and move forward from the situations that have caused you to feel stagnant in love and your career.

-Later guys

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