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Horoscope For The Week Of March 7th to 13th, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury finally leaves Aquarius after 2 months in this Sign and goes into Pisces, changing the tone to a more imaginative perspective. And Mercury will make up a majority of the alignments this week which will cause us to be in our heads more than average.

Hey guys, we have an interesting week full of planetary Transits.

Mercury will make most of the alignments in this week’s Astrology, so the next 7 days could have us in our heads more than typical. After two long months, Mercury will finally leave Aquarius and go into Pisces, causing us to get more in touch with our intuition. And we have a few configurations with the Sun, which could cause our egos to fluctuate from happy-go-lucky to needing some downtime.

This week starts with a few configurations that create a bit of tension. On the 7th, Mercury will make a Semisquare to Chiron, causing us to dwell on things that were buried in the past. With a Transit like this, we could start thinking about things that didn't go the way we hoped, which could cause us to feel more emotional than typical. If you’re feeling this Transit, remember, it’s crucial to cut yourself some slack, try to reframe your mind when you are feeling off-kilter, and research how to cope with past disappointment.

That next day Mercury will form a Semisextile to Pluto, which could cause communication with others to feel like a tug of war. In other words, this could be a day where we deal with those who tend to talk over others and not allow anyone to get a word in edgewise. Even if it’s tempting to go back and forth with others, it’s not worth your time and energy. Instead, communicate your feelings with said person when they are more receptive about what you have to say or vice versa.

Luckily, on the 9th, Mercury finally leaves Aquarius after almost 2 months in this Sign due to the Retrograde cycle and goes into Pisces. With an Ingress like this, the way we communicate, think, and understand data becomes more abstract. Also, we will feel more connected to our spiritual side, intuition, and just the need for a nice social chill pill.

On the 10th, the Sun will be in a Semisextile with Saturn. One of the issues with this alignment is that it causes us to feel discouraged because something has been on the back burner, or we’ve been working really hard and aren't seeing results. However, the great thing about this Aspect is even though we might feel discouraged about something that seems like it isn't going anywhere, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Saturn is a planet of hard work rewarded, so eventually, you will reap the benefits later; therefore, this serves as a reminder not to give up.

The 13th will be a mixed bag with two Mercury configurations and one Aspect with the Sun. Mercury will form a Semisextile with Mars, which might cause people to be more irritable. So, if you feel compelled to say anything well-intentioned, wait until the perfect opportunity or ask if it's okay to provide feedback. Even if our intentions are good, honesty might backfire.

That same day, Mercury will also connect with Venus, which could help us see through insincerity in romantic situations. This aspect is fantastic for creative types but brings up insecurities in a relationship or dating situation. Mercury in a challenging Transit to Venus isn’t good for connecting genuinely; it is more superficial and unreliable. If you’re just looking for a date for the evening, this Aspect is perfect for that, but nothing long term.

Lastly, on the 13th, the Sun will be in a Conjunction with Neptune, causing us to have extrasensory moments. In other words, we could be more connected to our instinct than usual and feel like we are picking up on things in an intuitive way. Our dreams on that day could seem more vivid; as a result, we could wake up feeling inspired. We will feel the need just to be mellow, enjoy spiritual things, and immerse ourselves in creativity. The only thing with this alignment is it does tend to make us lax and susceptible, so be aware of things that seem too good to be true.

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Vibes For The Week

The vibes on the graph are a colorful mix this week.

The chart's romantic energy takes a nosedive next 7 days, as Venus is out of its Retrograde Shadow and is moving away from Mars in a Conjunction. Both planets will continue to travel close to one another until the end of April. We will have a week with some flirty vibes; it just begins to tone down from where it was previously.

Energetically, this week does have some edge, especially with emotional sensitivity showing up on the 7th to 11th. So, you could feel more triggery than average. There is a smidge of solitude in this, so you could need small breaks from others.

Communally, there are mild amounts of social energy—some over the weekend and a little throughout the middle of the week. Over the next days, we will feel up and down about our social interactions, ranging from needing a break to feeling the need to communicate with others.

There's a tiny amount of good luck energy, but this could be a week where there is less motivation to go after it. Again, this is a week to decompress, so a much-needed break could be necessary to recharge our batteries.

Another vibe we could experience this week is visionary and inspired energy, which tends to bring up high levels of intuition. There could be a lot of interesting dreams or even moments where you experience psychic hits.

Transits For The Week

Even though it’s a minimal week of alignments, these Transits will pack a punch. Try to self-regulate the best way you can because this is a particularly triggering week.

Transit vibes for the week of March 7th to 13th:

  • 3/7 Mercury Semisquare Chiron: Dwelling On The Things That Have Pass

  • 3/8 Mercury Semisextile Pluto: Dominating The Conversation

  • 3/9 Mercury In Pisces: Thinking In An Abstract Sort Of Way

  • 3/10 Sun Semisextile Saturn: Feeling Discouraged

  • 3/13 Mercury Semisextile Venus: Communicating In An Insincere Way When It Comes To Love

  • 3/13 Mercury Semisextile Mars: Pick And Choose Your Battles

  • 3/13 Sun Conjunct Neptune: Feeling Extrasensory

Use this week to show yourself compassion and take a moment to do something that grounds your energy.

-Later guys


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