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Horoscope For The Week Of May 16th to 22nd, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, the Sun goes into Gemini, bringing a more upbeat and witty tone to the air. And Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus, resulting in scenarios from the end of April to resurface.

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Hey guys, we have a jammed-packed week full of planetary Transits.

In this week's Astrology, the Sun goes into Gemini, encouraging us to be adaptable and explore our options. Mercury will Retrograde back into Taurus, which might bring up unresolved issues about money and relationships from the end of April. And the Sun, Mercury, along with Mars will make a multitude of Aspects causing us to focus on where we shine, our communication skills, and how to act on our goals.

On the 17th, we have an alignment between Saturn and Neptune that has been off and on since 2021. Saturn and Neptune will connect in this Transit in 2022 but only once this year.

Saturn and Neptune, in this closing cycle, helps us realize where cynicism, along with old beliefs, has held us back. With this Transit, we get the urge to work through being stuck in our ways, learning to have faith in ourselves, getting realistic, and letting go of what’s dissolving. Also, we begin to understand the importance of creating boundaries with others, that way you aren't feeling drained stamina-wise and spiritually. In this configuration, we look at where we’ve either been too skeptical or had issues with gullibility, so they aren’t a hindrance.

An alignment like this prepares us for a new and better phase. Saturn won’t make a Conjunction with Neptune until Feb 20, 2026, which will start a new cycle between these celestial bodies. This Conjunction will occur when both planets are in Aries at 00 degrees of this Sign. Here’s to building faith back in ourselves and creating stability in our lives.

Mercury will semisquare Venus on the 17th, potentially enhancing romantic interactions. With this Transit, the chance of receiving unanticipated messages on social media or comments from people who rarely communicate is high. People tend to speak exaggeratedly during this Transit, so flirty communications may come out as overdone and even disingenuous. If you don't get the validation you seek, be mindful of being annoyed, as this alignment may trigger a need for reassurance.

Mars is Conjuncting Neptune on the 17th, which will add to the sensitivity level in the atmosphere. This transit will help you connect with your spiritual side on a higher vibration. Therefore, it’s excellent for clearing blocks you might have experienced energetically, psychic abilities, and even health-wise.

With the lower vibes of this, you could be experiencing nervousness, feeling more sluggish than expected, and a load of guilt or shame. Your perception of what’s true could be off, causing you to overreact out of feeling scared or jealous in relationships. In this transit, you want to try to ground your energy. I suggest going to stone shops, getting outdoors to a nature park, taking a nice bath to calm your senses, and doing an energy cleanse at home with sage or palo santo.

Continuing with the 17th, we have a configuration with Mars and Saturn that can help us if we don’t push our luck.

When Mars and Saturn come together, these are periods to curb our impulsivity while utilizing this energy to our benefit by being productive. This Transit is a mixed bag, so we just want to make sure that we put in the work and take opportunities to advance without being erratic. In other words, you can take steps toward achieving your long-term aims.

Keep your attention on what matters rather than rapid pleasure because this type of transit can exacerbate your need to reach where you're going as quickly as possible, prompting you to lose patience if someone gets in your way. So, if something isn’t going as quickly as anticipated, try to occupy your time with productive things while waiting for results; otherwise, this could result in our tempers flaring up.

Thursday is filled with gorgeous alignments that will help us get ahead. With the Sun and Pluto in a Trine, This configuration is a marker of this planet's Retrograde cycle!! And even though this celestial body is in Retrograde, there is still some aid from this Transit. The Sun and Pluto connected harmoniously might help you create a good impression, finding a job, or enroll in a program that is typically difficult to join. A Trine between the Sun and Pluto is also excellent for modifying complex situations in your life, resolving issues with confidence and great for concentrating on complex topics.

On that same day, Mercury will Make a Sextile with Jupiter, just as it did around the end of April. A Transit such as this connects to the Mercury Retrograde Cycle but in a positive way. You could find yourself reviewing things to do with education, travel, and creating a new path for yourself. This could also be a moment of truth-seeking as well.

The Sun will Semisquare to Chiron on the 20th, prompting us to examine why we are so harsh on ourselves. This alignment may cause us to become overly concerned with our looks and overthink what we perceive as flawed. Use this period to improve your ego as the Sun and Chiron Aspects assist us in looking at how we might grow to be confident in our own skin.

Happy Gemini Season!! Friday could have us looking at the Brightside of life with the Sun going into witty Gemini. This extra Gemini energy is also lively and social, especially when exploring your local scene. We tend to connect with our youthful side in this Sign, so this could be a time of rediscovering what you used to enjoy and reconnecting with your inner teenager. And we become more carefree, open-minded, and okay with seeing all sides of an issue before reacting or taking someone else's side.

Feeling mentally rejuvenated could come easy on the 21st with The Sun and Mercury in a Conjunction. This should help us rebound fast from the things that weigh us down since the Sun is coupled with Mercury in a Cazimi, "Which is what a precise Conjunction to the Sun is called."

Communication might become more accessible because of this Sun-Mercury Conjunction while also helping us feel more alert. This setup enables us to feel capable, think clearly, interact successfully, make plans quickly, and have a good time. So, expect this weekend to feel busy.

Sunday is another jammed-pack day that could feel edgy; however, there should be some relief.

Mercury will Retrograde back into Taurus, which will cause us to review things that occurred from April 26 to 29th. Mercury went into its Pre-Shadow Retrograde during this time at the last degrees of Taurus, which is why we are re-visiting these themes. Because of this, Taurean scenarios having to do with our resources, self-esteem, relationships, and what we require to feel mentally at peace could resurface.

Dwelling on the past could be an issue we experience on the 22nd with Mercury in a Semisquare to Chiron. With a Transit like this, we may begin to reflect on things that did not go as planned during the Retrograde and second-guess ourselves, causing us to become more emotional than usual. If you're experiencing this Transit, remember to give yourself some grace if you are ruminating, attempt to rephrase your thoughts when you're feeling off-kilter, and investigate how to deal with past disappointments.

Finally, on the 22nd, Mars and Pluto will be in a decent alignment that might assist us in focusing our energies on what counts. This configuration causes us to focus on how to gain our personal power back and become successful at whatever we are trying to achieve.

Mars and Pluto in this Sextile encourages us to be more in-depth about things that require our attention. We will feel energized and ready to take charge of situations that have been on the back burner. And this Transit is great for getting attention from higher-ups noticing the effort you put in at work.

Here's the audio version of this Horoscope:

Vibes For The Week

No doubt about it; we are in for a more complicated week than usual, and the vibes on the graph reflect that very well.

We could experience fluctuations with romance through this week from the 16th to the 20th. Love life-wise, this week might have us feeling affectionate one moment and then needing space to reevaluate our current situations to make sure it’s right for us.

The solitude and emotional sensitivity fluctuate throughout this week and mixed in with romance, resulting in conflicted feelings in a relationship. Together, these two vibes could cause us to feel triggered in relationships where our needs aren’t getting met.

Mental energy is mixed in with other more complex vibes, so are minds could feel like they are on overdrive. With Mercury being in Retrograde and all of the other Transits this planet is making, our minds will be analytical and ready to resolve complicated issues that hold us back.

Psychic energy is the highest on the chart from the 16th to the 19th, so our intuition could be higher than usual. Considering it’s mixed in with the solitude and romance energy, we could feel overstimulated, causing us to need space to ourselves regarding relationships.

We are getting some contradictory vibes because of the variety of easy to more complex Transits. A few social vibes might not make sense with the more complicated energies like solitude. However, there could be moments of needing an outlet, like getting together with others.

And by the time we get to the 21st, there is a mix of mental, motivational, good luck, and social vibes. This weekend has an interesting tone encouraging us to work through difficult circumstances, but we also need to remember the importance of letting our hair down.

Transits for the Week

The third week of May is another edgy one like we had the previous 7 days. But one good thing I always mention is with complex alignments; we gain more stamina to make changes because the not so easy Transits motivate us to act more attentively.

Transits For May 16th to May 22nd:

5/17 Saturn Semisextile Neptune: Getting Real About Setting Boundaries

5/17 Mercury Semisquare Venus: Laying It On Thick One Moment Inconsistent The Next

5/17 Mars Conjunct Neptune: Taking Action To Clear Spiritual Blocks

5/17 Mars Semisextile Saturn: Knowing When To Back Down

5/19 Sun Trine Pluto: Making A Good Impact

5/19 Mercury Sextile Jupiter: Meaningful Communication That’s Fun Part 2

5/20 Sun Semisquare Chiron: Not Feeling So Sure Of Yourself

5/20 Sun enters Gemini: Connecting With Our Curious Side

5/21 Sun Conjunct Mercury: Feeling Mentally Rejuvenated

5/22 Mercury Retrogrades Back Into Taurus: Why Does This Feel Like The Last Week Of April?!

5/22 Mercury Semisquare Chiron: Dwelling On The Past

5/22 Mars Sextile Pluto: How To Direct Your Energy On What's Essential

Use this week to surround yourself with the things that build your confidence and help you thrive.

-Later guys


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