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Horoscope For The Week Of May 23rd to 29th, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, Mars enters Aries and Venus goes into Taurus, causing us to focus on going after what we desire, plus look for ways to create comfort in our lives. And Mars will Conjunct Jupiter, which will give us the urge to start a new journey that leads to excitement in our lives.

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Hey guys, we have another transformative week of planetary transits.

In this week's Astrology, Mars will go into its Home Sign of Aries, which could help us feel more enthusiastic about going after our goals. Venus will also go into its Home Sign of Taurus, which could help us feel more comfortable splurging on ourselves. And this week, we have a bunch of Venus alignments which will cause our focus to go on what's working and what's not in relationships, along with circumstances involving career goals.

Even though we are in a Mercury Retrograde, this alignment is great for getting honest with ourselves and others without it backfiring. This will be excellent if you've felt thrown off throughout the last few weeks and need mental clarity. On that same day, we could feel more decisive about how to create an action plan for ourselves with Mercury Sextile Mars. Also, this could help us feel motivated to be social even with all of the heavier alignments going on, so initiating conversation could feel easier than usual.

We have an exciting week with Venus and Mars in their Home Signs. Having both celestial bodies in their natural Signs is more helpful than typical and will give us more of an advance in the things these planets govern.

Mars will be the first to Ingress into its home Sign of Aries.

The last time Mars was in Aries was from June 27th, 2020, to early January of 2021. This was due to the Retrograde Cycle causing this planet to stay there for 6 months. Now that Mars is back in this Aries point, situations from that period could show us how far we’ve come in the last year 1/2. These situations could have caused us to be more independent, healthily assert ourselves, be more ambitious, and be self-assured.

But at least this new planetary cycle in its Home Sign will feel less edgy since we don’t have to deal with a Mars Retrograde in Aries, phew! We will feel motivated to get the ball rolling on stuff we didn't have the energy to initiate. This planet is all about having an end game, and with it in Aries, we will have the drive to make things happen. Our need to be active will be strong, so this could be a time when we feel more energetic than usual. As a result, we get out there, have adventures, do something daring, and work on our fitness goals.

Venus will make a few alignments on that same day.

The one to Neptune could open our eyes to how we have to accept the truth about relationships and unrealistic financial conditions. With this alignment, it comes to our attention that we could be self-sabotaging regarding our love life situations. Therefore, we will have to be honest about dating circumstances with unattainable partners or where we might be unintentionally misleading. This Transit also causes us to look at why we need to become more aware of our spending habits, especially regarding wasting money we don’t have on useless items.

Unlike the previous Aspect, Venus will make a Sextile with Saturn on that same day, which helps us understand why we need to create stability in relationships and our career. The good thing is that it’s happening simultaneously with the Venus-Neptune configuration, so this could help us rein ourselves in when it comes to unrealistic situations. This alignment is excellent if you are in a consistent dating situation because it might lead to commitment. This also helps with working towards being financially responsible and finding more effective ways to earn money.

Wednesday will be a mixed bag day of Transits.

Mercury will Trine Pluto just as it did at the end of April when this planet went into Pre-Shadow Retrograde. This could bring up situations that were too complex to solve. It can also help us figure out how to focus on an excellent mental detox after all of the Retrograde stress. We could be focusing on self-improvement and how to delve deep to purge out old trauma. And this could help us finally say something that wasn't conveyed around the end of April.

A Semisquare between Mars and Uranus will occur on that same day, which might give the 25th a disruptive tone. When a Transit like this comes up, people tend to assert themselves if they feel others are trying to control them. Complex Mars-Uranus Transits give us awareness of what has been restricted. However, as a result, we could feel more rebellious than usual, especially if things or people are slowing us down. Another thing with this is if you’ve been craving something new and exhilarating, this alignment makes it easier to be more adventurous. Just be aware of risky behavior and being so reckless that it makes you clumsily do anything.

Thursday brings an uncomfortable tone about relationships. Mercury will be in a Semisextile to Venus, which could cause miscommunication. This alignment is connected to the Mercury Retrograde Cycle, making for some off-kilter exchanges. In other words, there could be situations where two people aren't on the same page when it comes to dating. As a result, it could be taken as disingenuous communication.

There could be an urge to gain the upper hand in love and money on that same day with Venus and Pluto in a Square. Remember to relax and take a step back when this vibe arises because it could result in power struggles with a partner. This could drudge up past drama resulting in petty arguments, and show us the truth about mysterious behavior. Venus and Pluto in a complicated Transit sheds light on controlling relationships, so this day could help us see why there needs to be a power balance.

Taurus Season might be over, but we get another opportunity to enjoy the soft elements of this Sign.

Venus will be the second planet to enter the Sign it Rules, Taurus. Even though this celestial body had a pleasant stay in one of its preferred Signs in Pisces, there's no place like home. Now, this planet can just relax and bask in the comfort of its own domicile. In Taurus, Venus shows us how to enjoy ourselves through good food, luxury, and a nice break from being hectic. Venus, combined with Taurus, creates the urge for a peaceful and exquisite experience, causing us to splurge on beauty and comfort items. And this Ingress helps us seek ways to bring stability to our love and finances.

Lastly, on the 29th, Mars and Jupiter will meet up in a Conjunction that should give us major party vibes. The last time these planets met in a Conjunction was March 2020 in the Sign of Capricorn, which depleted the playful side of this Transit, causing us to face reality and limitations. The last Conjunction also occurred at the start of the lockdown, further emphasizing a more serious tone. So, think about where you were 26 months ago. How have you moved beyond your limitations, become more mature, and created a new foundation for your life?!

Luckily, Mars and Jupiter are in Aries this time around, which brings in a hopeful and cheerful tone. This energy starts a brand-new cycle between these planets, which will energize us to act on what we want to achieve.

Since both planets are in Aries in a Conjunction, our motivation will feel effervescent. Our urge to be adventurous will feel unshakable, so this could be a day to explore new areas of your town or even take an impromptu road trip. We will feel pumped to find something worthwhile, consider embarking on a chapter that fulfills us, and expand our horizons. This will encourage us to act on aspirational aims and adopt a bolder approach to life. Also, this aids in moving forward from whatever is holding us back from pursuing opportunities.

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Vibes For The Week

The vibes for this week are a good mix of fun and some more complicated energies.

At the beginning of this week, there is a mix of good luck, social, solitude, mental, motivation, and emotional sensitivity. This could cause us to feel as though our moods are fluctuating in optimistic ways and in others where we need some time to ourselves to think.

As we get through the week, there is a spike of motivation that will be with us for many days. With this sort of tone, we feel surer of ourselves and can accomplish a lot without feeling bogged down.

The mental energy shows up again in the middle of the week and lasts for a few days with romantic vibes mixed in, along with emotional sensitivity and a smidge of solitude. This week tends to ebb and flow, but at least we will feel like we can roll with the punches.

And by the end of the week, there are some good luck vibes. These fortunate vibes are low on the graph. However, with all of the motivation this week, we could create our own form of luck because we are energized enough to take action.

This Week’s Transits

Wow, what a busy period of Transits and Sign changes. The last full week of May is going out with a bang.

Having a Conjunction that only happens every 2 years with Mars and Jupiter should set us on a happier course. Again, Mars and Venus Transiting in the Signs They Rule is pretty rad. We also have Neptune and Saturn in their Home Signs, giving us a total of four planets in their natural Rulership. With this many celestial bodies connected with their own Signs we can make more progress than usual. And by the time we get to June 13, Mercury will enter Gemini, giving a total of 5 planets connected with their natural pairings.

Transits For the Week of May 23 to 29:

  • 5/23 Mercury Sextile Mars: Honest Communication Part 1

  • 5/24 Mars In Aries: Ready To Go After What We Desire

  • 5/24 Venus Semisextile Neptune: Dealing With an Unrealistic Situation In Love

  • 5/24 Venus Sextile Saturn: Understanding The Value Of Commitment

  • 5/25 Mercury Trine Pluto: The Powers Of Concentration Part 2

  • 5/25 Mars Semisquare Uranus: Doing Reckless Things Because You’re Bored

  • 5/26 Mercury Semisextile Venus: Compliments That aren’t Very Sincere

  • 5/26 Venus Square Pluto: Needing The Upper Hand In Relationships

  • 5/28 Venus In Taurus: How To Be A Fancy Pants

  • 5/29 Mars Conjunct Jupiter: Partying Until The Wheels Fall Off

Use this week to get energized and create a new game plan for yourself that puts you on a path to fulfillment.



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