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Horoscope For The Week Of May 2nd to 8th, 2022

In this week’s Astrology, Venus enters Aries causing us to take an action-oriented approach to love and finances. Jupiter will Sextile Pluto, which could help us focus on the things we’re ready to scale in our lives. And Mars, along with the Sun, will make a majority of the alignments, leading to awareness about our confidence and tempers.

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Hey guys, we have a colorful week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Venus leaves Pisces and goes into Aries, causing us to take a more adventurous approach to love and finances. Jupiter will form a Sextile to Pluto, which could help us focus our energies on the right opportunities for expansion. And, Mars plus the Sun will make most of the alignments this week, which might have us working on our tempers, managing our confidence levels, plus helping us feel more driven than usual.

Venus will leave Pisces and enter Aries on the 2nd. This planet is not usually comfortable in Aries because it is the opposite of Libra, a Venus-ruled Sign. So, this celestial body does have some awkward spots in Aries because Venus is about partnership, and Aries is about the self. However, this is a fun Ingress, so we will be able to gain some good opportunities. Venus in Aries is exhilarating energy for our love lives and finances because it causes us to act more boldly in these areas. And this will give us the urge to be more social.

On that same day, Venus will be in a Semisquare with Uranus. A Transit like this causes us to feel antsy regarding situations in our love life and career that have been stagnant for a while. As a result, we could behave in an erratic manner causing disruption to those areas of our life. So try to wait for the right moment when you feel less jittery; otherwise, impulsive decisions could cause you to be more uncomfortable than you already were with love life and career situations.

Mars and Pluto will be in a Semisquare that same day, resulting in us feeling edgier than usual. With an alignment like this, it’s very easy to get into a confrontation with others, so if you’re feeling upset or someone else seems annoyed, try to wait for the right moment to address any issues that might lead to a blowout. Also, this tends to cloud our self-awareness, so there could be moments when we are coming off like a jerk but aren't realizing it, so try to monitor yourself and don't push your luck.

Tuesday is another day of mixed alignments. Mars will make a Semisextile to Chiron, causing us to examine how we handle confrontation. On the one hand, this could help us understand that being overly combative isn't getting us anywhere, and there needs to be some sort of balance. On the other side, we might have moments where we need to stand up for ourselves, and even if we don’t enjoy conflict, we still need to use our voice.

Luckily, on that same day, we have a fantastic alignment for helping us gain success. Jupiter and Pluto will be Sextile to one another which helps us focus on the right opportunities for growth in whatever we are trying to expand in our lives. With this Transit, we can take action on the right situations and have luck on the outside to fulfill what we are trying to accomplish. This is amazing for education if you’re going back to school or taking up some form of study. Career-wise, this could be a time for you to go after the position you want, feel confident enough to start a business, or side hustle. And on a spiritual level, this energy is great if you want to go deeper with your understanding of what you are studying.

That same day, the Sun will be Semisquare to Jupiter, which could give us an inflated sense of self. This is mixed bag energy where you could be in a good mood, have the urge to go on an adventure, or even go on a learning fest. This transit brings about some confidence and luck that comes from just taking a chance. However, it could cause a sense of entitlement, bring out the opportunist, and cause high levels of arrogance to form in the air. Also, be aware of thinking you can do no wrong because it is the Transits where mishaps happen due to a pumped-up ego.

Wednesday is another day with a mix of alignments. Mars and Uranus will form a Sextile, which could help us feel energized. With an alignment like this, we feel as though we finally have the energy to tackle things that have left us stagnant for a while. Therefore, if you’ve had a situation with goals, projects, career, or love life situations, this could help you align with what is authentic rather than something that leaves you feeling stuck. This is lovely for taking risks that actually pay off instead of backfiring. And if you require some excitement, this Transit is excellent for getting motivated to try new things and go on an adventure.

Hopefully, the Mars-Uranus alignment helps us stay sure of ourselves because we have a Sun-Chiron Transit that’s uncomfortable. With this configuration, there could be moments of feeling unsure of ourselves because our confidence is fluctuating. So even with the other alignments, we had from the last 24 hours, this one could cause moments where we’re feeling deflated more than usual.

By the time we get to the 5th through the 7th, the Transits are easy-breezy, phew.

The Sun and Uranus will form a Conjunction which tends to help us feel comfortable being ourselves. An alignment like this helps us understand why we need to feel comfortable being who we are unapologetically and shine for our unconventionality. We tend to feel free to express ourselves in unique ways and feel upbeat in our attitude. There is a tendency to feel open to taking more risks than usual which is okay as long as it isn't impulsive. This Aspect is terrific for feeling sharp on a mental level, having moments where our intuition is higher than usual. Also, an alignment like this is great for creating buzz about cutting-edge things, technology, and science.

Lastly, the Sun and Mars will be in a Sextile, adding some fun vibes to our weekend. We will feel energetic with this alignment, so getting things done won't seem like a monumental task. This is amazing for socializing with others and planning an exciting adventure that's outside your norm. Romantically, we could feel flirty and passionate, so intimacy will feel more revved up than usual. And this is also great for impressing higher-ups.

Check out the Audio version of the weekly Astrology:

This Weeks Vibes

This week's vibes are an interesting mix of fun with some minor irritations.

There’s a steady stream of motivation throughout this week, so if you’ve felt sluggish for a while, the next 7 days will get you moving.

Even though this week is primarily social, there is some solitude and a smidge of emotional sensitivity on the graph throughout the next bunch of days. On the 4th, this energy hits its peak, and over the weekend, there is a moderate amount of solitude. So, we could have moments of going back and forth about hanging out with others but then deciding to push ourselves to be social.

Good luck energy will be prevalent over the next 7 days due to some alignments. This allows us to capitalize on opportunities from the 2nd to the 8th. With this level of fortunate energy, we could finally feel like progress is being made regarding our aspirations.

Transits For The Week

The first week of May is starting off right! With the exception of some Transits, we have a pretty stellar 7 days ahead.

Transits for May 2nd to 8th:

  • 5/2 Venus Goes Into Aries: Seeking A Love Life That’s Thrilling

  • 5/2 Venus Semisquare Uranus: Being Disruptive In Relationships

  • 5/2 Mars Semisquare Pluto: Coming Off Like a Jerk

  • 5/3 Mars Semisextile Chiron: Balancing Your Confrontational Side

  • 5/3 Jupiter Sextile Pluto: Focusing On the Right Opportunities For Expansion

  • 5/3 Sun Semisquare Jupiter: A Need For Big Adventures

  • 5/4 Mars Sextile Uranus: Finally Gaining The Momentum Needed To Get Out Of Ruts

  • 5/4 Sun Semisextile Chiron: Feeling Unsure Of Yourself

  • 5/5 Sun Conjunct Uranus: A Sudden Boost Of Energy

  • 5/5 Mercury Sextile Venus: I Lost My Number. Can I Have Yours?!

  • 5/7 Sun Sextile Mars: Feeling Pumped And Ready To Seize The Day

Use this week to get ambitious and create real opportunities for yourself.

-Later guys


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