• Cleopatra Jade

Horoscope For The Week Of November 29th to December 5th, 2021

In this week’s Astrology, Neptune goes out of Retrograde, plus the next 7 days will feel like an even split of harmonious energies with some uncomfortable ones. Also, Venus, Mars, and Neptune will connect in good alignments that help with romance and financial matters.

Hey guys, we have a busy week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we get an even split for the next 7 days, so half is pleasant, and the other portion could be difficult. Although certain parts of the week are uncomfortable, we still have some lovely energies to carry us through. Neptune goes out of Retrograde after being in its Inverse Cycle for 5 ½ months, so this could be a time where you finally see the truth about situations that aren’t realistic. The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is happening this week to help us expand our horizons. Luckily, Venus, Mars, and Neptune will make harmonious alignments that should help us connect with our love lives and take action on our dreams. This is a big week for interaction, with Mercury dominating most of the alignments over the next bunch of days. Expect to have your phone and social media overflooded communication-wise.

The 29th is a day of clarity and ambition with two supportive Aspects. The Sun and Mercury will be in a conjunction which will help us feel more alert than typical. This alignment aids in feeling confident in the way you communicate, make plans, have strokes of genius, and be social. With this Transit, things seem busy but in a way that’s welcomed.

Sun and Mercury Conjunctions are great for being energetic, which also aids in feeling social, so communication-wise, you could be more receptive than usual.

On that, same day Mars will make a Trine with Neptune adding to the feel-good vibes.

Generally, with Neptune, it’s easy to get lost in fantasy and never follow through, but because it is connected with Mars, our planet of taking action, you could find yourself going after the things that seemed like a pipe dream. A harmonious alignment like this could give you the urge to act on what inspires your soul.

Tuesday is another day filled with optimistic energies. The Sun-Mercury and Chiron are coming together in a pleasant Aspect which can help with communication, so if there were situations that needed patching up, this Transit should make it easier to clear the air.

Let’s face it, sometimes there are things that zap our confidence, so if that’s been you, this alignment could get you researching ways to rebuild your self-esteem. Restoring faith in ourselves isn’t always the easiest, but this Transit gives us an extra nudge.

Another awesome thing about this Alignment is that if you've been suffering from mental blocks or even brain fog, this brings in moments of clarity and focus. Additionally, this allows you to work on internal dialog that's toxic.

That same day we have more assistance in getting things done because the Sun and Mercury will make a Sextile to Saturn.

Conversations should be more constructive, and it's easier to strengthen your relationships with others from this planetary Alignment. Things typically go as planned with this Transit, and you are able to stay the course without everything being out of order.

And speaking of plans, Mercury in a Trine with Saturn is excellent for thinking about your long game so that you can be focused on a steady plan for the future.

With the Sun connected to Saturn in this lovely aspect, hard work will pay off, this could be the day you are finally getting some much-deserved recognition. And, if you aren’t feeling this Transit in terms of recognition it gives you the energy to take care of your responsibilities with ease.

Dreamy romantic vibes fill the air on Tuesday; Venus and Neptune connect in a wonderful alignment for our love lives. This alignment puts a flirty tone to the air and helps us connect in an intuitive way. So, it’s possible to experience a romance where it feels like there is some spiritual chemistry.