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Horoscope For The Week Of November 8th to 14th, 2021

Mercury plays a vital role in this week’s Astrology, causing us to set boundaries with others while improving our toxic internal dialog.

Hey guys, we have an interesting week full of planetary Transits.

Mercury plays a considerable role over the next 7 days, so our communication will be extremely active and about creating crucial boundaries with others. The next bunch of days will be edgy, so you might find yourself feeling more annoyed than typical. Consequently, this could be a week where you have to put yourself in an adult timeout.

At the start of the week, we have a Transit that could cause miscommunication with others; Mercury is making a Sesquiquadrate with Neptune causing confusion in how we speak. This Transit could have you feeling like you aren’t making sense, or others are coming off cryptic. This is the kind of situation where it’s best to wait until you feel like yourself to send text messages or DM’s because communication could be lost in translation with others.

The 10th is a day about being direct when it comes to the way you speak with others because Mars and Mercury will make a Conjunction. This is usually a great Aspect in terms of feeling motivated, acting on your goals, speaking up when necessary, and just having lively conversations. The issue is these two Celestial bodies together are making complex alignments that could feel stressful.

A Conjunction is when two or more planets are close together, teaming up their energies; sometimes this is great other times it can be daunting; this is the latter. Mercury and Mars will Square Saturn causing communication to come off cold and occasionally ruthless. This could dredge up petty feelings that have been held in for some time resulting in arguments. And you want to be careful not to push your luck because that could also backfire.

Try to exercise patience and take several steps back if you feel like going at it with someone. With Mars and Saturn in a Square, do your best to be patient because this kind of Transit could cause things to go the opposite direction of what you are hoping. Also, if someone has pushed your limits, this might be the day where you finally put your foot down.

On the 11th, these planets continue their Conjunction and form a Quincunx with Chiron. In this complex Aspect to Chiron, Mercury and Mars brings up situations where you need to be gentle with how you speak to yourself because it causes your internal dialog to be harsh. Another thing it brings up is balancing the way you assert yourself with other people; you will have to look at where you could have been too abrasive. Or the areas of life where you freeze up and don’t assert yourself.

Luckily, on the 12th, we get a nice break from all of the madness. The Sun will make a Trine with Neptune, which should bring a more effortless tone to the air regarding people being more compassionate. This is a lovely alignment to connect with your spiritual side, so using this day to enjoy new age things would be really cathartic. Take this day to meditate, play with oracle cards, buy some crystals, or get out in nature if you are able to go outdoors.

Also, this alignment means that the Retrograde for Neptune is almost over; this planet goes Direct on December 1st.

Sometimes the wrong thing is blurted out unexpectedly. On the 13th, Mercury will Oppose Uranus, which causes things to come out in a shocking way communication-wise. This is also the kind of day where things don’t go as planned, so it might have to be revised if you felt something was a sure thing.

Lastly, the 14th is a mixed bag day with Venus alignments. This planet will make a Semi-Sextile with Saturn causing us to look at where we are losing interest in superficial relationships or jobs with no substance. Also, on that same day, Venus is connecting with Jupiter in a Semi-Square, leading to a day of eating more than you intended. When these planets get together in a complicated alignment, we tend to be more indulgent.

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Vibes For The Week

The vibes on the graph show a considerable amount of solitude energy, which could cause an urge to pull back from social situations. The need for space happens from the 8th to the 12th, so on those days, it will be crucial to take some downtime from others and set limits with those who don’t respect your boundaries.

We have mixed mental vibes, so you could be in your head more than usual, which makes sense due to the harder alignments this week. This kind of vibe pops up when you have a ton to reflect on; you’re feeling drained and trying to figure out where you are headed in life. Honestly, it’s important to take quiet time before making any critical decisions.

Psychic vibes come up this week, adding to the need to pull back and be reflective. With this tone to the air, it’s easy to pick up on other people’s energies, and due to the edgy alignments, you want to decipher if some of the stuff you are feeling is yours. In other words, individuals who are sensitive to energies tend to sense other people’s emotions, so this heightens empathic awareness.

Another thing with the psychic vibes on the graph is people tend to have vivid dreams. As a result, you could feel like you’re more intuitive than average and dream about something or someone, then get confirmation that your instincts were spot-on throughout your day.

At last, we have some social vibes on the graph, which can feel contradictory with the solitude energy mixed in this week. So take this time to get out if you’ve been couped up, and try to enjoy yourself.

Transits For The Week

This is an interesting week; one good thing about edgier alignments is it helps us act and stay motivated. So, this could help you go after what you want because you feel called to make changes in your life.

This week’s Transits November 8th to 14th:

  • 11/9 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune: Feeling Like You Aren’t Making Sense

  • 11/10 Mercury Conjunct Mars: Direct And To The Point Communication

  • 11/10 Mercury Square Saturn: Coming Off Cold Over Text Message

  • 11/10 Mars Square Saturn: Don’t Push Your Limits

  • 11/11 Mercury Quincunx Chiron: Internal Dialog That’s Unhealthy

  • 11/11 Mars Quincunx Chiron: Balancing Your Need To Be Assertive

  • 11/12 Sun Trine Neptune: Taking A Day To Connect With Spirituality

  • 11/13 Mercury Oppose Uranus: Unexpectedly Saying The Wrong Thing

  • 11/14 Venus Semi-Sextile Saturn: Losing Interest In A Superficial Relationship

  • 11/14 Venus Semi-Square Jupiter: The Urge To Eat A Family Sized Bag Of Chips To Yourself

Use this week to clear your mind, ground your energy, and maybe purchase some pretty crystals.

-Later guys