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Horoscope For The Week Of October 25th to 31st, 2021

In this week’s Astrology, Venus will be active, and Mars goes into Scorpio, causing us to focus on our love lives.

Hey guys, we have an interesting week filled with planetary Transits.

In this week’s Horoscope, we have many Venus alignments occurring, putting an emphasis on our relationships and finances. And Mars is finally going into one of its home Signs Scorpio. Before Pluto was discovered, this planet was the ancient Ruler, so we will finally get Mars back to its peak performance.

On October 27th, try to keep your eyes open to the truth, even if it is something you don’t want to see. Venus and Neptune together can confuse what the facts are, but it can also make you susceptible to denial. If you are in a relationship that ran its course, this is your time to look at the facts and accept them.

The Squares to Neptune will amplify how important it is for you to value yourself more and not be a doormat for others to walk all over. Your internal dialog will be rough, so try to take a step back when it comes to what you think about yourself. This is a time to work on your insecurities in relationships of all kinds, especially with love life ones. Know you are worthy of better.

The 28th is a mixed bag day with more Venus Aspects.

Venus will make a Semisquare with Saturn causing feelings of disenchantment when it comes to love and career. This alignment brings to your awareness that you just aren’t into a person or a particular job any longer. However, don’t jump ship until you have a good plan of action that will bring you security.

Nevertheless, we do have something lovely happening with Venus on that same day. The planet of love and beauty will Venus make a harmonious alignment with Jupiter, bringing in an air of good luck, opportunities for growth in relationships, career, travel, and education. Hopefully, it mitigates some of the harshnesses from the other alignments on that day.

Feelings of directionlessness occur on the 28th with the Sun in a Square and 1/2 to Neptune like you have no trajectory in your life, and what you want is out of your reach.

Venus will hit her Greatest Eastern Elongation from the Sun on the 29th.

When this happens, Venus is as far away from the Sun by Degree than typical. These two planets travel closely, and because of Venus’s orbit, it can’t get any further than 48 degrees away from the Sun.

Also, because of this, we’ve been able to see this planet at night since it’s on the other side of the Sun from Earth’s point of view. Additionally, Venus’s Great Elongation from the Sun means this planet is preparing to go Retrograde eventually.

Venus won’t go Retrograde until December 19th, but it’s good to know these things, and of course, I will post about this Inverse Cycle once we get to that point.

And the 30th is a jammed-packed day.

First, Mars will go into Scorpio, so now it’s time to watch this planet do what it does best, which is going after what it desires as well as taking action in a focused and transformative way.

Secondly, The Sun in Scorpio is making a challenging alignment to Saturn, which could cause your confidence to fluctuate. When this Transit occurs, do your best not to compare yourself to others because this Aspect could have a person feel as though everyone else seems to be winning while they are still behind. Saturn does reward hard work, so one day you will have your moment in the Sun.

Thirdly, Venus will make a Semisquare to Pluto, which could cause moments of low-grade jealousy; there could be moments where you’ll have to rein yourself in, so you aren’t reacting in a manner that’s out of line in relationships.

Lastly, Mercury and Neptune will be in a Quincunx on the 30th; your best bet is to channel this energy into spiritual stuff, music, art, going out in nature, or buying some crystals at a stone shop. I recommend doing these activities because you will need to find a healthy way to ground yourself. This kind of Transit could make you feel like you don’t have a grip on reality and cause irrational fears to come up, so you want to find the healthiest ways to combat this energy.

Audio Verison Of This Horoscope:

Vibes For The Week

As shown on the graph, we have a busy week ahead.

The good thing is we have a bunch of fun alignments going on; Venus and Jupiter should bring in some party and social vibes from the 27th to the 29th. Also, it should rev up the passion with this alignment as well. There is some romantic energy on the chart, which should aid in bringing a lighter and flirty tone to the air. Overall, this brings in a ton of good luck, so this could be a week where some things land in your lap.

All of this lovely energy is mixed in with some emotional sensitivity and solitude vibes, so your feelings could be conflicted about relationships or spending time with people. This energy is triggery, so you could feel extra sensitive when it comes to the way people speak to you. I recommend taking breaks from others so you can recharge your social batteries. The solitude energy peaks out around the 29th, just days before Halloween, which could cause you to feel moody about making plans.

And with some Neptune Aspects going on, you could have a week where you know it’s time to be realistic about love and money and your expectation of others. There could also be moments where you feel foggy, so don’t make any decisions until you are in the right frame of mind.

Lastly, this week has another undertone of psychic energy, so you could feel more sensitive to other people’s vibes, do the best you can to take care of yourself.

Astrological Transits For The Week

So yeah, we have a pretty busy week with highs and lows; try to stay as grounded as possible.

This week’s Transit vibes October 25th to 31st:

  • 10/27 Venus Square Neptune: Learning To Be Realistic About Love

  • 10/28 Venus Semisquare Saturn: Losing Interest In A Relationship That Lacks Emotion

  • 10/28 Venus Sextile Jupiter: A Stroke Of Luck

  • 10/28 Mars 29 Degrees Of Libra: Addressing Relationship Disappointment

  • 10/28 Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune Directionless

  • 10/29 Venus Greatest Eastern Elongation: An Emphasis On Love And Finances

  • 10/30 Mars in Scorpio: Stepping Into Your Personal Power

  • 10/30 Sun Square Saturn: The Waiting Game

  • 10/30 Venus Semisextile Pluto: Low-Key Jealous

  • 10/30 Mercury Quincunx Neptune: Communication With Shady People Part 3

Use this week to clear out situations that are holding you back and focus your energy on upgrading your life.

-Later guys