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Horoscope For The Week Of October 4th to 10th, 2021

In this week’s Astrology, the energies shift due to Pluto and Saturn going direct, which should give us a sense of relief. And, we have a ton of Sun-Mars Transits which should provide us with the energy to get our lives together.

Hey guys, we have a transformative week of planetary transits.

With four major planetary shifts, the next 7 days could change the tone to the air with Pluto going direct on the same day as the New Moon in Libra, Venus going into Sagittarius, and at the end of the week Saturn Stationing out of Retrograde.

The first few days of this week will affect our communication in incredible ways, and then some that could be confusing. On October 4th Mercury is making a Trine with Jupiter, which should be excellent for having humorous conversations. This Transit is also great for connecting with people you like or haven’t spoken to in a while, so it’s gratifying. And the discussions you have with others during this alignment should be full of substance.

Mercury will also make an Aspect on the 5th, which could lead to a bit of confusion when it comes to specific details in conversations, anything to do with signing contracts, or using your discretion with things that seem fishy please try to use your better judgment.

On the 6th, Pluto goes out of Retrograde and will be in something called “Stationing,” which means it is still for a moment until it goes forward again. Planets in Retrograde slow down as they are about to go backward or forward; therefore, they are stationary. As this celestial body goes direct it will give us more clarity on the things in our life that need to be transformed.

That same day we have the New Moon in Libra occurring around the early morning hours. This Lunation will help us take a look at what needs harmonizing in our lives.

Another thing happening on the 6th will be the Sun and Mars making a complex alignment with Uranus. Although this Transit can be rough around the edges, it has its fun side, so you could feel like trying something new and thrilling. Try to go slow with this one because it does ramp things up in wanting to get stuff done. It’s the kind of Transit that could make a person clumsy because of the impetuous nature of this alignment. Also, there is a low tolerance for long-winded people and could be the reason tempers are short the next few days. Likewise, you want to be aware of overconfidence because this could cause others to become annoyed.

Venus goes into Sagittarius on the 7th. With this Sign change, we should get a more accessible tone to the air that takes some of the edges off. This is the kind of Venus that helps us open up our options for love and career. Plus, it’s excellent for leaning into the fun side of life.

The Sun will make its exact Conjunction with Mars on the 9th, which should help us feel motivated to get things done. It’s another alignment that is adventure-filled, so this could help in terms of making your weekend exciting in a fun way,

Lastly, Saturn Stations out of Retrograde and will finally go direct after 4 ½ months of its Inverse cycle. What’s great about this is whatever has been on hold will slowly start to let up, it won’t be an overnight change, but it will eventually become clear that things will improve at some point.

There will be separate posts for the New Moon, both Retrograde Planets and Venus going into Sagittarius.

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This Week's Vibes

Energetically, we have another week mixed in terms of fun and exciting versus some uncomfortable stuff. However, it’s mostly a week where we will be extra energized.

On the graph, the highest energy is the level of motivation and mental energy we will feel throughout the week, especially on the 7th through 8th. Even though we are in a Mercury Retrograde, there isn’t any reason we shouldn’t at least be getting things done. This is a week where our drive and ambition will help us push through obstacles. And with all of this mental energy, we will at least be able to develop a game plan for ourselves or ponder where we are headed. Combining all these energies it would be great to do some research because you’ll have the mental focus and motivation to get things done.

Hopefully, most of the mental energy we have going on mitigates the imagination and confusion coming up on the graph around the 8th as well. If you are feeling like you can’t make solid decisions on that day or throughout the weekend, take time before you act on anything because feeling off-kilter while trying to make a decision results in more frustration.

Also, the visionary and inspired energies showing up on the graph from the 7th to the 10th could bring moments where your intuition feels like it’s more open than usual. Similarly, when this comes up on the chart, there is a tendency to have lucid or prophetic dreams. I recommend putting a journal next to your bed that way when you wake up you can jot down all of the vivid dreams experienced.

Socially, this is a week where romance is at a pretty decent level on the graph, so this could help those who are single or in a relationship feel more flirty than usual. With a New Moon in Libra going on that generally points our attention to relationships.

And, we have some social vibes going on during the weekend, so getting together with the people you enjoy should feel easy.

Transits For The Week

These next 7 days definitely won’t be dull, especially with all of the energetic alignments.

This Week’s Vibes October 4th to October 10th:

  • Oct 4th Mercury Trine Jupiter: Communication That’s Fun And Philosophical

  • October 5th Mercury Quincunx Neptune: Convos With Shady People

  • October 6th Pluto RX Direct: Emerging Like A Phoenix

  • Oct 6th New Moon in Libra: What Needs Harmonizing In Your Life?

  • Oct 6th Mars Quincunx Uranus: Rebelling Because You’re Bored

  • Oct 7th Sun Quincunx Uranus: When Overconfidence Backfires

  • Oct 7thVenus in Sagittarius: Leaving Your Options Wide Open

  • Oct 9th Sun Conjunct Mars: Finally Feeling Energized

  • October 10th Saturn Direct: Understanding What Lacks Integrity In Your Life

Use this week to gain clarity where you need it and to open yourself up to new opportunities that come your way in your personal life and career.

-Later guys