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Horoscope For The Week of September 20th to 26, 2021

The Astrology for the week will bring a focus to our love life and career with the Sun going into Libra and Mercury going Retrograde in the Sign of Balance.

Hey guys, we have another transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, relationships will be more pronounced over the next 7 days because there will be many Aspects with Venus. The Sun’s going into Libra, and Mercury will go Retrograde in the Sign of the Scales, so situations regarding love life will need our attention. The Mercury Retrograde and Sun are both ruled by Venus, which is not in the best condition with two harder Alignments coming in a few days. Additionally, this celestial body is in a Sign she’s not comfortable in, which adds to the intensity.

The Full Hunters Moon in Pisces will be occurring this week which should help us understand the things we lost faith in over this year.

We do have some sweet spots however, on the 20th Mercury will Trine Jupiter, then Mars Trines Saturn around the 25th.

With Mercury and Jupiter in this easygoing alignment, this could bring in some fun and enjoyable communication. Considering some of the more brutal energy we've had over the last few weeks, this is welcomed. Hopefully, it will help in patching up any disagreements you might have experienced from Mercury’s Retrograde Shadow Period that started on September 6th.

Then with Mars and Saturn in a harmonious Aspect, things go better than expected in terms of getting what you want for a change. Any goals you have will get the green light and even though they won’t move super-fast, they’ll have momentum. So, if you’ve been at a brick wall for a while this is the transit that will help you bust through barriers.

And the rest of the Transits this week are a mix of fun and uncomfortable. As a result, alignments over the next bunch of days could cause your mood to fluctuate.

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This Week’s Vibes

Looking at the Vibes on the graph above, it’s going to be another mixed bag week of energies.

We have a lot of romantic energy as you start getting into the middle of the week.

As I said, this is a big week for relationships, and with all of the Alignments of Venus and planets in Libra, our love lives will become a focal point. Also, this is a week that will be ramped up on a social level, so the urge to get together with others and keeping a line of communication will be necessary.

Energetically, you could feel like you need some personal space this week with a bit of Solitude energy showing up on the graph. Do the best you can to get some much-needed alone time if you have the luxury to because I know that’s not always easy when you have a life, family, or are in a relationship.

Take small breaks whenever you can to check in with yourself because we do have some emotional sensitivity going on with this which could make for a triggery few days.

Luckily, there is some motivation mixed in with that solitude energy, so it could help carry you through a time where you would rather be in your head.

And we do have a ton of good luck energy going on throughout the week thanks to some fortunate alignments. This could help mitigate some of the more challenging energies while also helping you land opportunities.

Additionally, with all of the ambitious vibes going on in the graph this could be a week where you take a chance on something that can improve your circumstances.

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Transit Vibes

Overall, this is a week with some amazing opportunities and some that aren’t super fabulous so do the best you can to manage all of these fluctuations.

This week's Transits September 20th to 26th

9/20 Full Moon In Pisces: Restoring Faith Back In Yourself

9/20 Venus Quincunx Chiron: Blind spots In Romantic Relationships

9/20 Mercury Trine Jupiter: Communication That’s Fun And Philosophical

9/22 Sun in Libra: Seeking Harmony In Your Life

9/22 Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Your Cockiness Is Showing Better Tuck That In

9/23 Venus Oppose Uranus: Unexpectedly Changing Gears In Your Love Life

9/25 Saturn Semisquare Neptune: A Tug Of War Between Reality And Beliefs

9/25 Mars Trine Saturn: Taking Responsible Action

9/26 Mercury Retrograde in Libra: A Relationship Review

Use this week to take care of yourself, your personal life, goals, and try to have some fun.

-Later guys


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