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Horoscope for the week of September 27th to October 3rd, 2021

More relationship situations could be brought to the forefront with this week’s Astrology because Venus plays a considerable role for the next 7 days. Also, our confidence could see some fluctuations with a ton of alignments happening to the Sun.

Hey guys, we have a jammed-packed week full of planetary Transits.

More Venus Transits are going on in this week’s Astrology, so your love life situations and finances will be at the forefront for the next 7 days. However, compared to a week ago, most of these alignments are comfortable. Of course, there are a few awkward things, but we will take a few over several unfabulous Venus Aspects.

On the 29th, Venus will make a Trine with Neptune, bringing in a dreamy tone for love. A Transit like this is fantastic for creating a spiritual and storybook vibe to your romantic relationships.

September 29th is a feel-good day, and the Sun will Trine to Saturn, which is great for progress on things that have been on hold. With this Transit, if you’ve been working hard on projects, things to do with gaining stability, career, or any subjects you are trying to master, this could be a time where you are finally reaping the rewards.

Around the 30th, Venus Makes a Square to Jupiter, bringing a celebratory vibe to relationships and our social lives. This alignment is enjoyable, so you could find yourself going overboard when it comes to indulgences. Of course, it is something to be mindful of because Venus-Jupiter alignments always result in eating a group bag of chips instead of a typical, expected size.

Also, Venus will form a complex Transit to Jupiter make sure you aren’t blowing things out of proportion in relationships. This Transit causes love life situations to become more over the top than usual, whether good, bad, or indifferent.

October 1st will have its easy and fun points; however, we do have one complex Aspect between Mercury and Pluto, which could cause communication problems due to the cutting nature of this Transit.

Do your best to be mindful of your words, and try not to indulge people looking for an argument. Another thing with this is that individuals try to overtalk others and control the discussion, which can be frustrating. My advice is to let those who want to dominate the conversation enjoy the sound of their own voice; there’s no point wasting energy on anyone who blows out hot air.

Venus will make a Sextile to Pluto on October 2nd, which is excellent for getting serious about our financial situations, also going for the kinds of relationships that give us substance. This could rev up the intensity in your unions in a good way and help those who are single find a new person of interest that has depth.

The last Venus Transit will be to Chiron but in an edgier alignment. One of the good things about this is it gets us to take action regarding disappointment in love so we can heal, and it also gives us the push we need to start the process of leaving toxic romantic situations. This could also help in looking for the right direction to go if you’ve been at a job that is unhealthy.

And other vital Aspects occurring this week is with the Sun. These Sun Transits will be a mix of things regarding your individuality, managing your ego, and overall, what makes you stand out from the crowd. With these Solar Transit situations, the next 7 days will be about boosting your confidence and realizing what makes you exceptional.

Lastly, on October 3rd, the Sun will make an Opposition to Chiron; on this day, do the best you can to balance your confidence and ego because this Transit could cause fluctuations in your mood.

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This Week’s Vibes

The Astrological vibes on the graph this week speak volumes to how the next 7 days will fluctuate.

There’s a lot of enjoyable energy on the chart, combined with some social vibes. It’s a week that’s mixed bag; however, at least there is an adventurous tone to the air. So use this week to let your hair down in some way and connect with the people who matter.

With all of the mental energy coming up, it will be a week of serious contemplation so you can be in your head more than usual. With the various types of Transits going on over the next 7 days, overly analytical moments seem to occur out of nowhere so try to find ways to give yourself a break from being on a mental loop.

Ways to incorporate personal growth will be an essential part of the week, so you could be thinking of a game plan to improve your life overall.

As we get to the 29th and October 1st, more relationship energy is popping up, which can bring about a ton of flirty situations and passion in your unions. However, it is mixed in with some solitude energy, so you might feel wishy-washy when it comes to having someone in your personal space.

The end of the week could be a time to take small breaks from people and care for your needs, especially with the triggery stuff coming up on the graph as well. With the alignment mentioned above about the Sun Opposing Chiron, you could feel edgier than expected, so take some time to clear your head.

Transits For The Week

Although we have some sweet spots, some of the Astrological vibes could cause your emotions to fluctuate, especially over the weekend.

This week’s vibes September 27th to October 3rd:

9/29 Venus Trine Neptune: Dreaming Of Love That’s Out Of This World

9/29 Sun Trine Saturn: When Your Hard Work Pays Off

9/30 Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: Inflated Sense Of Self

9/30 Venus Square Jupiter: An Over The Top Romance

10/1 Mars Oppose Chiron: Healing Your Aggression

10/1 Mercury Square Pluto: Got A Dirty Mouth Pt 1

10/2 Venus Sextile Pluto: Only Seeking Relationships With Substance

10/2 Sun SemiSquare Venus: Self Esteem That Depends on Compliments

10/3 Venus Sesquiquadrate Chiron: When Its Time To Let Go Of Relationships That Hinder You

10/3 Sun Oppose Chiron: Becoming Comfortable With Your Uniqueness

Use this week to clear up the situations that hold you back, and try to let your hair down when you can so the edge is taken off of your week.

-Later Guys


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