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Happy Clients

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Dear Cleopatra
I cannot thank you enough for all your guidance and support when I need some solid good advice. You are a pleasure to speak with and I appreciate all your knowledge and true feelings pertaining to anything that I can't figure out myself. Your my rock and I know things will work out for me when I have you to turn to with any doubts that I may have.


Nancy M

Excellent Therapist and consultant. Highly skilled counselor with Root-Cause base. In recommendations; proceeds strategically and ethically to ensure high success rate. Difficult to find a better teammate.

-Tam H







Tam H

Where do I start, I have been talking with Cleopatra for over a year and she has been here for me when I felt I had no one else to confide in. I trust her and her intuitive abilities are spot on. She is very down to earth and gives a lot of great advice as well as letting you release a lot of weight off your shoulders! I have recommended her to numerous family members, friends, and associates and she has been able to help them as well!

Erin Q.

What can I say about Cleo, she has been my go to person for the past 5 years. She has guided me on the right path and her insights are on point. She has accurately predicted so many events in my life. I feel blessed to have her as a guide when my life gets challenging. Erica, M.

Cleopatra is amazingly insightful! She is well qualified to share her life coach skills with others, as they will greatly benefit from them. I have consulted with her on many aspects of my life, and her advice has been nothing less than what I should hear. She will give you support, advice, and honesty. And a plus is that she has a great heart and wonderful personality.
-Tanya W

Tanya W

Cleopatra Is very Effective in the work she does ...She gives sound advice and very influential ....I would have no problem working with Cleopatra all over again she is the Best!

N. E>

Cleo is such a pleasure to talk to. She gave me such a peace & understanding about some very stressful issues I'd been dealing with. I would highly recommend her to anyone. In addition to her accuracy, Cleo is a caring and passionate woman. She is honest & straight forward. Her wonderful sense of humor is an added benefit to her readings! If you're looking for someone to provide you with positive, helpful, uplifting insight.... Cleopatra is your go to.
-J T. Ming

J.T. Ming

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I have relied on Cleopatra  many times throughout the years. Having her unbiased, honest, nonjudgmental, and open mind has helped me through some tumultuous events. My tendency to over analyze everything gets me too frazzled to see clearly. She is that fresh pair of eyes. Her answers are thought out and of the utmost quality. Guiding one to find the answer, decide on a solution after filling in the missing parts of the puzzle, or spin you back into the right direction. Definitely a two thumbs up, or five stars!
-Jessica P

Jessica P

Cleopatra is very honest, no-nonsense, take-charge individual, yet witty, highly intelligent, and personable expert of her crafts (also human encyclopedia) that possesses a high level of integrity. She is truly a rare individual that I consult with daily!
-T. B.

T. B.

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