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New Moon in Aquarius February 4th 2019: Friendship, Random Side Quest, Epic Adventures, Cool-Detache

New Moon in Aquarius 1:03 pm PST

A burst of cool-vibey feelings will land on the night of the Aquarius New Moon. This will save you emotionally from any heavy aspects that have been going on from the Capricorn energy we were in during January. You will feel like you have a hold on your emotions causing you not to let the small shit bother you. When the moon is in this fabulously-detached sign, it will even you out because you can cope better with things that usually get to you.

This will be a fun two nights of friends both old and new coming into your life, also on a romantic level, you might meet someone who comes off aloof, but they end up warming up to you, or vice versa you might feel standoffish at first then all of a sudden you end up attracted to this person.

Also, with the random and spontaneous energy of this sign, you could end up on a side quest of sorts or find yourself taking an epic road trip-like adventure. Enjoy these cool-fun vibes it’s a lovely time to be lively!

This moon will cause us to think about where we are headed, to work on our philosophies, to open our minds up to where we need more education and how we can expand our minds through travel, and meeting others who are different than us.

Transits Applying to The New Moon in Aquarius.

Lets look at the connecting aspects this planet is making to see what else we can expect from this transit.

Moon Conjunct Sun- The New Moon Aspect: Manifesting Your Vision.

Something in you has been awakened to the truth and emotionally you know it’s time for you to liberate yourself. Your vision is clear, and now you are ready to start the process of making your dreams come to life.

Set intentions for originality, because whatever you want needs to be uniquely yours. In other words, you need to stand out from the crowd once you are ready to launch your projects, bold designs if you are a creator of sorts, going for that new job, and making big moves to improve your life.

Take the necessary steps to move forward and start living your life in an exciting way that fills you full of purpose and optimism.

Be inventive about what you want out of life because this is the time to get out of your comfort zone and do what you’ve wanted for so long.

You need to be yourself, however, this could cause conflict because others want you to be like the rest of the crowd. Let go of relationships that restrict you from what you really want to go for and live your life for you. Don't forget to stay original and maintain your individuality while still being part of the collective.

Moon and Sun Conjunct Mercury: Your intellect is nonstop.

Communication comes with no problem because you have a way with words, this is a time to be stimulated mentally. Watch for anxiety due to an overabundance of thought. At this time, your emotional intelligence will be spot on, and you can communicate in a way that makes others comfortable.

Your rationale is excellent at this point, and you will be able to make the right decisions because your emotions are in check. Also, your cleverness is at an all-time high allowing you to understand complex information. Moon and Sun SemiSquare Venus: Illuminated Charm.

Use this energy to throw a party or see local bands or head out to a pop-up art show because the energy is all about being creative and having a fun night on the town. Watch out for the overindulgent nature of this energy

Aspects from the Sun and moon are going to cause you to be alluring to others with this transit and attract what you want because you have a graceful presence. This is a fantastic aspect for revamping your beauty routine and being original.

Moon and Sun Sextile Mars: Ambitious and Ready to Take On Anything!

Be ready to make your move with determination and a ton of energy. The timing of your reactions is impeccable; you will be busy which helps with Mars energy because it prevents arguments from the blunt vibes of this planet.

Because your levels of energy are accelerated, you can move mountains. This is good for being active and getting out there on a career level and relationships. You are assertive in a way that helps those who lack the confidence to speak up for themselves. Moon and Sun Sextile Jupiter: Luck Is On Your Side.

Good times and fun vibes are in the air with this transit. You are full of humor and ready to socialize. There is an impressive ability to share what you have with people who deserve your time. This brings in excellent relationships with women.

Your generous and fun nature is inspiring to others, and you can win people over with your personality. You are in an excellent space to step up spiritually and heal your energy. This is amazing for attracting money and success on all levels. You're able to be an intellectual and attract like-minded people.

Liberated AF.

All the energy from this New Moon will be about channeling our inner Aquarian, so we are able to liberate ourselves from the things that held us back. This is a Moon that is clear of any setbacks so take advantage of these vibes, manifest what you want, and walk the path you were meant to live independently.

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