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The Astrological Influences Of The Natal Moon In Water Signs

Here's how the water signs pair with the Moon in the natal chart.

Natal Chart with water sign Glyphs
Water Signs In A Zodiac Wheel

“Sometimes, you just need to feel your feelings, good, bad, or indifferent.”


Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the signs that represent the water element in Astrology.


Because of the watery temperament, those with this pairing can feel a depth of complexity brewing inside of them.


So, having your natal Moon in one of these signs makes you feel your moods better than most. Not that it’s always perfect, but you have an advantage over others in terms of having a complex emotional experience.


A natal Moon in water signs allows access to more profound things, which are sometimes comfortable, confronting, and somewhat draining. In other words, they can access their intuition, inner psychology, and other things from the subconscious that most might brush off due to their intricacy.


Having qualities such as this allows these combinations to pull the tides of emotions and express them without restraint.


Cancer, Scorpio, And Pisces Paired With The Astrological Influences of The Moon


In Astrology, the Moon is the ruling celestial body of Cancer and is one of the elements we’re discussing. It allows other water signs to feel their feelings. So, having a watery lunar pairing allows more access to emotional depth, which is crucial for these water zodiac placements.


Emotionally, these individuals need to feel satisfied with their feelings, moods, and other areas of life that offer a sense of security. These pairings also bestow rich experiences concerning intuition and things that can seem unquantifiable.


Of course, these Moon sign meanings vary with each water sign. With this energy, we look at the inner workings of our emotional bodies. Cancer is about gaining fulfillment in our private lives. A natal moon in Scorpio needs to be transformative and have the ability for profound experiences. and a Pisces Moon craves fulfillment through mysticism and other states of consciousness.

Depending on which house or how your natal moon is being aspected, this could make you more sociable.

Natal Moon in Cancer

Neon sign that says give me some Sugar
Pink and orange neon sign


  • Keywords: Emotionally expressive, caring, vulnerability, moody, fluctuations, depressive

  • Reacts: Defensively

  • Instinct: Intuitive to nurture

  • Famous people- Gwen Stefani, Keanu Reeves, Shakira, Robert Pattison, Courtney Love, Collen Farrell, Harrison Ford, Drew Barrymore


Having a Moon in Cancer means your Natal Lunar Sign is in its domicile. Therefore, the lunar energy in your birth chart is literally in its element since it is the governing celestial body for Cancerian energy.


Those born with this Cardinal-Water lunation tend to be more compassionate, nostalgic, intuitive, empathetic, creative, and capable of great emotional fortitude.


Emotional fulfillment comes from having a life that’s satisfying to feel a sense of balance.


The inner world for a natal Moon is held more sacredly than most people's because Cancer rules our private lives. With the Moon in its natural pairing, you can practice the art of concealment better than others.


Therefore, a pairing of this nature is more protective of their emotions, imagination, and the things that bring them comfort. Sentiment goes a long way with you. Because your Moon is Cardinal-Water, it causes you to be naturally empathic, and you tend to take action thoughtfully.


Also, those with this Moon sign combination have a subconscious that retains a ton of past data, memories, and things from their heritage.


Having a Moon in Cancer in your birth chart allows you to access past events better than others. Therefore, you could have a propensity for memorizing dates, whether for historical facts or personal life scenarios such as birthdays and anniversaries.


Knowing your house is in order is essential.


Dwelling in a tidy abode matters to feel comfortable for you more than most individuals. Also, it’s crucial to live in a home filled with emotional satisfaction by the people sharing this space. This is because home also is one of those places where you go to recover from the rest of the world.


Habits with a Cancer Moon in the natal chart can include being an avid decorator of the home, having knickknacks, a collection of things that bring comfort, cooking, and hosting gatherings with loved ones. There could be a tendency to make sure your digs are filled with hearth plus the things you love because this is your comfort zone and protective outer casing.


When you become emotionally dysregulated, your self-protective mechanisms go into overdrive. This leads to feeling more vulnerable than you would like, which turns into sensitivity and defensiveness. Because we are dealing with the Moon in its natural pairing, you could go through many phases, resulting in fluctuating moods.


Natal Moon in Scorpio 

Blue Neon saying eternity now
Blue Neon on a brick building


  • Keywords: Psychic, inner strength, emotional outburst

  • Reacts Immediately, sometimes in a consumed manner

  • Instinct to control

  • (The moon is very potent in this sign)- Famous people Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Lopez, Mile Cyrus


A natal Moon in Scorpio brings in a vast concentration of emotions when placed in this sign. This is because the Moon is in Fall when it’s in this particular sign due to Essential Dignities. 


Astrology has so many planet-sign combinations; sometimes, things fit, and other times, pairings could have a more challenging time. Also, because Scorpio is the opposite of Taurus, where the Moon is Exalted, this tends to be an uncomfortable spot.


Does this mean having a Scorpio Moon in the birth chart is terrible?!


Absolutely not!!


Again, having the Moon in Scorpio is very potent and brings benefits.


Emotionally, fulfillment comes through stability, privacy, examining profound things, intense, expressive connections, the secrets plus mysteries of life, and analyzing things deeply. Other scenarios that promote satisfaction are finding those who’ve earned your loyalty.


Your inner world is deep and psychological, allowing you to understand complex patterns others couldn't comprehend. For this reason, a person with the Moon in Scorpio can pick up on every subtle vibe that would fly under the radar for most people.


Sureness in your surroundings brings you emotional security. In other words, knowing what and who you are dealing with is more important than most people because of your naturally suspicious nature.


You need to know that you can trust what you’re surrounded by, which means having loyal people in your personal life and living somewhere that gives a layer of protection plus privacy. Confidentiality and boundaries are everything to you, so all of the themes that fill your subconscious are under lock and key; this means very few people have access to what's private to you.


Being a Fixed Water Sign, you could become consumed more than others.


Fixating on things can become a central focal point. One of your habits could be looking at something and analyzing it because your emotions are more complex than most. A pairing of this nature might have you constantly looking for ways to develop better coping strategies. Mysterious subjects make up your secretive world, which would cause some people to flinch, but it brings you cathartic release. 


Mood-wise, things can vary because you feel things at a visceral level. There could be periods when you shut your emotions down to not feel as raw because of a need to control them. Other times, you could feel more turbulent due to triggers. Something to be aware of is having a reaction that seems suspicious in nature. 


Natal Moon in Pisces 

Pink neon in the window of a storefronte of a psychic shop
Neon sign for a psychic shop


  • Reacts Compassionately

  • Instinct to escape 

  • Keywords: Psychic, receptive, compassionate, musically inclined, artist, healers, bashful, sympathetic, empathetic, gullible, helpful, phobias, startles easily, emotive

  • Famous people Prince, Robert De Niro, Winona Ryder, Ke$sha, Edgar Allen Poe, Rita Ora, Erica Badu, Jason Statham, Ciara


A natal Pisces Moon is one of the most creative lunar placements to have in your chart. Pisces moons are imaginative, artistic, dreamy, romantic, compassionate, psychic, and adventurous. 


To feel emotionally happy, you need romance and a bit of magic in your world. Helping others, vulnerability, and showing compassion bring joy to the Moon in Pisces in the birth chart.

Connecting to something you believe in is another way to feel emotionally grounded.


So, with energy like this, it’s crucial to have faith in something greater than you. Some of these ideals could be through spirituality, religion, and other forms of mysticism. Also, there is an instinct from this moon sign that gives you an urge to work by setting intentions and other forms of manifestation.


Your inner world is a vivid place. How you experience your natal Moon is more lucid than most, allowing you to tap more into your dream world effortlessly. Also, you’re able to unlock creative skills like playing music, writing, photography, art, acting, singing, or poetry. With energy like this, you’re able to experience intuitive downloads or enter a flow state more quickly than most people. Even if you might not feel it, there is a psychic sense to your Moon.


Habits-wise, you could find yourself more daydreamy than others. There could be moments when you’re not as interested in everyday things, so you tend to blur them out of your mind. With a Moon like this, it’s not that you don’t have a routine; however, you could find that things get thrown off easier, leading to being more inconsistent than you would like. Impulsivity is something else to be aware of with this Moon.


Mutable water makes you a shapeshifter; for this reason, you can morph into other ways of being. Sometimes, this could look like being able to shift your emotions to the room's mood or being able to connect to unquantifiable things emotionally.


When you feel out of alignment, your moods could become more brooding.


Because you are receptive to others' emotions, there could be times when you pick up on other people's vibes, resulting in feeling off-kilter. There could be moments when you need a break from your stressors and do so by escapism. Also, when you’re feeling off, this could result in being emotionally flaky. There could be moments when a disconnection from reality leads to avoidance.


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