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Cardinal Fixed And Mutable Signs Here’s What The Modes Mean In Astrology

The meaning of the modes in Astrology can help you understand another layer of your personality based on the Sign. Here’s the best way to understand these groupings and their temperaments.

Glyph of the Modes in Astrology in a zodiac wheel
Cardinal Fixed And Mutable Signs Here’s What The Modes Mean In Astrology

Astrology is one of those multi-layered studies that help us understand our personalities and the world around us.

Because of this, we are more than just our Sun Sign; that only represents less than 1% of our Natal Chart. However, when examining a particular Sign, we can gain more insight into how it works by looking at the nature of its configuration.

One of the ways we can do this is by looking at the meaning of the Modes in the Natal Chart.

In Astrology, the Modes involve how a Sign exerts itself, its reaction to its environment, and temperament quality. Also, the nature of these Signs plays a role in how things move in the world through initiation, solidifying, and ushering in change.

The 3 Modalities are Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed, which come in a grouping of 4; this is why they are referred to as Quadruplicities. All of these types have their own way of expressing themselves individually but, as a whole, are part of a type that creates a particular action in our Natal Chart and through transits.

Each Astrological Modality represents different states, from initiating to keeping things consistent to altering energy around them. The Modes are also associated with weather and seasons.

Through these qualities, we transition through the opening, settling, and closing. These qualities also tie into the Elements in Astrology.

“Note, because I am in the Northern Hemisphere, I tend to write from that perspective, so the Season will align more with the part of the world I reside.”

Meaning Of Cardinal Signs

If you want something great to happen in your life, you need to go out and make it happen.

Luckily, there’s energy to motivate us in that way, introducing the Cardinal 4, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Each one represents what we need to create in our lives.

Aries is about leaving the crowd behind and forging your own path. Cancer is about laying down roots and creating emotional stability. Libra is about beginning to relate to others and starting relationships. And Capricorn is taking the initiative to bring in outward security and beginning the path of mastery.

Cardinal signs are the kickstarters to a new season and open up a fresh chapter. Because of this, these Signs govern the urge to launch something new and fresh in our lives.

These Signs also kick off the equinox and solstices.

Throughout their polarities, we have two axis, the Aries-Libra which ushers in the spring and fall equinox in the northern hemisphere. Aries opens autumn for the southern hemisphere, and Libra brings spring. But no matter what part of the world you live in, these signs bring in a time when we have an equal amount of day and night.

Cancer and Capricorn’s axis opens up the summer and winter solstices for the north and the winter (Cancer) and summer (Capricorn) for the southern hemisphere. With this axis, we experience the longest day and night and vice versa in the southern hemisphere.

Aries offers us a Cardinal Fire expression that denotes the start of spring. This is when we break out of our winter rut and feel enthusiastic about starting something new, breaking out of cabin fever, and going on an adventure. Overall, there's a sense of aliveness and motivation to get moving again.

Cancer is Cardinal Water which opens up the summer season. Energetically we focus on our personal life, how to make it feel complete, seek out ways to gain emotional security, nurture our needs as well as others, and create a sense of comfort.

Libra governs Cardinal-Air, signifying the beginning of autumn. With this period, we focus on a new phase of life to create harmony in our worlds and seek to gain more from our unions. Libra is when most are looking for meaningful exchanges, especially in romantic relationships.

Capricorn’s Cardinal Earth quality brings in the wintertime. Spiritually, we feel called to create outward security; we hunker down, get all of our material resources in order, become concerned with achievement, take things more seriously, and look for ways to become more successful, so we have stability for the long term.

Meaning Of Fixed Signs

Let’s face it; someone has to keep this whole operation steady; otherwise, we would have unfinished projects due to burnout. We can start something, but someone needs to hold it together.

Thankfully, Fixed Signs are the chewing gum that's momentarily holding a wobbly foundation together until things are ready to be shifted by the Mutables. The Fixed 4 are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Fixed Signs put us in a stable position and mark the middle of any season. This is when the weather patterns are consistent. Taurus brings dependability, and Leo brings a sense of steady confidence. Scorpio gets a focused tone, and Aquarius helps us stay the course by removing self-imposed restrictions.

Associated with what happens after you start something, these Signs are how we respond to what's been created.

Taurus occurs in the middle of spring and puts us entirely into the season. This Sign is about sustaining ourselves after hardship so we can have all the creature comforts and consistency we crave.

Leo puts us at the peak of summer when we are so immersed in the season we indulge in summer antics. This is when we’re less likely to budge about our own expression to make others comfortable.

Scorpio comes in the middle portion of fall. This Sign helps us take things more seriously in our lives; we learn the importance of securing our position, especially regarding matters of the heart and money.

Aquarius comes in the dead of winter. With this, we learn the importance of breaking out of ruts to ensure our future is better and stable. We also crave community because, to sustain ourselves, having individuals on the same wavelength in our inner circle is vital.

Meaning Of The Mutable Signs

The ability to pivot and change the course of something that needs to shift is a superpower.

Some situations require transitioning to a new phase, and the Mutables help us adapt to change.

Adaptability is the specialty of the Mutable 4, which are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Through these Signs, we learn the art of flexibility and letting go of things we can't take with us if we want to start a new chapter.

At the end of each season, we get Mutable energy, which loosens the consistent weather we had during a Fixed Sign time. For instance, at the end of Summer, we’re in a transitionary period; even if we aren’t quite in Fall, we can see a shift in weather and vegetation, so we adapt to the coming changes.

Each Signs malleable nature brings the need for change.

Gemini brings in the need to open our options. Virgo shows us the importance of being prepared. Sagittarius gets us to take advantage of every opportunity before it dries up. And Pisces allows us to learn the importance of surrendering.

With Gemini being Mutable Air, this could do with our relationships, information, and perception that need to be transmuted. This could be when we adjust to a more open perspective while learning to incorporate versatility.

Gemini ends the Air Signs until autumn.

At the end of summer, we get Virgo, a Mutable-Earth Sign that deals with transitioning. During this period, we gather and harvest the vegetation that was planted at the beginning of spring to nourish us for the upcoming colder weather. In Virgo, we rapidly adapt to changes with precision and strip away what’s unnecessary.

After Virgo, we don’t get another Earth Sign until winter.

Sagittarius is Mutable-Fire and comes at the end of fall. The vibe of this Sign is to have fun before we end the last of the warmth because winter is upon us. We’ve already done the hard work in the other Signs, so it’s about completing things on a lighter note. In Sagittarius, we set out to chase our goals like there’s no tomorrow and change our point of view to see the bigger picture.

The Sign of the Archer marks the end of Fire Signs until springtime.

Pisces is Mutable Water. In this energy, we learn to surrender and sacrifice because it’s a period of letting go of what we can’t take with us. Also, we let go of what no longer fits our spiritual growth. With this Sign, we’re in a transitionary period before a new cycle, so we learn to place hope and faith in the unknown chapter.

Once we’re done with Pisces, we don’t see another Water Sign until the summer.

Of course, this can be any Sign in your Birth Chart, not just the Sun; therefore, you can use any of the planets in your Natal Chart, Rising Sign, Midheaven, or even the Part of Fortune.

So, use this method to look at all Modalities in your personal Horoscope to get an idea of temperament.


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