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Here’s A List Of What Each Of The Planets Mean In Astrology

The 9 celestial bodies have different characteristics; here’s what each of the planets means in Astrology.

Planets in a Zodiac Wheel in outer space
Here’s A List Of What Each Of The Planets Mean In Astrology

Astrologically, celestial bodies have different symbolisms and temperaments.

The planets are used to understand a person’s Birth Chart and to forecast events that could occur for an individual or society.

Each of these planets has its own higher and shadowy aspects that can have a powerful impact on our lives if we take the time to understand their meaning in Astrology. In doing so, we can learn more about ourselves as individuals and work towards achieving more significant purpose and fulfillment in all areas of life.

Here’s a brief description of what each planet symbolizes.

The Sun In Astrology

Being one of 2 luminaries, the Sun is one of the most important celestial bodies in our Natal Chart.

This heavenly body governs our vitality, ego, consciousness, confidence, and a sense of aliveness.

Energetically, the Sun in our Natal Chart significantly influences our persona and how we express ourselves. Through this, we learn the importance of being an individual because this celestial body helps bring out what distinguishes us from the rest.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, allowing it to shine and act courageously.

Through this celestial body, we can see someone’s sense of purpose according to the Zodiac Sign and where it’s placed in an individual’s natal chart. This planet invigorates us to seek ways to stand out from others and put our talents on display; that way, we get the recognition and applause we crave.

Because of this, we can understand how someone stands out from the crowd for their pronounced attributes. Also, the Sun shows what feeds our ego, which can be on either end of the spectrum, healthy or unhealthy.

Astrology Meaning Of The Moon

One of the other luminaries in Astrology is the Moon.

In Astrology, this celestial body is significant to our subconscious and sentiments. Our natural satellite can show how we experience emotions, our gut instinct, patterns, reactions, nurture ourselves and others, along with how we approach personal life issues.

Cancer, the Crab, is ruled by the Moon, which is the perfect pairing due to this Signs fluctuating nature. Just like the Moon phases, this Sign has a variety of temperaments.

Wherever the Moon is placed in a Natal Chart, we can see where we go through fluctuations of life and our moods.

Our origins are also tied to the Moon because it governs our past. In other words, this celestial body shows how we were brought up, generational situations, how our emotions developed, and the patterns we carry with us from early life.

The Moon also plays a central role in the menstrual cycle, signifying fertility and growth.

Mercury’s Meaning In Astrology

Mercury governs communication and thought processes.

Communication-wise, this planet shows the way we chat with others. Depending on the sign-Mercury combination, individuals could communicate more talkatively or minimally. We can see if a person is bubblier or brooding. And it could show if someone has more of an intellectual style or likes to keep things simple.

It governs our linear perception and how we solve problems and comprehend data. Mercury in our Natal Chart shows the way we process information. Depending on the placement in a personal Horoscope, the individual could quickly understand information or take their time digesting facts.

Also, it could show how long we retain data because some Mercury combinations could hold on to details while others might not because their mind is on to the next thing.

Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury. Gemini brings out communicative and multifaceted qualities. Virgo is associated with the analytical side of Mercury and planning.

Because Mercury is one of the travel planets, it’s associated with short trips or taking a journey by car. Mercury can show our relationships to immediate family, mainly siblings, but this could also give an understanding of cousins, aunts, and uncles.

And we can see how adaptable to change a person is based on their Mercury Sign.

Venus’s Astrological Meaning

For a good time, call Venus because this planet governs what we enjoy.

Therefore, depending on the Venus placement, we can see how an individual lets their hair down and what they love about life. Because of its passivity, it shows how we sit back and attract things to us without effort.

We also deal with an attraction to others and vice versa with Venus, which is why it’s associated with dating, love, and relationships.

Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, bringing out different expressions. Taurus governs the more sensual and nature-loving side. Libra is associated with beauty and relationships.

People with a ton of Venusian energy tend to be very social and enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones. This planet shows how we pamper ourselves, indulge in the finer things in life, art, the clothes we like to wear, beauty, and what pleases us.

Venus is the planet of self-worth, what we value, and self-esteem, so it shows our standards and what helps us feel secure. Also, Venus is associated with what we do to earn money, so we can see how someone gains material resources through this placement.

Astrological Meaning Of Mars

Let’s face it; we can’t just wait around for things to come our way, and luckily, Mars has us covered.

Mars in our Birth Chart shows how we go after what we’re passionate about in an unstoppable way. This planet represents our drive and motivation, governing our energy levels and how we go after what we desire.

Because this is an energized planet, passivity goes out the window. Through Mars, we’re able to see how an individual asserts themselves. In other words, it shows our self-assurance in everyday life and the ability to stand up for ourselves when necessary. Also, this celestial body is associated with our temper, indicating how easily we get angry or frustrated.

Aries is ruled by Mars, allowing it to take quick, decisive action without hesitation. Also, Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio. The Scorpio sector has to do with the more strategic side of this planet, along with intimacy.

Mars has to do with our relationships, just like Venus, but this planet is more about how we are in the bedroom. Therefore, our Mars placement can be associated with our stamina and sexual needs.

What Jupiter Represents In Astrology

The planet that was almost a star, Jupiter, represents our ability to create fortunate circumstances in our lives.

Being the most giant planet in space, Jupiter is about how we scale up things in our lives. In other words, wherever our Jupiter placement is in our Natal Chart shows how we make things grandiose so we can gain and experience expansion.

For this reason, it is often associated with luck and abundance because it makes things bigger.

Jupiter shows how we seek out opportunities, so we can see how someone takes risks in a Natal Chart. With Jupitarian energy, we aim a bunch of arrows into the sky at every possibility imaginable because, eventually, one of those will land on something fortunate.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which goes hand in hand with this Sign's optimistic nature. Also, Jupiter is the ancient pairing for Pisces, which takes a more spiritual approach to expansion.

Because it is our other travel planet, it is associated with long-distance journeys over water or uncharted places. It also symbolizes our beliefs and philosophy, along with higher education.

Saturn’s Purpose In Astrology

There are times in life when we need to know our limits, and Saturn absolutely has us covered in this area.

Sure, that doesn’t sound appealing, but Saturn’s job isn’t to be a yaysayer; it’s here to help us get our sh%t together. This planet encourages us to roll up our sleeves and take responsibility.

With Saturn, we learn maturity, why hard work is sometimes necessary, and the importance of setting boundaries with ourselves and others. We experience delayed gratification in this energy but reap the rewards later.

Unlike Jupiter, Saturn is about contraction, so it minimizes things allowing us to let go of wastefulness to focus on what will bring us tangible results. Therefore, Saturn can seem restrictive because it causes us to be more cautious and not bite off more than we can chew. For this reason, in a Natal Chart, this planet can show we’re we become masterful because our focus is narrowed on what will get us to the top.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which makes sense with this Signs ability to push through obstacles and to strive for nothing less than excellence. It is also the ancient Ruler for Aquarius, which takes the foundation established and brings it to the next level.

After we’ve passed Saturn's trials, we come out the other side with a solid foundation and more disciplined. And because Saturn is a timekeeper, it can show where our progress is slower in our Birth Chart. Still, once this planet reaches maturity in that individual’s personal Horoscope sector, they become unstoppable.

What Uranus Represents In Astrology

At some point, we need to level up and move past outdated things, so Uranus helps us break out of stale periods.

Because this is the planet that helps us revamp things, we can see where someone experiences sudden changes depending on their Natal placement. This planet is about shaking things up, which will also show how an individual breaks up the monotony in their lives.

Uranus is about improving our lives so we can upgrade old systems. With this planet, we experience breakthroughs, learn to revolutionize our lives, and embrace our individuality.

Being the Modern Ruler of Aquarius, this planet gets to use this Sign without the restrictions of Saturn. In other words, this combination allows Aquarius to overhaul old systems that are no longer viable without the limits put on them by Saturn.

Uranus encourages you to adopt the new and embrace your eccentric side. It's also associated with being the outsider, finding our unique group of people, shock and rebellion.

Neptune’s Astrological Meaning

Some things in life can’t be seen or explained.

This is where Neptune encourages us to use our psychic abilities rather than relying on tangible strengths. As hard as it can be, there are times when we must learn to have faith in ourselves and others.

Neptune helps us place our trust and to surrender.

This planet embodies unconditional love, the unseen, intuition, faith in the unknown, sacrifice, blind trust, confusion, glamor, imagination, Hollywood, music, poetry, art, deceitfulness, healing, and spirituality.

Our dream world can be shown by where Neptune is placed in our Chart since it governs la la land. In other words, Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th house in your Natal Chart shows what a person dreams about because this planet is associated with the visions we have in our sleep.

Being the Modern Ruler of Pisces, Neptune is in its glory in this Sign. This combination allows Pisces to have no limits and to be open to spiritual experiences.

Because it’s associated with escapism, as it is said to rule the realms of dreams and imagination, it also governs addictions, both to substances and behaviors.

The Meaning Of Pluto In Astrology

At some point, things need to be revisited and examined to let go of old baggage so we can transform.

Sometimes things get buried beneath the surface, and even though we can’t see them, it still exists. This is why we have a planet like Pluto to uncover the hidden things we swept under the rug or situations someone might have concealed.

Pluto shows us what we need to transform. We work on coping skills, detoxing things that are impure for us, resolving repressed emotions, focusing our energy on what’s important, working on behavior issues, and getting in touch with our phoenix energy.

The modern ruler for Scorpio is Pluto, which allows this Sign to look at serious things more profoundly.

Pluto gives us the strength needed to regenerate after a period of staleness. This planet also provides us with the ability to see situations and people for what they are, even if it’s uncomfortable. That way, we’re saying no to toxic people and empowering ourselves.

Even though some of these descriptions sound complex, the celestial bodies from an Astrological perspective help us work through our growth cycles.

Let’s use this information to enhance our lives and connect with our higher vibrational selves.


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