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Here's The Difference Between New And Full Moons In Astrology

Everything you need to know about the meaning of a New Moon and Full Moon in Astrology and how these Lunar events affect us spiritually.

A New and Full Moon in outer space with Purple space dust and stars
Here's The Difference Between New And Full Moons In Astrology

I don't know where I'm headed, but I know something must give at this point.

As humans, we go through phases just like the Moon.

We go through periods of beginnings, building momentum, peak times, and deleting the unnecessary, along with endings. Phases like these help us take a moment to see where we're headed and why it's essential to take an inventory of what stage of a situation we're currently in so we can work it to our advantage.

The New and Full Moon cycles are among the most familiar lunar events to everyone. Sure, most have heard of eclipses; those are also essential lunations.

New and Full Moons in Astrology help us look at beginnings, growth, and how to let go of what’s no longer helpful in our journey.

For this reason, paying attention to the most critical lunar events allows us to check in with ourselves. We get the opportunity to start a new phase, or if we've been working at something, we can take a step back and review to evaluate if we genuinely want a particular situation.

So, what's the difference between a New versus a Full Moon in Astrology?!

New Moon Meaning in Astrology

Astrologically, a New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and is the exact moment our natural satellite is void of light. An astronomical event like this occurs because the Moon is between the Sun and Earth, causing its light to be obscured by solar rays.

A New Moon occurs in the Sign that the Sun is currently Transiting. The Moon then Transits near the Sun in an alignment called a Conjunction.

Conjunctions happen when two celestial bodies are within close proximity by degrees and occur within the same Zodiac Sign. "There are out of Sign Conjunctions that occur by degree, but that's not typical during New and Full Moons."

For example, during Leo Season, the Sun is in the Sign of the lion. Depending on the Moons orbit, it will either catch up to the Sun by the end of a month or by the 2nd week of the following month.

Because a New Moon Sign is dictated by the Sun, they carry more of a masculine/ diurnal energy. Since the Sun is associated with the daytime sect, it brings a more positive quality. We use this as a time to kickstart something fresh. Plus, it's one of the reasons to adopt more of the positive attributes of the Zodiac Sign associated with the New Moon.

In Astrology, planets have day or night themes.

From an Astrological perspective, celestial bodies also carry negative, positive, masculine, or feminine qualities. The daytime planets are known as the male, positive portion, while the nighttime is associated with the feminine-negative part.

These assignments were created around the 7 traditional planets that are visible to the naked eye.

The luminaries are called planets in Astrology, so they count in this grouping. Therefore, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are the original planets given these Assignments.

Of course, this labeling does sound offensive with some of the assignments in the times we live in today. The term feminine shouldn't be associated with the word negative; however, these were assigned during ancient times, so let’s remain detached from the meaning.

In life, we have polarity points, and the ancient Astrologers created a system that utilizes the yin and yang properties.

Even though I am a Modern Astrologer and use all of the planets in my work, I use ancient techniques in my practice, they work, so I’ve incorporated them.

Our State Of Mind During A New Moon

Energetically, we are coming to a starting point, so things are unclear regarding what steps we need to take, but we know something needs to be created. During this phase, we assess our needs and reflect on what positive things we need in our lives to grow.

Of course, there's uncertainty during this time, and it could feel like a ton of ideas in our minds about the new phase we want to embark on, so it can be a period of frustration. But once we develop a goal, creating a solid game plan is crucial to bust through all the phases successfully we'll encounter during this growth cycle.

This lunar phase lasts about 3 days or so before moving on to the next part of the cycle that brings in a sliver of light called the first quarter.

Intention Setting For A New Moon

A New Moon is about beginning a fresh cycle, constructing what you wish to improve on in the next 6 months, and using the most significant attributes of that Sign.

At this part of the cycle, it’s important to take steps and create something we would like to see growth within the next 6 months.

Therefore, if we start at a New Moon in Leo, we look to develop the positive attributes of that Sign over half a year. By the time we get to the Full Moon in Leo, we have the opportunity to reap the rewards.

Since the Moon will be in a particular Sign, we devise ways to use that energy productively. In other words, this is a time to adopt the positive qualities of that specific Sign so we can use it to set intentions for where we would like to see ourselves down the line.

Some call this planting seeds or manifesting because you’re putting kernels of energy into the universe you want to see blossom someday.

Speaking of planting seeds, in the literal sense, this is excellent for gardening, especially under fertile Signs like Taurus.

New Moons are about the things you want to scale, so evaluate what you would like to see flourish. Those who follow Moon Cycles also clip their dead ends so that new developments will be healthy. Therefore, use this time if you want to grow hair, nails, plants, or other things that require pruning to increase.

It’s good to journal and create reflective questions to help you understand where you’re headed. Visualize and think about what kind of journey you’re about to embark on and what type of outcome you would like to see in a half year.

Create a vision book with the imagery. In other words, place pictures of the things you want to obtain in your journal; this could be about gaining confidence, working on health, a better job, or even a relationship.

I recommend vision books rather than the boards because it’s private and for your eyes only. Not everything is meant to be seen by others, especially during a New Moon Cycle, because the influence of individuals and their intentions could throw the energy off. On a vibrational level, you should be the one moving the energy so try to keep your manifesting to yourself through this phase.

Sound is another way to enjoy this new out cycle.

Raise the vibrations in your home by playing spiritual music.

Depending on what you’re into, there’s music that carries higher frequencies, which also clears old vibes in favor of positive ones. Doing a sound bath with one of those singing bowls is also excellent for soaking up some fantastic vibes. Also, if you want to center yourself, this is great for meditation.

The New Lunar Cycle is about adding to your life, so filling the air with good vibes is totally recommended.

Use this time to be in your body; that way, you can set crystal clear intentions.

Full Moon Meaning in Astrology

Full Moons are the height of the lunar cycle. Unlike New Moons, Full lunar events are in the opposite Sign from the Sun rather than the same Zodiac. In Astrology, we look at the Moon Sign to determine the energy of this lunation.

Therefore, we experience this lunation when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun, creating an Opposition in Astrology.

Oppositions happen when two celestial bodies face each other by 180 degrees and occur within the polarity of the Zodiac Sign.

During this phase, the Sun can illuminate the Moon because it is on the other side of the Earth. From our point of view, we see the bright side of the Moon; the other part does not reflect this light.

Full Moons occur at certain times of the month depending on lunar orbit. They can happen at the end or middle of the month once the Moon is in the opposing Sign of the Sun. For example, during Aquarius Season, the Sun is Transiting the Sign of the Water Bearer.

Because the Sign of the Moon dictates a Full Moon Sign, they carry more feminine or nocturnal energy. This brings in more intuition and a time to look at complexities. For this reason, we analyze what the Zodiac Sign associated with the Full Moon has brought to our lives and if it has fulfilled us.

Visibly these lunar events last approximately 3 days, so we get to see the Moon at its entire point for at least 72 hours.

Our Mindset During Full Moons

Spiritually, we are at the maximum point in our journey. This is a period to step back and look at what’s been created because now you can see the results of the intentions set 6 months back.

The Full Moon is a period of light being shed on half a year’s hard work.

These lunations mark the peak of a six-month cycle in which we evaluate what we've accomplished in a particular Sign. We look back at the Sign we started in during the New Moon and see if things have flourished as we intended.

In other words, if you planted seeds of intention during the New Moon in Aquarius, the Full Moon in this Sign will be an illuminated point where you know what’s what.

During this Signs energy, we consider what we've acquired, the positive attributes we've adopted, and those that aren't healthy.

These fresh cycles are an assessment period. If things pan out the way we hoped, we’re ready to move forward and harvest the fruits of our labor. If you’re in this condition during the Full Moon, then this could be a period you’re ready to show off your hard work, launch a project or business, celebrate your accomplishments, and continue on this path you created.

Sometimes this is a period when we’re at a fork in the road. A complete lunar cycle could bring you to the point that shows two clear paths, so it might be a period of making the choice that aligns with who you’ve become.

Emotionally, this can be frustrating because we’ve gained some momentum but have plateaued, so modifications are necessary before moving to the last step. In other words, we’ve worked on our aspirations, but something still needs to be tweaked. For the most part, this time is used for modifications before you reach the finish line.

With this portion of the lunar phase, we reflect on the knowledge we gained. The lessons we’ve learned during this period are valuable because we can use that data for something important.

Or, we’re at a period where things have reached their pinnacle. During Full Moons, we can be closing chapters. Additionally, we could be at a point when we’re looking at what no longer works for us, so this could be a time to delete things in your life that aren't bringing good energy to you.

Intention Setting For A Full Moon

With this phase, we can still set intentions, but the objective is different.

Mostly, Full Moons can be considered a period to further your efforts, stabilize a situation, or release something. One of the ways to understand this is by using reflective questions to see where you’re at during the peak of the lunar cycle.

A complete lunar cycle is excellent for adding an extra boost to your goals or intentions you set 6 months ago.

One thing to note, if you’re boosting something you’ve been trying to manifest, make sure it already has a stable foundation because if it’s not feasible, it might not work.

The Full Moon is an excellent time to clear negativity in your home or go for some sort of energy work for yourself. Clearings can be done by using sage or palo santo, salting the corners of your home, and ensuring you’re filling it with good vibes. You can flood your home with good vibes by cooking, playing music, and burning your favorite scents.

Immerse yourself in H20.

You can take a spiritual bath or shower to draw in good vibes and relax. The Moon represents Cancer which happens to be a Water Sign. Also, this luminary moves the tides in our oceans so connecting with this element is helpful. Another excellent way to connect with water is going for a swim or buying one of those inflatable pools.

Alternatively, if you have the funds, an inflatable hot tub is also lovely to soak in during this lunation. But no matter what you choose, soaking in water is an excellent way to do an energy cleansing ritual at home.

Gathering with others is a great way to enjoy this complete cycle. In other words, why not have a dinner party or celebration of sorts with friends or loved ones?! Especially if it’s a Full Moon in Sagittarius, it’s terrific for throwing a shindig with some of the most decadent food and drink!

Depending on the quality of the Moon, one of my favorite things is to hang outside and soak up the lunar light. I usually go out there to burn some incense, journal and reflect on things. Not to mention, hanging out under the Moonlight is relaxing, grounding, and healing AF.

If you have a fire pit, light it up and hang out by it.

These Cycles are great for getting outdoors, so it doesn’t have to be sitting by the fire on your patio or backyard. One of my friends would have a monthly Full Moon bonfire years ago in the woods, and it was an excellent way to enjoy the lunar events.

So, if you live outside the city and have the extra land, why not have a bonfire?!

But again, it doesn’t have to be grand; it’s just great to get out and ground your energy. Nature is one of those things that helps us center ourselves, so if you’re looking to absorb some good vibes, hangout side for a bit.

Coming back to the fire pit and Full Moon scenario, this could be used to burn off old energy. In other words, maybe this is when you’re letting go of something, so this could be a night to release what’s no longer serving you.

Caution, please don’t burn anything huge or obviously something unsuitable for a fire pit.

Mostly this is about letting go but in a practical manner.

Hence, this could be writing a letter to someone you didn’t get closure from, but your mind is stuck on a loop so writing it out helps to purge those thoughts. Take that letter and burn it when you’re done. Or even old photos that tell a story you no longer resonate with for one reason or another. Take that letter and burn it when you’re done.

Another fantastic thing to do if you’ve come full circle and see the fruits of your labor from the last 6 months; write in your journal about your gratitude for a job well done.

Use this time to reap the rewards of your hard work and celebrate.

Super and Micro Moons Come in New and Full versions.

Because the Moon doesn’t rotate around the Earth in an exact circle, its orbits can vary. In other words, the Moon Transits on an elliptical orbit, so there are times when it's closer to our planet or further away from a geocentric perspective.

Super Moon and Micro are prominent and illuminated. These lunar events tend to be substantial light-shed moments.

A Supermoon occurs during Perigee when the Moon is closest to the Earth. As a result, the Moon is more prominent than usual. These lunar events carry a potent amount of energy and can illuminate multiple areas of life that need progress, change, or closure. Also, the gravitational pull can be more robust on our coasts and emotions with Super Moons.

Apogee is when the moon is a distance away from Earth, causing it to appear smaller than typical. Just because this Moon is further away doesn’t mean it isn’t strong by any means. A Micro Moon is great for narrowing down or focusing its concentrated energy on one area of life.

Eclipses In Astrology

Eclipses are more complicated versions of the New and Full Moons, which cause substantial atmospheric changes by shifting the luminaries' light. The Earth is between the Moon and the Sun during a Lunar Eclipse. As a result, the Moon goes into the Umbra, “Earth’s Shadow,” obscuring its light reflected off of the Sun, causing the Moon to look a reddish color.

A Solar Eclipse is a special New Moon with longer effects and a triggering later on. They are even more significant because it will mark a new event in your life. Fresh starts could be the beginning of a new job, a change in goal, jumpstarting a new path entirely, or shifting your perspective in love.

Lunar Eclipses are about having an aha moment when it comes to the serious situations connected with a Sign’s energy. This could be when you are purging out old values that held you back or stepping away from toxic female figures in your life since Lunar Eclipses rule feminine energy.

An important thing to note during an Eclipse is, please don’t do any manifesting. Doing manifestation rituals during eclipses could have adverse effects due to the volatility of this sort of lunar event.

So, yeah, the New and Full lunar cycles have so many facets to them; this is why humans have been fascinated by these lunations for eons.

And now that you know more about these special lunations use it to help you check in with yourself more and take some much-needed me time.

-Later guys


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