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How The Lunar Nodes Shifting Into The Taurus Scorpio Axis: Being Mellow vs. Intense

The North and South Node of the Moon will go into the Taurus-Scorpio Axis, causing us to reevaluate our relationship with peace vs. the need to be edgy.

Let’s face it; we could all use a break from the intensity out there!

The Lunar Nodes are ending their cycle in the Gemini-Sagittarius Axis and going into the Taurus-Scorpio polarity.

But what are the Lunar Nodes? The Nodes are an intersection point of karma in the astrology chart. It shows us the areas we are good at and how to improve them. In other words, we may have become accustomed to a particular way of being, and now is the time to grow so that we can move towards a new goal. Because these chart points are mathematical, they are not like planets. When a constellation is in a celestial body like Venus, it will bring those Venusian qualities to that arrangement of stars causing the Zodiac Sign to be pronounced. You can get the Zodiac Sign in its raw form with a Node.

We need to be more mellow vs. intense with the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The mellow part belongs to a higher vibration of Taurus, and the intensity is the shadow nature of Scorpio.

We’ve gained some hard lessons on facts and beliefs as we leave the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Over the last 18 ½ months, we took a hard look at separating our opinions from the absolute truth, and when you look at the state of the world currently, this situation cannot be denied.

The North Node was in Gemini, which we needed to adapt to. With the South Node, we look at the lower vibration situations that have accumulated in the world and what needs change. As a result, during the South Node in Sagittarius, one of the biggest things was how we couldn’t let our beliefs and opinions blind us to the facts. These Nodes were in Mutable energy, which is about significant changes before a new start.

The North Node in Transit is a characteristic we need to move towards in our current journey. Whereas the South Node is discarded because it’s not high vibrational. Because we are changing to a North Node in Taurus will show us how to adopt a more peaceful attitude. And because these Nodes deal with Fixed Sign energy, we will bring about change that stands the test of time. Fixed Signs are the stabilizers that hold our lives in place, so yes, the change could be challenging, but once it does shift, it will be long-lasting.

Note that these terms are not directed at your Sign, so if you are a Taurus or Scorpio, this has more to do with Transits and not your Sun Sign. Although, if you are a Fixed Sign, you will have these Nodes Aspecting your chart. Therefore, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leos will feel these Nodes the most.

Scorpio South Node Topics

Because the South Node is what we are looking to release as a society, these are the topics that could come up from the Scorpio side of the Lunar Nodes.

The themes you can expect during this transit are:⁠

  • A resistance to let things go and grudge-holding

  • Understanding that being callous isn’t acceptable

  • Change that’s chaotic and sometimes unnecessary

  • Seeing the truth about those who do unspeakable things

  • Being secretive will have a way of backfiring

  • There is a considerable possibility to uncover truths in your day-to-day life

  • Learning we don’t always have to take extreme measures

  • Letting go of paranoia that’s prevented us from truly living

  • Resolving circumstances around mishandled finances

  • Manipulative tactics that once worked tend to backfire in this energy

  • Looking at a better way to speak to people rather than being overly cutting in our delivery

  • Issues with the way we view reproductive care, birth control, and things seen as taboo

  • Or control over sexual autonomy

  • Being out of touch due to the trappings of not relating to those who don’t have wealth

  • Gaining control back from those who use material things as leverage

  • Letting go of the need to be in control

  • Understanding that force isn’t necessary

  • Giving our power away for the wrong reasons

  • Our unhealthy fixations will come up for review

  • Understanding how being envious could cloud our judgment

  • Working through issues that consume us with extreme feelings

  • ⁠Understanding that we can’t let our emotions dictate how we react to things

With the Scorpio South Node, we will be releasing how we look at clout. This could be weaponizing influence in financial and sexual situations because the term money and sex is power is real.

In Scorpio, it’s possible to lose your personal power due to sex and money, which is the lower vibration. Unfortunately, some people use those things to assert dominance over others. In the simplest terms, you can have a relationship where the power dynamics are not even because one person is more emotionally invested than the other, causing intense fears of abandonment. As a result, people tend to take extreme measures to ensure security in their relationships.

When it comes to money, these power dynamics that need to change can be situations where certain family members hold finances over a person’s head. There could be issues with a spouse who uses the finances to dominate their partner. Or, a boss who dangles a raise over a person’s head like a carrot along with making threats about job security to reaffirm their authority.

A South Node in Scorpio has a lot to do with other people's money, loans, debts, and inheritances. So again, money comes back into play with this, which could expose mishandled funds from a family member, spouse, a partnership with friends that opened a business, or other situations where individuals are responsible for other people’s funds.

Another thing that could come up is how cruel people are to others. The intensity part is more pronounced because it shows us some of the items we don’t like to look at in life which can be challenging. It’s not as if we don’t see this kind of stuff every day; it’s more so that Scorpio has a way of showing us things in a way we can’t brush off, so this is an area we won’t be able to sweep under the rug.

Hopefully, we can look at the lower vibration of this South Node and do some course correction.

Taurus North Node Topics

The North Node is like an after photo in one of those commercials where someone is dissatisfied with how things are going, so they take action to transform.

Here is what we are striving for with this NN:

  • Understanding where we need to incorporate more serenity in our lives

  • Coming to a place where we don’t allow others to harsh our mellow

  • Not allowing others to push us into something we aren’t okay with

  • Focusing on how we can make the world a beautiful place

  • Learning that we need to be more reliable to the people around us

  • Taking responsibility for those who cant sustain themselves

  • Realizing that old values are holding us back

  • Developing healthier self-worth

  • Building up our resources through our own efforts rather than relying on others

  • Understanding that we need dependability when it comes to our resources

  • Persistence when it comes to your goals

  • Stability is what you gain and seek in your life

  • Having more of an urge to choose a less harsh route

  • Concluding that not everything has to be so serious

  • Freeing yourself from manipulation

  • Finding a way to make sure everyone is comfortable

  • Being financially responsible towards the ones who matter most to you

  • Getting back in touch with nature to become more grounded

  • Seeking out comfort that’s going to keep you safe for the long haul

With all of these themes, we are attempting to leave behind the lower vibes of the South Node.

Hopefully, we can accomplish these because it won't be an easy feat for us to get to a more mellow, dependable place where we're not taking everything seriously or being so heavy in our emotions.

Becoming the kind of society that looks out for others will require a ton of transformation.

I’m not saying we could pull this off in 18 ½ months, but when it comes to these Nodes, they do jump-start long-term change, which is the best we can hope for at this point.

Uranus is going Direct that day and will be with the NN in Taurus, so at some point. This could kick-start a fast solution to an old problem. But significantly, when Uranus Conjuncts the North Node, it will help usher in positive, favorable change rather than a feeling of upheaval. This planet will eventually Line up with the NN on June 26th and bring about some sort of karmic change to fix where we are stuck as a society.

So, we might be releasing something stagnant that’s been hindering our evolution.

Use this time to change the areas of your life that have become too extreme and learn the art of being mellow.

-Later guys

If you enjoyed this blog post, a fresh cup of java would be greatly appreciated; thanks again!! 😺☕😻


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