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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Vibes: Feb 16, 2020

2/2/20 1:42 am: Begins Shadow

2/16/20 4:55 pm: Retrograde

3/9/20 9:41 pm: Direct

3/29/20 6:32 pm: Out of Shadow

First Retrograde of the year and New Decade!!

Mercury is in Detriment in Pisces even when it is not in Retrograde, so due to the fact this planet is going inverse through a sign that it is least comfortable with you are going to really have to ground yourself in the best way possible.

Themes Of Mercury RX in Pisces.

For this retrograde, you are going to have to try to balance reality vs. fantasy in how you perceive others and information. It is going to be easy to let go of the details more so because you don't want to handle a task that requires you to dot all of the I's and T's.

Not looking at all the details when signing documents during this period is just a bad idea altogether. You should always look at the fine print before you authorize any contract, but it even more crucial during a Retrograde because you could be put in a situation you won’t be able to resolve until the next two Mercury RX’s are over.

Taking on more than you can handle is going to be a theme with the Pisces energy on this planet due to not wanting to make others disappointed. This is going to cause you to feel saddened because it will appear like others are taking advantage of you, but you are the one who offered. Also, it will derail you from your own responsibilities if you take on everyone else's work.

Careers that deal with writing, or communication might require you to really take your time before you post things on social media, articles you write, or conversing with co-workers because things might not come off concisely. You might run the risk of errors if you do a rush job or coming off disoriented from the Pisces vibes.

Academic progress is going to be a bit stagnant, this is due to not being able to absorb what you are learning because your attention span isn’t present and you are distracted by shiny objects. If you can find other ways to retain this information, then try a new approach instead. For instance, rather than reading a textbook, try watching tutorial videos to learn subjects because that will have a better chance of holding your attention.

Clouded judgment is going to be a big issue with this retrograde. You are going to have a hard time deciphering things you usually do with ease, so it is going to be crucial that you slow down when multi-tasking because you are disorganized.

You will turn to living on your instincts because you are not able to be logical. The line between rational and intuitive will be hard to understand because you can’t do both in a balanced way so there will be moments where you are on autopilot with one foot in the world of everyday life and the other in the psychic realm.

Your psychic awareness will be more open and receptive than usual, so you need to guard against picking up on others' energies. Your emphatic abilities will make you extra sensitive to vibes, so you need to defend yourself against feeling other people's anxieties, or depressiveness.

The need to just tune out will be present because you are not wanting to deal with the issue that has been bubbling over in your life. There will be a stronger urge for escapism through daydream, alcohol, and drugs during this transit. Channel this energy into doing activities such as art, poetry, or music to stimulate your mind healthily.

Mercury Retrograde in Water Signs

Yearly, Mercury goes through a particular element to review things in that Triplicity for society as a whole. So, one year we might have lessons in Fire, another, could be in Earth signs and so on.

Check out my post "Mercury Retrograde Meaning: Transit Vibes and How they Affect You" for an in-depth look at Inverse cycles and elements )

There are some years it will have an emphasis on a segment but has one last review in another element. Inverse cycles will spend a few weeks in Water, then Mercury will spend the last few in Air until it goes forward.

Now that we are at the beginning of the Mercury Inverse cycle for 2020, it is time to make it a point to work healing yourself emotionally and working on your relationships that are worth salvaging.

It varies from year-to-year, 2020 has the Water Signs, so these are some of the areas to work on:

*It is to break old patterns and emotional habits that don’t serve you.

*This is a time to fix your coping skills and how you handle trauma in your life.

*Sometimes emotional disappointment can be buried deep beneath the surface, so this is your time to

work on the deep-rooted issues so you can heal your suffering and not suppress things that bother you.

*Energetically, you’re more inclined to go inward in Water Signs inverse cycles; this placement causes an

experience of internal reactions which you’ll learn how to understand over


*Don’t escape emotions, or they come back for you to deal with them later over the next Retrograde in this element.

*The best way to know if you will be affected is to check what planets are being aspected in your chart because it takes an activation from Mercury to feel the energy intensely.

Use this time to fix what was misunderstood and move forward once again.

Also, don’t stop your life because this planet is Retro, live it to the fullest just go slow when it comes to things that require your full attention, and you should be fine.

In Aquarius

After 3 weeks, Mercury will go Direct at 28 Aquarius so, themes that will come up should involve circumstances that were going on around Feb 1st. The beginning of February was a time where you got stuck as Mercury inched towards the shadow period. It’s a good idea to think about what you were planning in terms of friendships, networking, or group activities because, as it hits that area of Aquarius again, you should receive a revelation on how to move forward.

This part of the retrograde will offer some sort of resolution to your state of affairs. Situations that need change will be heightened at this time, so there could be sudden shifts in things that need to be shaken up around you especially with relationships.

Mercury Retrograde in Air

In Air, you focus on the meaning of relationships; because, in this element, it is all about how you relate to others. Dealings of all kinds, whether it be family, spouses, and friendships, you will have to work on what is lopsided.

  • Communication in these relations is essential, you will need to express your opinions so that things are clear,

  • Flakiness will ruin relationships, so it is best to work on being reliable.

  • Also, misinformation, situations where the truth has been bent needs to be addressed.

  • Deep one on one relationships will need your attention

  • When it comes down to friendships, this is a time to make sure you are getting back as much as you are giving.

  • It is an excellent time to review where you belong and work on issues where you have sacrificed your authenticity to be part of the fold.

  • Be a leader and not a follower is one of the best things you can do when it comes to friends that try to get you to conform.

  • Low key irritations can occur because your limit with others will be at it’s peak.

  • It will be a bit of a challenge to tap into your intellectual resources, to say the least.

  • You’ll have the hardest time concentrating or be the smartest person in the room.

  • Additionally, this is a time to learn how to get more organized in your life and unions.

  • Become better at managing your affairs; look at where your priorities are in life,

  • Think before you buy gadgets and other motorized products

  • Do some research because this is a great time to investigate things.

  • Even though Mercury will only be in Aquarius for a few days, it's still a good idea to be aware of these things so you can resolve what needs to be concluded.

Retrograde Vibes and How They Affect You.


This Retrograde has more favorable transits than uncomfortable ones. However, because this is an inverse cycle, you want to go slow or review something a few times before you take the plunge.


Mercury Sextile Jupiter in Capricorn Reconnecting with People from The Past

First, his one will connect you with friends you haven't seen or communicated within a while, so if you’re out on the town, don’t be surprised if you run into people you haven’t seen in forever.

Secondly, this aspect will bring new people into your life that are perfect for you in friendship or love. Third, it will give you the kick-start you need to get things going with your career or new business contacts. Despite the fact, this is happening during a Mercury Retrograde any ideas you've had that have been on the back burner are now ready to be launched. Your plans go as intended with this and communication is excellent because yours plus other people’s emotions are in check. Lastly, your intuitive abilities are on fire with this transit, so don't be afraid to use it.

Mercury Square to Moon: Watch Your Mouth

This is the kind of aspect that could cause your emotions to overtake your logic, causing you to make hasty decisions. Also, this is the kind of energy that can make it too easy to run your mouth because of poor emotional reactions.


Mercury Sextile Moon

This is a smooth-running energy that helps you get your emotions, thoughts, and words across. Be vocal with this energy, so things that need to be said or heard work in your favor. However, try to stay balanced with this Transit because going off the deep end or being way outside the Rubix cube will make you come off eccentric or misunderstood those who don’t get your line of reasoning.


Mercury Trine the North Node A Time to Think about Your Future

A few more comfortable aspects come in today that will help you step into your future. The vibes with this aspect will help you think about how to act on your goals and feel a sense of certainty about what you truly need to be happy. Use this energy to guide you in the right direction.

Mercury Sextile South Node Taking What You’ve Learned and Using it Wisely

Sometimes the past comes up to show us what we truly need to be happy, and it also gives us some useful tools to use on our path. This is the transit that gives you the ability to leave behind what hasn’t worked and discard it while bringing with you some wisdom that can be used in the future.

Mercury Conjunct Sun: In Need of a Power-Up?

If you require a power-up like you get while playing video games, this is the transit that will invigorate you. It will give you a burst of energy, so go out and enjoy the rest of this day. It’s a good night to go out to dinner or have a fun adventure.

Mercury Sextile Mars: Speaking Up for The Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask For

Have you been wanting something for a while but were too afraid to act or speak up? Well, this is the Transit that allows for you to do so in a way that doesn’t backfire, even in a Mercury Retrograde. My advice is to use this energy to get ahead on your goals because overall, the 25th has the best energy to get things moving in your life.


Mercury Semisquare Venus: Miscommunication in Relationships and Impulsive Behavior

Relationship issues come up when this aspect hits. Try your best to hear what your partner is really saying because this energy can result in arguments due to not understanding one another or speaking in an insulting way. Also, this could cause one to jump the gun and act impetuously, causing your partner or vice versa to feel insecure and do something out of hand.


Mercury Semisquare Jupiter: Your Ego is Showing Tuck it in

February 28 is a day to be mindful of your words and to keep your ego in check. There is a ton of arrogant energy going on that day, so if you are looking for someone to one-up the vibes are right for getting into pissing contest with others. This energy makes it easy to run into the braggadocios types so try to remove yourself from situations that can get obnoxious as much as you can. Also, take your time when doing a crucial task because this is the kind of transit that can make you so confident you could overlook critical specifics and mess things up.

Mercury Quincunx Moon: Confusing Logic for Emotional Reactions

Under a Virgo Moon, there will be an aspect that causes us to rationalize acting irrational. This is the kind of Transit where it is wise to take a step back and make sure you can decipher the difference between emotional confusion versus over-analyzing something to the point you’re down a rabbit hole. Also, with this transit, try not to overthink what someone said because it could result in verbally lashing out due to poor reactions.

Lifting the Fog

Try and make the most of your intuition because clear analytical thoughts won’t function as well. Use your gut instincts to guide you during this retrograde and don’t fret if you are unable to make decisions right now, take your time and wait until you are clear-minded. The right moment will come once we are out of this period and then you will be free and clear to act on anything you want to accomplish.


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