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New Moon in Aries April 5th 2019

Now that we are at the beginning of the Astrological New Year it is time to set your intentions so you can manifest what you need in your life.

A New Moon is formed when the Sun and Moon conjunct one another, so the remarkable thing about this particular lunation is that Aries is exalted by this solar energy causing this to be an effective transit. This means you start this new astrological period with a substantial energetic push towards what you need in your life.

The New Moon in Aries is going to open the door for new adventures! This sign gives you the gift of being bold and daring in areas you were too scared to act on so take advantage and crush-it like a boss chick or dude!

Work on any hostility or animosity in relationships and stand up for yourself against those who try to dominate you. Break free from things that have restricted you because this is your time to shine and embark on a new path. Put the past behind you and be the one who initiates the changes in your life.

Transits to The New Moon

This New Moon is making contacts to Saturn and Pluto which will be the source of discomfort in relationships, but it will cause you to make some significant decisions to become strong and grow up. Additionally, Chiron plays a role in this Lunar cycle which is going to give you the ability to move forward in a way that is cathartic and softens your landing.

Moon Conjunct Sun- Dusting Yourself Off and Starting Fresh

When the Moon enters a cutting-edge sign like Aries, you can expect things in your life to receive the spark of high fiery vibes that create bold actions in you. So, anything that needs to get done will get the kick-start it requires. This is a time to take this Aries magic and get things done that you've been too afraid to start.

  • Charge your rituals with Cardinal Fire energy to create powerful intentions

  • Standing up for yourself to those who try and hinder your progress it is time to let go of relationships that hold you back.

  • Stepping outside of the norm and trying new things

  • Learning how to be courageous and self-assured in your own abilities

  • Separate yourself from the heard and enjoy your individuality

  • Bringing a sense of fun and adventure back into your life

  • Confidence that allows you to reclaim your personal power

  • Becoming more responsive and quicker on your feet

  • Letting go of negativity and filling your life with optimism

  • Being honest about what you need to be happy, even if it means putting yourself first for a change

  • Own who you are and live in your truth

  • Seize all of the opportunities you have in front of you and take advantage of those blessings

  • more proactive in your social life it’s time to attract your tribe instead of hanging with people who aren’t on the same frequency #Highvibesonly

  • Put yourself out there romantically and getting out of your dating rut

  • Athleticism, if you have health and body this is the time to set intentions to gain the level of fitness you’ve always wanted

  • Channel your inner gladiator/warrior because it’s time for you to be mighty

Take all of your resources and plant seeds because you are craving a more dynamic lifestyle. Put your wants out to the universe to help you achieve what it is you are ready to create.

Moon and Sun SemiSquare Mars Energetically, this transit can cause you to have problems in your romantic relationships.

Because this is such impetuous energy, you might have to watch how you speak to others, because words come out wrong, or reckless.. Also, the impulsive vibes will turn you into a speed demon, so there is a higher potential for being clumsy.

Moon and Sun Square to Pluto- Saturn: Be Responsible

And aspect like this is impressive for illuminating your inner strength and power; it is an extremely dominant and go-getter energy when appropriately channeled.

There is a lot of emotional stuff that needs to be released or it can cause outburst and power struggles with others. You might be dealing with those who believe it's their world and everyone else is just living in it. Alternatively, wanting your way and only your way can strain your relationships with others.

Guarding your feelings will cause you to be like a pressure cooker waiting to release all of the tension so try and find healthy ways to channel this energy. There is a ton of issues from females in some ways either controlling, gossipy or petty, especially if they are in an authority role. You might need to fix your relationship with women or find ways to heal your inner femininity. Jealousy, compulsion, and obsessive behavior is another thing that needs to be watched with this aspect.

Chiron Sextile Mars: Tackling Challenges Head On.

This is an aspect that actually empowers you and causes you to tackle what needs to get done. There is a ton of energy in the air to be motivated and to be the best at everything. You are able to push through your obstacles to reveal you're true potential with a transit like this. Moon and Sun Square Moon's North Node Intuitive with a Touch of Insensitivity

There is a vibe of motivation that comes through causing others to want to interact on a deep and spiritual level. This aspect causes one's instincts to be better and allows you to see the truth in others. There will be people who want to connect and are all about their tribe plus family. The only thing with an aspect like this is that there is a lack of sensitivity and stubbornness from others which is an odd and slightly contrary thing due to all the connective energy in this transit.

Becoming Strong

All of the excitement in the air is going to cause you to feel energized again! This is the end of the rut you have been in, and now it’s time to become bold. It’s time to try new things and become spontaneous in your life; the cool thing is you will have the opportunities to go out and make your wildest dreams come true.


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