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Your Natal Moon Phase Meaning in Astrology Everything You Need To Know About Your Lunar Cycle

Generally, we are all aware of the eight lunar phases that occur each month, but here’s what your natal moon phase in astrology signifies.

The Full moon in space with lunar phases at the bottom of the picture under blue space dust
Your Natal Moon Phase Meaning in Astrology Everything You Need To Know About Your Lunar Cycle

Once a month, we observe our natural satellite go through many fluctuations from crescent to complete and sometimes not visible at all for a few days.

As a society, we pay attention to these lunar happenings, especially during the major turning points of the lunar cycles, like the New and Full Moon. This is due to the celestial effects the Moon has on us astronomically and astrologically.

The lunar cycles impact our spirits, emotions, and well-being each month. The tides in our ocean and other bodies of water are similarly influenced by these lunations as well. Therefore, Moon phases certainly have a massive impact, collectively and individually.

In Astrology, we use the Moon phases to understand lunar events, but we also have our own special stages. On the day a person is born, the Moon is in one of its variations, resulting in the individual embodying the energy of that particular lunar cycle.

Therefore, the Moon in your birth chart comes with its own rhythm; here’s what the lunar phases represent in the personal horoscope.

Finding Your Natal Moon Phase

To find your Natal Moon Phase, I recommend using a website or app with an astrology chart calculator.

The best ones to use are Astrodienst, Astroseek, and Astro Charts. And if you prefer apps, I recommend AstroMatrix, Sanctuary, or TimePassages.

Once you’ve got the data, look for your personal lunar phase below.

Natal New Moon Phase

Being born under a fresh lunar event can symbolize a soul whose purpose is to start a new chapter. In other words, this is a New Moon phase and represents an opening point.

A beginning lunar phase starts at zero illumination but slowly becomes lit. The measurements are between 0-45 degrees in terms of brightness.

Spiritually, this kind of lunation doesn't mean a soul is young; although it can be, but this could be seen as a clean slate or a reboot for the person carrying this energy. Therefore, if you’re born under this stage, it's about starting a new chapter in the 8 lunar phases, so the next life will be the crescent moon, then so on and so on.

Intuition guides those born under this phase more than any other thought-form. This is not to say you don’t use logic and left-brained intellect, but you’re natural psychic inclinations are more potent than other forms of perceiving in your life. New Moon individuals feel things more instinctively and experience many intuitive downloads.

Energetically, those born during these lunar cycles need to be stimulated, resulting in the constant need to seek new experiences, opportunities, and fulfillment in their life. So, these people have a liveliness and continually seek possibilities and adventure. There is a magnetism to them as well.

The ego is a neutral expression of this Moon Phase.

On the one hand, you need to think of yourself if you’re born under this lunar cycle, which is excellent for you doing you. Also, this is your time to shine brightly, even if there is no light during your lunar phase. This is because you’re meant to push the energy forward from your lunar cycle and stand out by your own efforts, personality, and talent.

Because this Moon Phase is not visible, some things might be harder to initiate. Therefore, planning ahead may not always manifest in the way intended.

We can see this as a lower expression in situations with the ego. The more complicated facets could show up as a lack of self-awareness and selfishness, and this energy can create moments of emotional immaturity, impetuousness, and the need to see immediate results, which is not always possible.

Natal Crescent Moon Phase

Those born when the Moon has a splash of light are born under a Crescent Phase. Because this is a waxing Moon, it allows the individual to take all that unbridled energy from the New Moon Phase and apply it to something useful. Also, a lunation like this begins a more fruitful period of the lunar cycle.

A Crescent is measured in the degrees of 45 to 90 in terms of its illumination.

Spiritually, the Crescent Phase person is in the second stage of the Moon cycle, so they still have a lot of work to do. Being born under this phase tends to mean a lot of effort to maintain what they’ve cultivated from their previous cycle. There also tends to be a bit of a tug of war of maintaining who they are vs. what everyone else tries to project on them, which could result in allowing others to tell them how they should feel about themselves.

During these lunar cycles, individuals tend to be more attuned to their intuition and use what they’ve learned from the last phase to grow from their experience. Logic is more prevalent in these people born under this cycle, but they still rely on their instincts.

Energetically, these guys can think quickly and take action on more productive things. With their abundance of hopefulness and a thirst for life, crescent individuals are motivated to go after what they desire dynamically.

They are often drawn to new and exciting ideas and enjoy being surrounded by people who think outside the box. Crescent individuals tend to be independent and resourceful, so they can always find creative solutions to problems.

The Crescent Moon phase is associated with air; those born under this phase are often excellent communicators. They may find themselves drawn to careers in writing, teaching, or public speaking.

Because they’re creating a new image and shedding off what was in the past, there might be issues with letting go of old habits.

As a result, this could lead to the lower expression of this Moon cycle. These individuals tend to be cyclical in nature, so they get caught up in nostalgia but need to keep that in balance, so they aren’t allowing old habits to creep back into their lives.

First Quarter Natal Moon Phase

People tend to have game-changer energy at this point in the Moon phase.

Spiritually, you’re able to make things a reality. In other words, if there is something you have your heart set on, you have this remarkable way of making it happen for yourself. This could be in the form of projects or going after what you want in life. Even if you don’t have a strategy yet, you still take action on your goals.

A phase like this is at 90 to 135 degrees and illuminates the Moon by 50%.

Energetically, they tend to be more dexterous and constantly pivot to ensure they’re thriving. Even if they’re not fond of sudden change, it’s necessary for them to become more adaptable. These people have good interpersonal skills and understand the art of compromise. However, they must be aware of those who try to keep them small.

If this is healthily expressed, the person has a go-getter spirit and was born to be pioneering. There is a sense of confidence that the world is there’s to conquer. First-quarter individuals set out to create something solid in their lives to stay grounded and ensure a steady foundation.

These people are excellent at manifesting things to themselves rather than in a passive way. Instead, these guys look at ways to make things materialize fast.

Frenzied vibes come from this lunar cycle, so the individual with this Moon might be chaotic sometimes. In other words, there is constant adversity going on around them. First-quarter individuals could deal with crises or bump up against those who are difficult.

However, these guys are excellent at pushing themselves past these scenarios, so their ability for conflict resolution is exceptional.

A lower expression of this energy can form when these people aren't burning this energy off correctly. One of the issues that can occur is when they aren't being productive; these individuals can create havoc.

Natal Gibbous Moon Phase

The Gibbous Moon phase in the natal chart represents a time of stretching and reaching beyond our usual routine.

A phase like this is 135 to 180 degrees, which translates into 60-99% of illumination.

Spiritually, these people are at a point in their phase where they’ve gotten past certain hurdles and are eager to get things moving in the right direction finally. Because you are past the other stages, your soul is ready to make things happen and can take a more logical approach to what you want in life. For this phase, the individual has a better strategy for how to make magic happen.

Energetically, you are past the throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks stage, so this is research time. There might be some trial and error, but you’re no longer acting on impulse. During this period, the natives could create something and make it perfect.

Even if you experience adversity, you’re better than most at pushing past your obstacles. In this phase, you know who you are and your true potential, which helps you get ahead better. Also, those who try to project their insecurities onto you won't get very far.

It is also believed to be when we are most open to newness and change. Gibbous Moon individuals have refined the art of pivoting, so they can easily adapt to new situations and people.

Intelligence is higher than average during this cycle, so it could be more important to you than most to have a good education. Through this lunar cycle, those born with it can absorb data quicker than most. Also, those with this cycle tend to regenerate faster and have a healer's touch.

The lower end of this could look like dissatisfaction with uninventiveness, so giving these individuals run-of-the-mill data could result in them reacting in an intellectually arrogant manner.

Full Moon Phase In The Natal Chart

If a person is born under this type of Moon, they have peaked out energy.

A complete lunar phase sits at 180-225 degrees, causing the Moon to be fully illuminated.

Spiritually, these individuals are at the peak of their soul's growth. A Natal Moon phase like this is the halfway point in the 8 lunar phases, so this person is halfway through their soul journey. Being at the height of this produces a ton of mission and purposefulness. The individual has worked hard and is now ready to show the world what it’s made of so these individuals can produce tangible results.

Energetically, you can bring things to full fruition.

For this reason, there is a feeling of being destined to do something meaningful that the public can enjoy. Full Moon individuals are intense in their approach and the vibe they emanate. Because of this, you’re influential, which is excellent when appropriately channeled, but you need to stay balanced. Otherwise, your words can have an effect and influence others to act.

Because the person is born when Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, they have polar energies. In other words, your personality could have many polarities because it is pulled by an opposition. Also, their emotional state could fluctuate because these people are at a point where they need to tweak what's off-kilter, launch what's ready, and end what doesn’t serve them.

States of consciousness could have felt like there were ups and downs due to this energy having to deal with the Sun opposing the Moon. In other words, there could have been going back and forth between parents.

Being born with the energy of polarities, you also need relationships to feel balanced. This is not to say you can't do things on your own but having a good amount of support is crucial. In your romantic and platonic relationships, you need people who connect more profoundly.

Otherworldly experiences tend to be those of this soul because it is past the physical plane and needs something more than the superficial.

The lower expression is to avoid entanglement by others and leave the drama behind. With this Moon phase, you must stay aware of your actions.

The Waning Gibbous Natal Moon Phase

A Disseminating Moon phase in the natal chart is when we disperse and share what we have learned with others.

The moon's light is tapering off to the other side in preparation for it to go dark again. In this section, we enter the separating cycle, which is at 225 to 270 degrees and reduces light by 99 to 60%.

Spiritually, these individuals have a cathartic vibe to them. Their soul is conscious, so they have a lot of self-awareness and knowledge from a higher plane to bring to the world. These people are the ones who can heal others. Therefore, they could carry a purifying vibe about them or become natural healers.

Energetically, there is a calm about these individuals because they are filled with more awareness than ego. What they bring to the table is an ability to share info from their wisdom, education, and psychic abilities.

What stimulates their souls is creativity. They are very imaginative and can pull from other realms with whatever they’re making, art, writing, and music-wise.

These individuals have a strong sense of justice and always fight for the underdog. Because these guys are relentless and never bow out of a fight, they are excellent at advocating for the voiceless. It’s in their nature to be loyal and trustworthy, which makes them incredible friends to have in your corner.

A lower expression is that these individuals need to care for themselves as much as they provide for others. People tend to rely on them too heavily, resulting in these guys feeling depleted. Because of their sense of what’s just, they must be aware of being too self-righteous.

Last Quarter Natal Moon Phase

At this phase, the Moon is at its final amount of light. So, this portion is approximately 270 to 315 degrees, with 50 to 40% of the remaining light.

During this phase, the Moon is visible in the sky for about half of the day. Last Quarter Moons are associated with reflection and completion. If you were born during this phase, it suggests that you are reflective and introspective.

Spiritually, the person's soul is at a point of turning inward. Hence, they are more reflective beings.

They’re at the last stages of the 8 and have learned so much that now it’s time to be reflective on the wisdom they gained. At this stage, your soul could feel like you’re operating on a different frequency than others.

Energetically, you’re in a headspace that doesn't always relate to what's occurring in the outside world. Instead, you’re exploring different states of consciousness. Because this is the last quarter, some of these can feel like internal conflict that leads to transformation.

Last Quarter, individuals needed to reconfigure their energy which could lead to needing more time to themselves than most. With this lunar phase, meditation of all forms is excellent. Also, keep a dream journal or write to keep track of the intuitive messages you’re constantly getting.

This Moon requires quiet time with your thoughts.

Individuals born under this phase might are drawn to solitary pursuits such as writing or meditation. Last quarter types are also attracted to social sciences or counseling, where they can help others better understand themselves.

Endings are associated with this cycle, so these individuals could find it easier to close out things that need to be released.

A lower expression of this is about being in their heads and feeling detached from everyone around them.

Balsamic Moon- Wanning Crescent Phase In The Natal Chart

Finally, we reach the end of all the Moon cycles, known as the balsamic phase, which is about transmutation. The more popular name for this cycle is the waning crescent, but in astrology, it is named balsamic to mark an inward turning point.

At this cycle, the Moon is entirely dark again and is at 315 to 360 degrees which is 45 to 0% of remaining light.

Spiritually, this is the last of the Moon phases, so this soul has completed all 8 cycles.

For this reason, they carry with them all the lessons of the others and also have some situations to settle up before transitioning into a fresh process. Also, these individuals are connected to knowledge from higher realms, so their frequency is open to the void.

In other words, they can connect to the other side without much effort. These individuals are more in tune than the rest of the phases regarding otherworldly experiences.

Energetically, these souls are walking around with an open frequency, allowing them to be more empathic, pick up on the invisible, and have more psychic energy than most. The reason this happens is that their energy is open to other planes of existence.

This is another lunar phase for a person who could feel like relating to others is problematic due to their states of consciousness. These individuals have a ton of unfinished business to take care of in this lifetime.

Karmically, they encounter many situations, and people meant to come into their life. This is because they must settle up energy before entering a new lunar cycle in the next life. One of the best ways to nurture this Moon is through new-age practices and supernatural things.

A lower expression of this phase could be about feeling too distant from people causing these guys to feel like they’re on the outskirts of society. They can feel more sensitive than most and believe some of the things others do are slight on them.


Natal Moon phases in astrology give us another layer in understanding our personality and along with how we react to things. Use this to gain more insight into your personal rhythm in life.


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