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New Moon in Pisces March 6th, 2019-Putting Concrete Energy Behind Your Dreams and Ambition.

Get ready for some Pisces magic!!

Magical lunar vibes come into play with psychic and dreamy Pisces. There will be four planets in Pisces this day so the energy will be powerful and full of intuitive vibes. Also, there will be a ton of aspects that will be present during this young Moon’s transit such as:

  • Mercury will be Retrograde in Pisces

  • Neptune is currently in its home placement of this tethered fish

  • Mercury is forming a Square to Jupiter which is the co-ruler of this sign

  • The Moon and the Sun is also in Pisces and making a Square to ruler Jupiter

Pisces has a mystic quality about them and are receptive to others feelings, which makes this an empathic moon. They are the mermaids and mermen of the Zodiac, which allows them to see things others don’t because they can explore deeper depths than most other signs can.

Try to be in touch with your dreams, because your intuition will be spot on. This Moon will make you feel receptive to all kinds of vibes; for this reason, drawing the things you genuinely want to yourself should come more natural than usual, so be sure to focus your mind on what you’re hoping to manifest to your life.

Because of Mercury Retrograde tying into this Moon, you will have to be careful not to go to the dark corners of your mind. There are a ton of Neptune influences in the air which can pull on you like an undertow. This energy could cause you to look at hidden areas of your brain which is good for figuring out your purpose or what you need to understand.

As long as you know when to stop and not go all subterranean in your mind, you should be okay. This riptide energy can cause a person to go down the waterlogged rabbit hole which will bring a ton of confusion plus it can create a pattern of negative self-talk in your subconscious. There is a tendency for escapism, and that can bring you somewhere you aren’t trying to go leading to a situation that causes discomfort.

That is the other side to Pisces that can be problematic, there are no barriers to where your imagination can go. They can be abstract in their fantasy-land and go into an undercurrent of unrealistic thoughts that pull you under in a way that can make you feel like you are drowning in your emotions.

Transit Vibes And How They Will Affect You.

Let’s look at the connecting planetary alignments and see what we can expect for the next two lunar days.

Moon Conjunct Sun (New Moon Transit) Psychic Vibes, Whimsical feelings, Abstract Fantasies, and Hidden Emotions. Even with Mercury in Retrograde in Pisces, this is still going to be a powerful time to manifest and envision what you want for your life.

Use these lunar powers to breathe life into your dreams, with all of this Neptunian energy it will be easy to conjure up what it is you have imagined for yourself. This is a time to turn your imagination into a reality, so if you have wanted to find a way to make what you wish to be real this would be the time to put that intention out to the universe so it can materialize.

Healing is a big part of this lunar transit, use the energy to clear out any old patterns before starting the new things you want to create. It is time to resolve the areas of your life that are causing you confusion and harm. The psychic energy in the air will wake you up and give you the ability to look at what is needing to be removed from your life even if it means sacrificing for the sake of becoming strong.

This is a time for you to realize who deserves your compassion and who you need to separate from in relationships where you are being manipulated. Release the kind of relationships that are making you feel trapped in some form or fashion.

You can no longer be with people who do this to you, and it is time for you to practice self-care and learn compassion for yourself. Self-preservation is necessary from those who are wanting to take advantage of you, it is time to let them go and move forward.

Dissolve barriers that hold you back and release any hidden emotions that have been suppressed. You are meant to be a visionary who sees the big picture in life. So if any hidden emotions or blocks are holding you back, they must be removed. This will cause you to be limitless and go for what it is you wish to manifest for your life. So, make a wish and Neptune will be sure to grant it.

Moon and Sun Square Jupiter: Spiritual Beliefs, Travel, Over the Top Displays of Emotion, and Indulgences Two of the luminaries the Sun and Moon are shedding light on your situations that need balance. You are looking at life in a way that is different than it used to be and are not sure you believe in the same things anymore. It is like you have lost faith in what you used to have trust in. Your emotions fluctuate from happy to needy to sad which causes you to indulge in food and alcohol. This is a time where your interest in others that are different than you can lead to travel or new philosophies on diversity.

Moon in Pisces Conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Ultra Psychic Visions that need a second look

Channel this energy into music and art because it is intense and better suited for creativity. You feel psychic and for the most part are spot on, but you have to double check just in case things aren’t as accurate. In other words, trust your gut only when you have calmed down because anxiety can cause you to see things that aren’t accurate.

Moon and Sun in Pisces Sextile Mars in Taurus: Getting energized and Accomplished Lunar light from these two celestial bodies is going to push you in the right direction.

Emotional stability comes from this transit. Your drive and energy will be ignited in a way that is determined. This planetary placement will be fantastic for getting things done that you have put off for a while and you will finally complete what you started. Moon and Sun Sextile Saturn: The Saturn and Neptune Connection of 2019 Magical energy becomes more concrete so whatever you wish for you just might get. Saturn brings the fantasy-land of Neptune into a reality, so whatever it is you want will be granted by the usually ridged planet. This is because Saturn forces the Piscean dream to work towards the goal which causes the things you want to materialize, doors will open easily with this rare alignment.

Moon and Sun Sextile Pluto: More contacts to Saturn and Capricorn All of your goals have a strong focus on the energy to accomplish what you want with the solar and lunar vibes combined because it turns you into a go-getter. Pluto will take the energy of Pisces and force it to stay on target until it performs its duties. This gives you the power to transform your dreams into real-life situations.

What The Future Looks like.

Pisces will be in placement with the moon for two days, so that gives us 48 hours to take advantage of this energy. Fill your life with enchantment, this is the time to get the most out of the magical gifts the last sign of the Zodiac will reward us with.

Additionally, you will be more receptive to others, you will be giving and receiving compassionately. Connecting with someone you care about is one of the best ways to enjoy the sensitivity of this sign.


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