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Mercury Retrograde Meaning: Transit Vibes and How they Affect You.

What Happens When Mercury is Retrograde

In Astrology, Mercury is our guide; it allows us to interpret the world around us by taking large-scale ideas and synthesizing them so we can classify what we are trying to decipher. However, this celestial body is a trickster, so just when we think we have it figured out, he turns the tables, which is why people are thrown for a loop when this planet backtracks.

Mercury Retrogrades' meaning in Transit is very different than the one we experience on Natally level. When we are dealing with this as a Transit, we feel its effects temporarily rather than on an expressed energy we would have in our Birth Chart.

Every area of a Mercury Retrograde is about going inward to do the 3 R’s of the Inverse cycle; reboot, recreate, and re-calibrate. You need to go back and become organized. Sometimes, ideas need an overhaul, and Mercury does just that. We have to keep on our toes during an RX cycle; otherwise, there are mishaps, and we can fool ourselves into thinking we have our shit together when really it needs to be tidied up.

Mercury Retrograde 2021

We are done with the Water cycles of 2019 and 2020, so for the year 2021, the Mercury Retrograde vibes are going to be in the Air Signs. What this means is during the Retrogrades we will have to work on communication and relationships.

Here are the important dates to prepare for the Retrograde:

Aquarius RX ♒︎

January 30th, Mercury RX at 26° Aquarius

Shadow 1/14/21 11° degrees of Aquarius

Direct 2/20/21

Out of Shadow 3/12/21

Gemini RX ♊︎

RX during Gemini Season Inverse Cycle

Shadow 5/14/21 16°

On May 29th Mercury turns Retrograde at 24° Gemini

Direct 6/22/21

Out of Shadow 7/7/21

Libra RX ♎︎

And Retro at the beginning of Libra Season

Shadow 9/9/21 13° ♎︎

On September 26th we will be in 25° ♎︎

Direct 10/18/21

Out of Shadow 11/02/21

Indeed it will be an interesting year, look through the rest of this blog post to see what you can expect during an Air Cycle retrograde.

Shadow Period- The Precursor for What's to Come.