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Venus Retrograde Meaning: How This Inverse Cycle Affects Your Love Life And Career

Who’s ready to level up and become something greater?

Whelp, you’re in luck. Jupiter and Saturn are making a rare alignment that will help usher in a new phase, which will cause society to upgrade from the old system.

On top of that, all of this will be visible for everyone to see and are in such a tight Conjunction that it will appear as both planets have combined from Earth's perspective, which has not taken place in centuries. But wait, there’s more; this is also occurring on the Solstice, which is pretty extraordinary.

So now, with this 00 degree Conjunction, we are starting a new Cycle in Air and will continue to see these major Aspects in this element between the two gas giants. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will cause us to create a new foundation for our laws, structures, and philosophy to optimize these things and move towards the future. With a rare alignment like this, we will see some major changes to our society that need a reboot.

Themes of the 2020 Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Alignment

A Grand Conjunction happens every 20 years, and one like this only comes back centuries later, so we are in for a major revamp.

Here are some themes you can expect from this rare alignment:

Having the ability to take the biggest dreams and make them happen.

What are you here to bring to the table?

How do you put your energy out into the collective?

Hopes and wishes could become something real because you won’t be afraid to work for it.

Where do we need to look at the new and cutting edge?

A wider perspective on what regulations isn’t serving the people

Revolutionizing our old structures so we can create new opportunities and philosophical ideas

Leveling up our beliefs that are no longer sustainable so we can go towards something greater.

Major changes in society on an economic level

More people become early adopters to the advancements that are coming rapidly.

Old-fashioned ways of life will become harder to maintain, and the tradition that no longer works could become obsolete.

Expanding and creating a greater foundation for humanity

This is the time to do away with the barriers that divide us.

Freeing yourself from what restricts you

We could begin to make revamps to higher education, i.e., courses/ classes could finally get an upgrade, hybrid learning, more online work.

Transitioning into a more hybrid work environment scenario, especially in terms of flexibility at your job

Looking at how we treat other nationalities and why we need to become more open-minded to those who are different

Question old theologies and realizing we might need to change the way we approach belief

Try to find a balance between being so detached from those you help.

It’s okay to have a scientific mind but try not to become clinical in your way of doing service.

Be aware of being on pins and needles when you don’t get the change you want

Make sure you can stay an independent thinker and not fall into groupthink.

Concerns about groups who have a hive-mind mentality.

Being an observer and analyzing the environment around you will be crucial during this Saturn-Jupiter cycle.

These themes won’t happen overnight, of course, but we will see the changes over the next bunch of years. Jupiter will be paving the way, while Saturn will be creating a solid foundation for us in Aquarius so we can have a system update that is reliable and steady.

A Brief History

Prior to this 2020 Air cycle, the last one started around Mar 11, 1226, which is 794 years ago. Of course, if we round up, it's roughly 800 years since a transition from an Earth cycle to an Air mutation. They connected once that year and was at 2 Degrees of Aquarius. Chiron was part of that conjunction, but the Astrologers and Astronomers back then had no idea of its existence.

The final conjunction in Air happened on Jan 25th, 1405, 615 years ago at 23 degrees of Aquarius. So, for the next 200 years, we will be in Air.

In the early 1980’s we did have an Air Conjunction, which is rare considering we were still on an Earth sequence. This configuration occurred three times over a 7-month period. The first was on New Year’s Eve, December 31st, 1980. Jupiter and Saturn made their alignment at 9 degrees of Libra. The second happened on March 4th, 1981, while both planets were in Retrograde at 8 degrees of Libra. And the last concurrence in Libra happened when both planets were RX Direct at 4 degrees of this Sign.

And two decades ago, we experienced the last Earth configuration for a long time. These celestial bodies got together in the year 2000 around May 28th at 22 Degrees of Taurus, which was the final conjunction that we will have in an Earth Sign for a bunch of centuries.

Now here we are today, we are about to embark on a 200-year Air sequence. There won’t be another change over for 2 more centuries, and the next Great Mutation will occur in Water Oct 25, 2219, at 13 Scorpio.

A Spanking-Brand-New Level

Degrees and Decans in Astrology are essential and give off specific energy, plus they provide us with more information so we can decipher what these numbers are vibrating definition-wise.

At 00, we are ready to start a brand-spanking-new stage! Think about the opening of a video game; there is so much you don’t know yet concerning the territory you’re about to embark on. You hit the start button, and your new quest fires up for you to explore plus, it’s jampacked with unfamiliar lessons and skills you need to gain in order to get to the next level.

On top of being at the opening Degree, we are also at the Aquarius Decan of this alignment, causing the frequency to embody the Water Bearer's vibe even further. Every Zodiac Sign is made up of 30 degrees (0 to 29), and with Decans, it’s gets divided up into smaller segments of each Sign. Since we are in Air, we go by their ruling planets. 00 to 9, in this case, would be Uranus or Saturn because Aquarius has dual rulership with both planets. 10 to 19 would be Mercury (Gemini), and 20 to 30 would be Venus (Libra.)

Also, we are at such a unique degree; let's take a look at the Sabian Symbol just because it gives more insight, and it’s fun too.

“Goldsmith's Revised Sabian Symbol for 1st degree of Aquarius.

A square white schoolhouse in a pioneer community. A pretty teacher looks out of the doorway and rings a handbell, summoning the children to their first day of school.” (Goldsmith, M. (2016). Zodiac by degrees. San Francisco: Weiser Books.)

With the Sabian Symbols, it tells us the vibration of the degree and is always rounded up by 1. In other words, since we are at 00 Aquarius, we would interpret that by looking at 1 degree of this sign. Considering this is a new phasal relationship between these Celestial bodies, I found the Sabian Symbol for this alignment so rad.

In a nutshell, the Goldsmith symbol talks about opening yourself up to new experiences, taking on that adventurous spirit, pioneering so you can step into your future and learn something different. An alignment at this degree is about taking life by the balls and seizing new opportunities, plus moving forward from what has become stagnant.

Mastering a New Quest in an Innovative way

We have a long way to go since this Conjunction effects can be felt over the next 20 years. We will spend one half in Jupiter energy and the other 10 years in Saturn. During these two decades, we will experience what I like to call software upgrades; think of it as patch updates.

Patch one comes from Jupiter, our beta stage, or like playing an open-world simulator with some updates to fix some of the bugs in this latest version. The second update belongs to Saturn patch 2, the one that fixes all the previous versions and should have more loading screens like a semi-open world in a video game.

So, we will get to expand our horizons and then refine what needs to be toned down or contained in this growth cycle. Use this time to motivate yourself and others to become more than what we have been in the past.


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