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Pluto Retrograde April 24th, 2019: Be Strong and Say No to Toxic People

April 18, 2019

  • 1-01-2019 9:00 pm RX Shadow

  • 4-24-2019 4:29 am Station Retrograde

  • 10-02-2019 6:45 pm RX Direct

  • 1-23-2020 02:41 pm Leave Rx Zone


Pluto is the second planet to go Retrograde for the month of April and will be followed by Saturn on the 29th. The interesting thing is both planets happen to be in the same sign. This sort of rare event happens every 35 years or so.


But something else is about to occur that is extremely rare yet, cool. In 2020 they will form a Great Conjunction together in Capricorn which has not happened in 500 years.


The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was November 9th, 1762 to January 26th, 1778 which was around the time America was gaining its independence during the revolution. And the last time it was ready to make a Great Conjunction with Capricorn was in January 3rd, 1518 which is part of a 500 year cycle. People during those times were looking for freedom, a way to express themselves, to practice the religion they wanted, to explore new territories, and to live in their truth.


Every 500 years these planets meet in this sign causing a mass change in some form or fashion.



Today we can see these issues playing out, sure, the scenery is different, the way we live our lives isn’t the same, but the need for transformation is still in the air whether that be personal or outwardly, people are looking for happiness whatever that means to them.

This conjunction is a genuinely powerful and transformative inverse cycle that we get to experience in our lifetime. Hopefully, the changes that come will be beneficial for everyone across the board.


Vibes of Pluto Retrograde and How They Will Affect You:


You must stay strong and say no to toxic people. Some situations are fated yet transformative during these times it is all about re-emerging. Value yourself and maintain your dignity. Pluto causes one to face situations that need to change because they are unhealthy. It creates an urge to uncover the root cause of our problems and to look at issues we have repressed. This can be a lonely time,  but it is meant for you to gain endurance.

This RX can be broken into 3 areas of life: Spiritual awakening, Purging, and Empowerment.

The Spiritual Effects Of Pluto Purify The Soul

  • Spiritual awakening, uncovering knowledge

  • Psychic waves come through and enlighten you.

  • Your unconscious and consciousness come together to reveal what was repressed

  • Hidden talents are released

  • Healing yourself on a physical level

  • The need for more sleep; it’s time to regenerate and recover so you can build yourself back up

  • Lower immunity protect your energy and body

The Purging Process

  • Pluto causes one to face situations that need to change because they are unhealthy.

  • It creates an urge to uncover the root cause of our problems and to look at issues we have repressed.

  • This can be a lonely time, but it is meant for you to gain endurance.

  • Repressed emotions and other internal issues come to the surface because they need resolution,

  • Desires of all kinds that have been restricted come out

  • The Truth comes out in more ways than one

  • Working on obsessive behavior and compulsion

  • Breaking bad habits and ridding yourself of addiction, patterns, obsessions, compulsions so breakthrough what's holding you back. Transform it's time to purge

The Emerging Side of Pluto- Rising From The Ashes

  • You must stay strong and say no to toxic people.

  • Some situations are fated yet transformative during these times it is all about re-emerging.

  • Value yourself and maintain your dignity.

  • Power struggles with those who try to dominate your life, Escaping oppressors 

  • Teaches you how to let go so you can empower yourself and let go

  • Descending into the depth of Plutonium types of circumstances,    Pluto contracts are activated or broken

  • Isolation, you will want to shut others out during a phase like this

  • Mental death, in other words, clearing out thought patterns that need to be put to rest Eliminating what is no longer useful

  • Something usually dies (Not to be taken literally) it is just a situation that has run its course

  • The dramatic loss is possible

These are some of the themes you can expect during a Pluto RX cycle.  Take this time to work on evolving and transforming areas of your life. Pluto transits can come off rough, however, as long as you work with this energy, you can capitalize on it and make magic happen so you can kick ass and take names to get through a Plutonian crisis.




Pluto will be in Retrograde for 4 ½ months so there will be many phases we will experience during this RX period.


April 24th- The Beginning of Pluto Retrograde


Saturn Conjunct Pluto: The Beginning Stages Of Evolving Into Something Greater

Saturn will be in RX in 5 days, so this will be a small taste of what we can expect from the Great Conjunction in 2020 when these two Celestial bodies connect. In the meantime, this is going to give you an idea of where things need to be cleared out in your life to make way for the new. You can do the work and evolve into a better version of yourself even with a hard-hitting transit such as this.


North Node Opposition Pluto: Say Yes to Opportunities That get You Ahead, Say No to Things That Glitter and Are Not Gold

On a karmic level, it is time for you to make a massive transformation with who you are drawn to, in other words, it is good to be interested in people who have Klout but not at the expense of your own dignity. This is a time where you will break ties with those who are controlling and destructive in your life so you can have a better experience. This energy is pointing you in the direction that is healthy so you can work on your compulsions and back away from those who cause you strife


July 9th- Summer Sessions Of Pluto



Sun Opposition Pluto: Work on Your Ego

Capricorn and Cancer are polar opposites, so naturally, an aspect like this is going to make you feel conflicted by the intense push and pull energy. You are being called upon to transform or have change happen to you beyond your control. This is a time where complicated relationships will experience power struggles, secrets come out, and your ego will need to be checked. You have to be cautious under a transit like this because it brings out the ugly side of people so if something seems unsafe than steer clear of it. This is also a time to look at areas of your mind that you have repressed.


Moon Square Pluto: When Family Goes Too Far

Protect your energy from those who mistreat you even if you happen to be related to them. A transit like this sheds light on issues with women in your life or a family member that's controlling who needs to be tactfully put in their place. There is an air of manipulation surrounding some of your close relationships, and now it is time for you to stand up for yourself, so you aren’t being treated like an object. It is time for you to separate yourself from relationships that are fueled by jealousy as well.


North Node Opposition Pluto: Feeling the Need to Be With The In Crowd

Opportunities to meet those who can help you come in to play with this energy. These people are the ones who have their life together so it will be ultra-appealing in your mind to be a part of their group. Be careful not to be too eager to get in because you might attract the wrong types. Because this aspect causes a person to want to be part of the in-crowd it could make you have the urge to associate with groups that are stuffy and not the right type of energy for you. This is a karmic aspect, the people you are supposed to network with will come even if they don’t have the image of power and money. However, they will be the ones that are genuine and can get you where you are trying to go regardless of appearances. Pick substance over the superficial.


August 2019


Moon Quincunx Pluto: Gaining Your Power Back

The intensity in relationships with people you are closed to need to be resolved. There is a massive strain with dominate maternal figures or just strong intense feminine energy. Watch out for manipulative people because now you are in a place where you can say no because you have already grown during this period and are strong enough to face those who try to control you


Mercury Quincunx Pluto: The “I’m Smarter Than You” Complex

Situations like this can go pretty well because this transit puts people in your life with an ability to encourage others, but this is good bad and indifferent. The motivation could come from the right place, but it is best to be observant. Also, this is the kind of aspect that causes debates with those who believe they are intellectually superior or just think they are king shit.


Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Envious Individuals

Try your best to find balance with love and money in an aspect like this because it brings in the kinds of relationships that are intense. You are in the process of shaking loose those who are envious of your progress or are jealous romantically.


Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto: You can Speak Your Mind and Arent Easily Swayed by Manipulators

Strength is bestowed upon you giving you the ability to speak your mind to those who need to hear what you have to say no matter if it is excellent or abrasive. You are going to be in touch with your adventurous side which is necessary at this point just try not to overdo it or situations that are already heated will become worse.


October 2nd, 2019- Pluto Direct


Moon SemiSquare Pluto: Putting Bad Habits to Rest

Breaking bad habits is some of the final parts of the Pluto RX, you are closing out chapters with toxic individuals and delicate situations regarding feminine energy that is not balanced. Jealousy and petty drama get the attention it needs in a way that causes you to face it head on and put a stop to those who throw that energy your way. It’s time to work this energy to your advantage and become strong, so you don't have to suffer through bad experiences any longer


Venus Square Pluto: Let Go Of Material Things So You Can Be Free

Channeling this aspect into creativity is going to be your way of continuing the transformation you’ve been under. Liberating yourself from those who try to control you with material things is something that has to happen now because you can no longer stay at a job or in a relationship for the sake of money.

North Node Opposition Pluto: let's try this again for the third time

Opportunity number 3 is underway, this is your karmic chance to get what you want and meet those who are destined to be in your life. Use all of the transformative energy you have been through to clear the air with those you’ve upset. Otherwise, this all will backfire, and the change you seek will no longer be there. Your eyes are now open, so you should be able to avoid manipulative people.


High Vibes Only



Now that you have gone through a Pluto Retro with your dignity intact; it is time for you to take a moment and pat yourself on the back for taking a stance in your life.

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