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Venus Retrograde: What it Means When This Planet Goes Backwards

Updated: Feb 7

Venus Retrograde dates

Shadow April 9th, 2020 at 12 degrees

May 13, 2020, 6:45 AM 21 Degrees

Direct at 5 Degrees of Gemini Jun 25, 2020, 6:48 AM

Leaves Shadow July 28th, 2020 9:14 pm 21 Degrees of Gemini

Retrograde of 43 days

Venus out of bounds check notes

After a nice long break from having to face the brutal truth about our relationships and finances, here we are back at it once again because Venus is going Retrograde in Gemini on May 13th of 2020.

Not only is she going Inverse, but this celestial body is with the North and South Node along with making an Opposition to the Galactic Center. This is a truly groundbreaking event. In other words, we have some heavy karmic stuff going on that must be prioritized.

The last time Venus went Retrograde was October 5th of 2018, lasting until November of that year. And the Last time Venus went Retrograde in the Zodiac Sign Of the Twins was 8 years ago. This was around May 15th, 2012 at 24 Degrees of Gemini, at this time she was with the South Node at 5 degrees of this sign.

So now we have the North Node here in Gemini, which puts a different tone to this cycle. Instead of purging out what no longer works in this sign, we are going towards the higher vibes of this archetype.

It took 18 ½ years for the nodes to come back to this point, so now, as a collective, we have a lot of things to review. We pretty much have almost 2 decades worth of karmic issues. What this means is we have a few timelines to go back on and revisit. Where was your life at that time, and what were you doing, who were you dating?

Look back to those dates so you can get a better understanding of where you are heading soon.

What Happens when Venus is Reversed in Gemini

Overall, Venus has its own set of definitions when it is in Retrograde; however, when it is in a particular Sign, the Zodiac qualities will be highlighted.

So when you have Venus Retro in Gemini these are some of the themes you can expect:

  • We need to work on our communication skills in Relationships

  • It’s time to re-calibrate our inner dialog. We need to resolve the circumstances that cause us to be stuck in our heads so we can experience positive internal thoughts

  • Understanding how to be more truthful with yourself and others

  • Areas, where you are curious about topics and things, get highlighted

  • Gossip/rumors that have been spread come out, and whoever has been spreading them gets exposed

  • Embracing your sexuality whether that has to do with polyamory, or being gender-fluid

  • With Gemini’s connection to Mercury the ruler of this sign, there could be internet issues, convos over text messages/DM’s, or problems on social media

  • Because we are dealing with a Mercurial Venus, it can feel like we are experiencing Mercury Retrograde

  • Use this time to learn where you can become flexible with regards to career and love life

  • Narrow down the need to be a Jack of all trades so one day you can master something amazing in your life

  • People who bend the truth will be seen for the liers they are

  • Situations, where you aren’t able to make up your mind, will need a decision

  • Different types of infidelity get exposed through this cycle

  • If you have been in fickle relationships of any kind, this is the time to move forward

  • Issues with siblings, and other family members specifically aunts, uncles, or cousins need to be resolved

  • Your connection to your local community needs to be worked on in terms of how you move through your city

  • Learn how to make peace with your immediate environment and repair the relationship you have to it

  • Old gossip comes out of nowhere

  • Work on the areas where you are flakey

  • It’s time to make a decision instead of flip-flopping between choices

  • Get organized with your dating life

  • Fix the zones in your life where you are non-committal

  • Work on areas where you are not able to see the big picture

If Venus is aspecting in your chart during this Retrograde, you might experience one or a few of these situations. Look where you have 5 to 21 degrees of Gemini or any of the Mutable Signs i. e “ Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces” to get an idea of how this Inverse Cycle will affect your life.

What You Can Expect in Any Venus Retrograde Overall

For a good time, call Venus because this planet shows us what kind of fun we are into since she is a celestial body that is all about pleasure.

We get about 18 months of good vibes and fun times from Venus, so it almost feels like the party just won't end, and this is why when this planet goes Retrograde, it feels like the joy was sucked out of the air. It's not a frequent Retrograde like Mercury or the Outer planets synodic cycles, so when it hits, it comes in out of the blue and shocks you.

Venus is like the filters everyone uses for their selfies; she provides a nice pair of rose-gold-colored glasses so we can only focus on what's lovely, fun, and attractive. However, every two years, what we thought was sparkly finally un-photoshopped, and we finally see the full picture.

In other words, Venus can sometimes be like going out for a night of drinks, you meet someone, and they look hot, but once you sober up, you see what they really look like, and it sucks ass.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Venus is our beer goggles, and now that you are having a moment of sobriety, the unsightliness of your situations is in front of you. Take this as an opportunity to improve the areas of your life that need a tune-up, and move forward.

Here are some themes you can expect from the main areas of Venus Retrograde:

Your career and Money:

  • Personal assets, material things, and your finances need to be reviewed

  • The job you thought you wanted might not be what you hoped it was

  • If you had a dream job you always fantasized about but never went after, this could be a time that awakens that


  • Ideals and morals that you once held undergo an overhaul

  • Learning the art of respecting yourself

  • Can bring up feelings of inadequacy and rejection issues from your romantic life and career

  • Problems with self-esteem that causes you to sell yourself short come to the surface so they can be resolved

Cravings for the things you’ve always wanted

  • You begin to go after the aspirations you've put aside or sacrificed that would have fulfilled your soul

  • Brings out suppressed creativity in an artistic way

  • The desire to show parts of your personality that you’ve denied comes forward because you can no longer repress them

  • Also, some activities you used to find enjoyable might not be as appealing to you any longer

Relationships and Social

  • It’s time to re-examined relationships of all kinds for their worth and value

  • Reviewing why you might have rejected some but chose others in relationships of all kinds

  • Realizing you have settled for less in your love life

  • Seeing where you sacrificed your own needs to build a partner up

  • Fixing areas where you are needy in relationships

  • New unions that begin during this time don’t usually last

  • Seeing where you have issues with intimacy

  • Who or what you thought you were attracted to shifts into something practical

  • Past lovers and exes come back to rekindle the union or to find closure

  • You can become less social and need more alone time to think about where you are headed in love or socially

  • If you are introverted you could become more social, extroverts tend to need more solitude

Once Venus goes direct, you might feel a sense of shame for not recognizing what was right in front of you, but please don’t be hard on yourself. You’ve just gotten the opportunity to correct these situations, so take advantage and heal your circumstances.

Transits Connecting with Venus RX

Venus will be making a bunch of aspects during her Retrograde over the next 6 weeks, here are some of the Transits you can expect over this time.

May 13th

Venus Conjunct the North Node: Go Where You Are Celebrated

In life, it’s important to reevaluate what you need to move in the right direction. So, with this aspect, it is going to allow you to see what you need to be happy in love, relationships of all kinds, plus work-related situations and go where you are celebrated.

Venus Opposite the South Node: It’s time to move away from relationships and career situations that no longer serve you.

If you put your faith in conditions that haven’t gone the way you hoped, no that it is okay and necessary to let go of what isn’t healthy even if you invested time into said goals.

Venus Quincunx Pluto: Something Seems Fishy

Venus and Pluto coming together in a Quincunx could bring out situations where you need to stand up for yourself. If you are in a relationship that is controlling, try to see things for what they are, and find a healthy way to express yourself. This could bring up distrust and envy in a relationship as well.

Venus SemiSextile Uranus: Need to Get Away

Try to go with the flow when this aspect hits. The vibe is going to be all about breaking out of restrictive situations in your everyday life. Relationships that are constricting will have sudden breaks, and areas, where you are sick of the same old same old, will get a revamp.

Venus Trine Moon: Things Feel Good But…

Generally, this is a smooth and ultra-romantic transit. Still, with Venus, in Retrograde, it could cause you to second guess or move more cautiously when it comes to relationships and money. In dating situations, you are going to feel like you should put yourself out there but go slow, even if you instinctively feel like you are making the right move towards your person of interest.

May 15 to 16

Venus Square Neptune and The Moon in Pisces: Not knowing Who or What to Believe

Try to keep your eyes open to the truth, even if it is something you don’t want to see. Venus and Neptune together can cause confusion on what the facts are, but it can also make you susceptible to denial. If you are in a relationship that ran its course, this is your time to look at the facts and accept them.

With the Squares to Neptune and the Moon in Pisces, this will amplify how important it is for you to value yourself more and not be a doormat for others to walk all over. Your internal dialog will be rough, so try to take a step back when it comes to what you think about yourself. This is a time to work on your insecurities in relationships of all kinds but especially love life ones. Know you are worthy of better.

May 16 to 17

Venus Sextiles Moon in Aries: Craving Passionate Exchanges

Even with Venus in Retrograde, this is going to be the kind of Transit that causes you to chase a little fun and romance. Have fun with this transit and go slow if you believe who you are flirting with might not be worth your long term love goals.

May 22nd

It’s been 9 days, and Venus is still making the aspects she’s been in since the 13th, so we are still dealing with the opening themes, but today we have a new transit. Exact Square to Neptune, try to be aware of situations that seem too good to be real with love life circumstances and financial conditions.

Venus Conjunct Mercury: A Sudden Moment of Clarity

These two have been inching closer together with Mercury finally passing Venus. Surprising clarity could come from this aspect, like the answer to something complex in relationships and finance.

May 23 to 24

Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Shutting Others Out

Emotionally, you could feel indifference sweep in when this transit hits, causing you to shutdown. Alternatively, you could be dealing with a relationship that is void of emotions and love.

Moon Conjunct Venus Around New Moon in Gemini time

Emotionally it’s time to evaluate where you have headed love life and financial wise. Think about where you see yourself in the next 6 months in terms of these themes and start building a stable foundation to create what you need for your future.

May 25

Venus slowly backing away from the nodes

May 28

Venus Sextile Moon in Leo: Smoothing out Some of The Kinks

Any relationship drama that was going on should become more settled back to normal and makes things easier. If possible, try to take a better attitude towards your partner so you can release any tension that could have built up. This aspect also has the right way of smoothing things out with friends you could have had an issue with during this retrograde. Use this time to do some self-care and inner healing because this aspect is perfect for this sort of thing.

May 30th

Venus Square Moon in Virgo in a T Square with Neptune/Moon

Analyzing your situation when it comes to career and love life is a good thing as long as you can keep it in balance. If you find yourself going down a rabbit hole of why things are the way they are, try to pull yourself out and only take away key points in your situation. Be aware of how much you sacrifice for others. The pressure is on for you to fix these situations that are unfair to you and move forward so you can experience emotional well being for a change.

June 1st

Venus Trine Moon in Libra: Just Looking For a Good Time

This is a day of going with your feelings and the vibes in the air. This is usually an excellent transit for meeting new people in love; however, take your time; it is generally not the best time to start a relationship during a Venus RX. Use this aspect to just have fun and don’t take new prospects as serious as you would during non-retrograde times.

June 2nd

Venus Square Mars: Heated Relationship Situations

All of the fogginess of this Venus Inverse cycle could cause relationships/dating situations to become more argumentative than usual, especially with a rough Transit from Venus to Mars. This is because of a tendency to overreact and make accusations that cause a blow-up. Even if they are correct, check the facts first to make sure it's not a misunderstanding or just the effect of your ego needing to be stroked plus validated.

With this kind of energy, if there has been actual deceit, infidelity, or other hidden situations, they tend to get exposed. Do your best to not allow your ego to win above the truth in a love life situation. Fighting for the sake of validation isn’t healthy and can cause further damage to your relationship. Sexual tension or makeup sex is also something that comes from this Transit.

June 3rd

Venus Conjunct Sun: Washing The Retrograde Away

Take advantage of this fun energy because it is a rather pleasant aspect. The only thing with this is you could feel lazier than average and more indulgent, like eating and drinking these Retrograde vibes away.

Venus Quincunx Moon in Scorpio: Think Rationally

Check yourself when it comes to emotions and make sure what you are feeling is real before you react. This is the kind of aspect that can cause you to not see things clearly and blow up when you don’t understand what's truly going on in the relationship. Try to take a step back and handle your situations logically.

Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: When You Just Can’t Get Enough

Overindulgence could be an issue that comes up today in relationships. This aspect causes people to want more and crave attention in a way that isn’t healthy when it comes to love and money. Try your best to not be self-indulgent and to use this aspect to let your hair down in a balanced way.

June 5th

Venus Oppose Moon Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Overextending yourself for others and material things is something that needs to be resolved when this transit hits. In other words, this is a time to fix the areas where you are putting yourself out there only to not get anything in return. Wait for the right opportunities in love, money, plus career to come your way and don’t settle. If something is worth your time and energy, keep doing it, but if you are left feeling inadequate, then move forward.

Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto

There are just situations that are out of your control, so if you feel like your up against a wall, then it is time for you to back away. Other situations where people have power over you could be with money and in a romantic relationship. Possessiveness comes up as well from this Transit.

June 7th

Venus Quincunx Moon in Capricorn: Be Aware of Your Emotional Blind Spots

Take a step back if you are feeling like you are unable to understand what you are feeling emotionally. Feelings of loneliness can come up with this, and you just have to make sure you aren’t projected what you think is going on. In other words, you could be the one isolating yourself, which causes you to feel alone, which is very different than being lonely because there is no choice.


June 11th

Venus Square Moon in Pisces: Surrender and Let Go

By this point, you are coming to a realization that sacrificing yourself for a relationship isn’t worth it. As hard as it might be, you know that it is time to let go of a situation where you feel taken advantage of in your love life and career.

June 14

Venus Sextile Moon in Aries: Build Your Confidence

Getting to a better place with the way you feel about others, taking your independence seriously, and knowing you are capable of standing on your own.

June 19th

Moon Conjunct Venus: Starting Over

You should feel like you are at a new start when it comes to your emotional needs, do something beautiful for yourself like self-care.

June 23rd

Venus Sextile Moon in Leo: Time to Build Up Your Self-Image

Building your confidence isn’t always the most comfortable thing, but this Transit should help you at least start learning how to love yourself. Use this energy to work on your self-image and heal your emotions.

June 25th

Venus Direct while Trine to Saturn: Making a Commitment To Yourself

Pace yourself when it comes down to what you want. Think about the reality you wish to create when it comes to love, and money might feel hard right now, but it is necessary to be sensible so you can have these things in life.

Venus Direct- Heinsight is 2020

In many ways, these last 6 weeks have felt like you’ve gone through an overhaul on an emotional and mental level. Now that you are on the other side of this Retrograde, you can see things for what they really are and what you must do to move forward. It’s time to practice self-worth in all areas of your life and take the lessons of this Inverse Cycle so you can be strong and say no to toxic situations.


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