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Venus Retrograde Meaning: How This Inverse Cycle Affects Your Love Life And Career

Every 18 months Venus Goes Retrograde here's what could happen in your romantic life and finances when this planet goes backward.

For a good time, call Venus because this planet shows us what kind of fun we are into since she is a celestial body that is all about pleasure.

Venus Retrogrades meaning in Transit is very different than it would be in the Natal Chart. This is because we feel these energies for a period in transit rather than an expressed energy a person is living with Natally.

In Transit get about 18 months of good vibes and fun times from Venus, so it almost feels like the party just won't end, and this is why when this planet goes Retrograde, it feels like the joy was sucked out of the air. It's not a frequent Retrograde like Mercury or the Outer planets synodic cycles, so when it hits, its kind of a surprise in the most uncomfortable way.

Venus is like the filters everyone uses for their selfies; she provides a nice pair of rose-gold-colored glasses so we can only focus on what's lovely, fun, and attractive. However, every two years, what we thought was sparkly finally un-photoshopped, and we finally see the full picture.

In other words, Venus can sometimes be like going out for a night of drinks, you meet someone, and they look hot, but once you sober up, you see what they really look like, and it sucks ass.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Venus is our beer goggles, and now that you are having a moment of sobriety, the unsightliness of your situation is in front of you. Take this as an opportunity to improve the areas of your life that need a tune-up, and move forward.

Venus Pre Retrograde Shadow

It’s crucial to jot down as many data points as possible during large planetary cycles.

The main themes that will come up during this Venus Retrograde in Capricorn will be our relationships and finances. So anything to do with those types of situations is something to be aware of over the next month. I say this because it will help you navigate through this Retrograde better. At least you will know what issues could arise for you as an individual and work through them.

One of the best ways to see a Retrograde pattern for yourself is looking at the repeating theme that keeps coming up over this next month. So if it happens to be a disagreement with you and your partner that has occurred 4 times in the last month, then that’s your clue. Another situation could work where something that seemed like a sure thing keeps getting delayed. So this could be an indicator of what’s coming up.

Retrogrades are about a retracing of steps, so when we get to the Pre-Shadow, our topic for the inverse cycle seems to occur before the Regressive Phase. Then the actual Retrograde takes place causing us to return to the earlier issues so we can resolve them.

Once the planet finally goes Direct, we move to the Post Shadow Phase, where the topics that hit us the most continue to happen; however, we can deal with them with more clarity and feel like we are in the driver’s seat.

Venus Star

Venus comes back to the same 5 Signs every 8 years on a cycle that forms the Venus Star. Currently, the Venus Star point shows up in these Signs Gemini, Capricorn, Leo, Aries, and Scorpio.

This Cycle is a reliable predictor of some of the situations that could come up while Venus is RX. So even though it's good to look at the Shadow Period of Venus Retrograde, also look back 8 years ago because some repressed things from that time could come up for a revisit.

What You Can Expect in Any Venus Retrograde Overall

Here are some themes you can expect from the main areas of Venus Retrograde:

Your career and Money:

  • Personal assets, material things, and your finances need to be reviewed

  • The job you thought you wanted might not be what you hoped it was

  • If you had a dream job you always fantasized about but never went after, this could be a time that awakens that


  • Ideals and morals that you once held undergo an overhaul

  • Learning the art of respecting yourself

  • Can bring up feelings of inadequacy and rejection issues from your romantic life and career

  • Problems with self-esteem that causes you to sell yourself short come to the surface so they can be resolved

Cravings for the things you’ve always wanted

  • You begin to go after the aspirations you've put aside or sacrificed that would have fulfilled your soul.

  • It brings out suppressed creativity in an artistic way

  • The desire to show parts of your personality that you’ve denied comes forward because you can no longer repress them

  • Also, some activities you used to find enjoyable might not be as appealing to you any longer

Relationships and Social

  • It’s time to re-examined relationships of all kinds for their worth and value.

  • Reviewing why you might have rejected some but chose others in relationships of all kinds

  • Realizing you have settled for less in your love life

  • Seeing where you sacrificed your own needs to build a partner up

  • Fixing areas where you are needy in relationships

  • New unions that begin during this time don’t usually last

  • Seeing where you have issues with intimacy

  • Who or what you thought you were attracted to shifts into something practical

  • Past lovers and exes come back to rekindle the union or to find closure

  • You can become less social and need more alone time to think about where you are headed in love or socially

  • If you are introverted, you could become more social; extroverts tend to need more solitude

Once Venus goes direct, you might feel a sense of shame for not recognizing what was right in front of you, but please don’t be hard on yourself. You’ve just gotten the opportunity to correct these situations, so take advantage and heal your circumstances.

Venus Direct- Heinsight is 2020

In many ways, these last 6 weeks have felt like you’ve gone through an overhaul on an emotional and mental level. Now that you are on the other side of this Retrograde, you can see things for what they really are and what you must do to move forward. It’s time to practice self-worth in all areas of your life and take the lessons of this Inverse Cycle so you can be strong and say no to toxic situations.


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