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Everything You Need To Know About Each Moon Phases Meaning In Astrology

Lunar events affect our bodies of water and emotions, but here's what each Moon Phase means in an Astrology and Spiritual level.

6 versions of the Moon in space with purple space dust
Everything You Need To Know About Each Moon Phases Meaning In Astrology

“I’m a selenophile. I find the Moon to be comforting and enchanting!”

It’s perfectly healthy to enjoy the Moon for all its dazzling stages!

If we are manifesting, starting a new chapter, tweaking something, or closing a cycle, observing how the Moon Phases affect us is essential.

In Astrology, the Moon governs our inner world, reflective side, and portions of our temperament. This luminary shows us how we react and cope. The Moon also rules how we seek stability and what brings us comfort.

For this reason, it’s good to find your own flow with this luminary to capitalize on the best periods according to your Zodiac Sign or energetic field.

Monthly, the Moons Cycles affect us spiritually, emotionally, and bodily-wise. The Lunar Periods also affect the tides in our ocean and other bodies of water during specific Moon Cycles more than others, as well.

Also, there are large-scale cycles with the New Moon to Full Moon, which last about 6 months, along with the Wanning Cycles that shape the things we are kick-starting and ending.

Indeed Moon Phases are very impactful, but what do they mean on an Astrological and spiritual level?!

The New Moon Phase

During this lunar cycle phase, we embark on a fresh path where we know it’s time to reenergize in our lives but are not quite sure how or where to start?!

A New Moon’s meaning in Astrology marks the beginning of the lunar cycle and the precise moment when our natural satellite is entirely dark. This occurs because the Moon blocks the Sun's light due to its position between the Earth and Sun.

It’s like cutting your hair.

Sometimes we get the urge to revamp our style, and if you’re doing more than a trim, this sets off a new phase in your hair's growth cycle.

During this time, we can look at all our options and how we can bring something meaningful to our lives.

A New Moon’s vibes are an excellent place to take charge of our personal life, goals, and career success. Even though this is just the beginning of a fresh cycle, it’s a period to construct what you wish to improve in your world over the next 6 months.

We take a Sign's most positive attributes and utilize them to help us blossom. That way, by the time we get to the Full Moon in the Same Sign a half year later, we will see progress and hopefully reap the rewards of a well-done job.

Because you are sending energy out into the universe that you hope will one day bloom, some people refer to this as "planting seeds" or "manifesting."

The Waxing Crescent Moon

Still, at the beginning stages of the cycle, the Waxing Crescent is when we need to nurture our goal, so it becomes definite.

At this stage, we can see a sliver of moonlight in the sky, giving us a sneak peek into what comes next.

In this early stage, we get a small glimpse of where things are going regarding our goals. Therefore, this could be a time when we might question if what we’re trying to accomplish is worth the energy, run into some hiccups, or feel insecure about our trajectory. This is because we are trying to grow something that doesn't have a definite yes or no.

Continuing with the haircut analogy, this is the process of growing your hair back. You can see some of it slowly sprouting, but it’s still in a phase that requires you to do the most to make it grow correctly. It’s all about finding the right shampoo, leave-in condition, and styling tools to ensure it thrives.

If this were vegetation we planted in our garden, this would look like the first sprouts.

Either way, there’s progress; you’re inching toward something more extensive. Starting this stage might seem clumsy because things are doable, but it’s not quite the right time.

So, this is a period when you have trial and error.

There can be difficulties that you need to stay on top of to ensure the intentions you set are being managed closely. That way, once it gets stronger, it can be left to its own devices and grow without supervision.

First Quarter Moon

During this phase, half of the Moon's surface is illuminated, giving us a teaser trailer into how our seeds of intentions are growing.

In the 1st Quarter, the Moon is Square to the Sun.

Since we’re using the hair growth symbolism, let’s continue. This is when you finally see something happening; your growth is noticeable by others, not just yourself.

You’re able to create a hairstyle instead of letting it sit because there's actual length to play with at this stage. I mean, you can even put that thing into a ponytail!

If we think of a garden we potted, this would be a time to see leaves on the plant.

During this period, we feel like things are slowly looking up. We begin to thrive, which helps boost our confidence that we’re on the right track as long as we stay the course.

Even though this is a flourishing period, we still need to ensure others aren't infringing on our hard work. Everyone has an opinion about something, so this is an excellent time to keep things to yourself until you know your goal can stand on its own.

In the First Quarter, it’s important not to let things, people, or situations derail us from growing into the better versions of ourselves.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

During this period, the Moon is almost covered, but there’s still a way to go before it’s at full illumination.

At this part of the lunar cycle, things are brightly lit, and the Moon looks like an oval shape. The Gibbous is visible during the day as well. This is due to the location it is Transiting in from Earth's perspective.

With this period, we can see a ton of progress.

Continuing with the hair growth analogy, this is when you finally see the length. Your hair is finally hitting your back. Your hair has become lush; it’s versatile, so you can do anything, and it’s full of bounce. Also, others are noticing how shiny and healthy it looks.

If this was something you planted, maybe it’s fruiting at this point, but the tomatoes aren’t quite ripe. Sure, you can still eat them, but you’re going to end up with fried green tomatoes instead of red sauce.

But one of the cool things is you’ve proven to yourself that you have what it takes to see your goal through. So, if you’re dealing with naysayers now, their opinions mean nothing because you’ve proven them wrong.

In a nutshell, you’re rubber their glue, as the saying goes.

Also, others can’t encroach on you any longer because you’ve learned to set limits and protect your peace.

You feel confident and proud of yourself at this point in the journey.

The great thing about this phase is no matter what, you’re inching toward success. During this period, your project has a base; roots keep it in place so nobody can kick it over.

The Full Moon

When the Sun Opposes the Moon, we go into a Full Moon Phase. This is your harvest and your time to realize that your hard work is paying off.

We have reached the halfway point of our spiritual trip. Now is the time to take stock of what has been accomplished because you can see the fruits of your intentions from six months ago.

The Full Moon is when a half-worth year's of labor is illuminated.

These lunations culminate in a six-month cycle in which we assess our achievements in each Sign. We evaluate if things have progressed as we intended by returning to the Sign we began in at the New Moon.

Waning Gibbous Moon

Here, we hit the period known as the closing Trine, the disseminating part of the Moon.

During this period, we still enjoy everything we earn from our efforts. Our goals are taking off, and we’ve come out the other side wiser from going through the process.

Because you now know the XYZ process, you can do this all over again with confidence.

One of the things that could transpire in this phase is teaching others what you learned because you’ve mastered this technique. This period helps you look at your own capabilities and realize you know your sh@t.

Nobody can tell you how to do it because you’ve made it without anyone’s help.

And, you still have multiple sources of reserves.

At this stage, you can live off your passive income. Or the plants that are in full bloom and continue to deliver a rich harvest from the seeds you planted.

Last Quarter Moon

At this closing Square to the Sun, we’ve gained so much from this venture that it’s time to think about what's next. We’re ready to move on, but this will be a time to take what we’ve learned and use it for our next goal.

We’re able to draw up new plans for our next project at this closing portion of the cycle. We look at how to build our better version 2.0 so that whatever bugs cause issues with our last goal won’t become a hiccup later.

The trimming of dead ends is necessary at this portion of the cycle because if we don’t manicure it, things might cause our following growth sequence to be stunted.

And take the compost from the withered plants and prepare them to become rich soil for our next planting season.

Waning Crescent Moon

We come to the Balsamic Phase known as the Dark Moon. The Moon is gearing up for its fresh cycle.

Because this is a very introspective period, there's a tendency to feel more isolated than average. But at the same time, we want peace and quiet to make sense of things. We want to sift through what's reusable for re-planting and determine how that will grow this time.

At this stage, it’s time to gather information in preparation for the new cycle.

During this period, we begin to focus on our inner world to listen to our intuition. We could be more receptive to energies, our dreams could feel prophetic, and this could be when we’re clearing out old stories, doing energy work, or detoxing for our bodily health.

Moon Phases carry a ton of importance in our day-to-day lives.

Even if we don’t use these cycles for rituals or manifestation, it’s beneficial for checking in with our moods, others, well-being, feminine health, and our natural detox cycles.

Use these Phases to stay grounded during lunar fluctuations.

-Later guys


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