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Void Of Course Moon In Astrology: What it Means When The Moon Makes No Connections

This is what you need to know about the Void Of Course Moon’s meaning and why it should use as a period for self-care.

Moon in space with blue clouds and stars in the background
Void Of Course Moon In Astrology: What it Means When The Moon Makes No Connections

Sometimes you just have to let things be as they are and do nothing.

Let’s be honest, in life, there are periods when things are quiet, or there’s nothing we can do to make something move as fast as we would like. As frustrating as that is, all we can do during those periods is sit there with our hands neatly folded until we get the green light to go.

In Astrology, there are periods when a planet takes a break from making connections with other celestial bodies. This is called a Void, Of Course. We primarily focus on the Moon because it’s the fastest moving object in our solar system and often runs into this condition.

So, let’s look at what happens during a Void Of Course, Moon.

Void Of Course Moon Meaning

A Void Of Course moment occurs because the Moon is coming to a period where it’s about to transition out of the Sign it’s in, but because of its degree, it is no longer connecting to other planets. At this phase, the Moon has finished its last transits with the other planets and is now quietly sitting in a Sign until it moves on to its next destination.

Let’s say you’re taking a 5 hour trip from NY to Las Vegas.

Think of the clamoring that ensues while you’re on a flight. While the Moon connects to other planets, we get a mix of harmonious and complex Transits that slowly come to a simmer.

You’re traveling, and everything seems to be running smoothly; the flight crew is chatty, giving you tons of beer, little liquor bottles, candy, and pretzels to your heart's content. There’s a chance of having an incredible exchange with the person across the row.

People are getting up to use the facilities, someone's baby is crying, the person next to you is putting their elbows on your armrest, and a person a few rows down can’t stop talking loudly about their 6-month stint in Europe.

As you approach your city arrival, things transition from active to calm.

Let’s say you’re about 45 minutes away from your destination. People are urged to return to their seats, buckle up and be quiet. The clamoring slows down, all of the attendants retreat with the snacks as they prep for landing. And you just sit there with your earbuds back in until it’s time to get off the plane.

Finally, the pilot says, “Welcome to Las Vegas,” and the plane starts to descend; you then disembark onto the jetway. Now that you’re on course, all activity builds up again.

Essentially, this is how the Moon does its Void Of Course Transition.

We had Lunar Transits that created a lively tone; some were jolly, while others felt annoying, then all of the activity slowed to a stop making everything quiet and somewhat uncertain.

What Does A Void, Of Course, Moon Cause

Because the Moon represents our inner world and emotions, The Void, Of Course, lunation can feel strange. Things are a bit off-kilter because it is an unclear time, so the outcome can be glitchy and riddled with delays.

We also don’t get concrete results if we’re trying to solidify something important. During these transitionary periods, there are moments when we just need to wait for things to become active again.

Emotionally, VOC Moons cause us to feel meh.

Unlike New and Full Moons, Eclipses, or any of the Moon Phases, a VOC lunar event can feel like a time when things are expressionless.

How To Use The Void Of Course, Moon Productively

Even though these lunations can cause us to feel, blah at times, there are still things we can do to make the most of this lunar effect.

Here's what you can do during a VOC:

  • Take this time to recharge your batteries and do some much-needed me time.

  • It’s the perfect moment to just vedge out and catch up on your favorite shows.

  • Get some fresh air by relaxing on your patio or backyard or heading to a nearby park.

  • Do some reading. If there are books and articles you meant to check out, this could be a good time to binge read because of the downtime that occurs during a Void Of Course Period.

  • If you do not want to drain your mental batteries, this could be the perfect time to scroll on social media.

  • Don’t start anything new for which you need an outcome because things tend not to happen.

  • Be aware of trying to revamp your wardrobe; it might not come out as you hoped. Also, buying big-ticket items is a no go with these.

  • Some people who feel Moon changes more potent than others could need a nap during this time.

  • Void Of Course, Moon’s are excellent times to clean your home.

  • Some people use this as a time to send out the paperwork that needs to be approved. In other words, this could be a time to send out docs you don’t want a response from because it would be stressful.

  • According to stories, Ronald Regan used to give speeches during Void Of Course Moons as instructed by his Astrologer, Joan Quigley, because nothing would come of it.

  • Take a stroll down memory lane and do something nostalgic.

  • Also, this is an excellent time to eliminate things from the past that are creating stagnant energy.

How Long Does A Void Of Course Moon Last

Void, of course, can last a few minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours, or longer.

This unaspected Moon can go on for a day or close to 48 hours at its rarest. The lunar cycle in a Sign can last as long as 2 ½ days, and there are times when no planets are applying to that Sign for a while. This would have to be through traditional transits like Trines, Sextiles, Squares, and Conjunctions.

Say the Moon is in Virgo, and most of the other planets will connect with it by Sign or degree base Aspects.

Therefore, from 00 to 20 degrees, this Moon will connect with most of the world, but as it gets to the last 10, there are no other celestial bodies at a higher degree. So, the previous configuration would be a Trine from the Moon in Virgo at 18 degrees, with Uranus in Taurus at that exact point.

Or say the Moon is in Scorpio, but the only Signs left are Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Aquarius. This Moon would Square to Saturn, then create a harmonious configuration with Trine Neptune in Pisces. After that, the Moon will eventually move on for the last 5 degrees with no connecting Transits.

Other planets can also go Void, Of Course, until it reaches the following Sign.

With no ties to other celestial bodies, the Moon takes a break and just moves along until it gets to its next stop. What this causes is a wandering lunar event until it goes into the next sign, so things can get a bit loopy until it transitions.

So yeah, there are times when things seem and feel vacant!

Sure, we have other Transits occurring at those times, but the VOC sends us into an opportunity not to overcomplicate things or a period of nothingness; however, you want to look at it.

Hopefully, this helps explain what we experience during a Void Of Course Moon.

-Later guys


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D. K.
D. K.
Jun 05

That was an interesting read with a good example. I didn't know about this "VOID" period before, but last year when the moon was in Aquarius (my birth moon is also in Aquarius in the 12th house) I felt that energy for the first time. It made me wonder what was going on in the sky. During those times, you literally feel kind of "meh." Moon in Aquarius

Cleopatra Jade
Cleopatra Jade
Jun 05
Replying to

Thank you, D.K., and yes, the VOC can bring on a very "Blah" feeling, and in the 12th house in Aquarius, a very sudden shift in mood and extrasensory feelings.

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