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What Jupiter Retrograde Means In The Natal Chart

If you ever wondered why there is an "R" next to your Natal Jupiter, you've come to the right post!!

Having Jupiter Retrograde in the Birth Chart is common; this planet goes backward for 4 months out of the year. This means most people have a higher chance of having Jupiter RX Natally because it is inverse 33% of the time.

In Astrology, Jupiter's the planet where we get to expand our horizons. We get to explore our philosophies, go on a quest that can be just for fun, or to open our minds to knowledge. We also get to take a risk and go for opportunities with the belief it will all work out because luck is on our side.

However, Jupiter Retrograde in the Horoscope is about making tweaks to things like your beliefs, boundaries, plus dreams and wishes so you can be ready to enjoy the luck of this planet without limits. This is where having a Retrograde Jupiter can feel like a drag because you don't get to fully access all of the benefits without working hard, which is not in this planet's vocabulary. Jupiter likes everything to be effortless and just cheerful.

Honestly, this isn't easy having Retrogrades in your chart, so work through your stressors the best way you can at your own pace. It takes time to get where you want when there are difficult placements in your Natal Chart.

Natal Jupiter Retrograde Experiences

Retrogrades have a unique way of playing out in our charts, but it isn't a one size fits all sort of condition. Everyone experiences their Natal Retrogrades differently, so you could have 4 of these themes while someone else has 8. It all depends on how Jupiter's situated in your chart.

One of the reasons Retrogrades in the Natal charts or in Transit are so intense is because they are on the other side of the Sun. For this reason, we experience the whole energetic field of whatever planet is going inverse. When they are behind the Sun, they are mitigated by solar energy, so the power this celestial body is emanating is toned down. Therefore, with nothing to filter the strength of the planet, we experience it at full velocity when it's going in reverse.

Is your Jupiter in a Conjunction with the Sun? In other words, it could gain strength by being in something called a Cazimi, which is when these two planets are in exact conjunction by degree. Alternatively, if your natal Jupiter is within 17 degrees, it could feel burnt out by a situation called "under the Beams."

Do you have any Conjunctions to other Planets because this could amplify your condition?

What kind of aspects is forming to Jupiter; is there a lot of Trines and Sextiles or

Square plus Oppositions?

With regards to placement, which house is the planet in? The houses are crucial because it could be in one it enjoys or another place it would rather not hang out in. The same goes for Sign, element, and mode. Example: Jupiter in Virgo (Mutable Earth) or Jupiter in Aries (Cardinal Fire.)

Natal Jupiter RX Themes

Here are some of the themes a person could encounter with an Inverse Jupiter Natally:

  • Viewpoints can be vastly different from others, especially their immediate family.

  • There could be times when they aren't open to speaking their opinions.

  • The person's optimism could be muted at times.

  • Can be hesitant when it comes to taking a bold risk.

  • Learning in terms of formal education could feel hazy or have a few delays. And because this is a social planet, they could feel like they aren't on the same page as others in their class, i.e., the same grade as them.

  • The person knows what's best for them educationally and needs to do their own thing on the learning path.

  • Religious views can go through many phases, from changing beliefs to fanaticism to losing faith

  • At times they have issues with integrity, laws, and scruples.

  • Taking social responsibility becomes essential as they learn how to access their Jupiter.

  • Not as hopeful and somewhat cautious as someone whose Jupiter is Direct

  • How they view luck and money comes across as illogical

  • There could be a sense of entitlement that gets in the way

  • A tendency to discredit or deny other people's reality.

  • Can feel more restricted than those born with Jupiter Direct

  • May have issues seeing others' point of view

  • They tend to turn their noses up at traditional beliefs and religions

  • These natives could feel like they are on an unquenchable quest for the truth

  • The bigger picture could be a hard thing for them to conceptualize

  • When this person gets more connected with their Jupiter, they begin to walk the right path for themselves.

  • Some of them feel comfortable taking baby steps but eventually learn how to go after whims

  • They end up excelling down the line in higher education.

  • Become excellent teachers and life coaches

  • Have an excellent chance of being some of the best writers, editors, publishers, or online entrepreneurs

  • Ultimately, those born with this Retrograde learn to access their personal abundance and prosperity.

Even though these situations can be challenging, people master them eventually. Having Jupiter in Retrograde in the Horoscope doesn't mean you won't have luck or opportunities; it more so just takes longer for the abundance to come into the person's life.

And of course, I want to acknowledge that it isn't always rosie when you are born with planets that are going backward; it can feel beyond stressful. The good thing is you won't be stagnant in life just because you have planets in Retrograde.

Another cool thing about this Inverse Phase is an advantage to develop your skills on a deeper level which puts those born with this retrograde in a position to be prosperous, whatever that might mean for them. Additionally, people with Retrogrades tend to do better when the planet isn't direct because this is the frequency they were born with; therefore, they can adapt better than others.

Will My Natal Jupiter RX Ever Go Direct?

Even though you are born with this Retrograde, it doesn't mean it won't go direct at some point in your life. This happens because our Natal planets go through their own growth period, which causes them to transition out of Retrogrades. We can look at this using a technique called Progressions.

In Progressions, it goes by a day equals a year. So say you were born 4 days before Jupiter goes direct; this would mean that your Natal RX went out of Retrograde when you were four years old. If Jupiter went out of Retrograde 25 days after your birthday, then that means at Twenty-Five, your Natal Inverse Cycle ended.

If your Jupiter goes Direct by Progression, you could notice that things in this area of life open up for you. So if you felt blocked or stagnant when it comes to Jupitarian situations, you could see that over the next few years, things are slowly falling into place.

What Does Jupiter Retrograde Mean In A Past Life?

Retrogrades in your Natal chart could feel stifling, but they serve to help your growth on a spiritual, psychological, emotional level and help you evolve as a soul. Think about what lessons your soul needs to learn for progressive purposes, what you might not have understood in a past life, or even what you need to master in this current one.

With Jupiter or any planet in Retrograde, your soul could be working out circumstances from a previous life. When it comes to this particular celestial body, there could have been situations where you were not allowed the freedom to practice your own beliefs and harshly judged for envisioning something different.

Alternatively, you could have been a person who silenced another from speaking their truth or punish those for having an opposing religion from your own.

There could have been issues in terms of traveling. In a previous life, you could have been stuck in your hometown and desperately wanted to leave. Or, you could have experienced hardship in your journeys to other countries.

Opportunity Is Found in Your Natal RX

Remember being born with Jupiter Retrograde does not mean you won't have luck in your life. You will get the opportunities and ability to tap into your good fortune eventually once you have learned how to work this Natal RX to your advantage.

Here are some celebrity examples with Retrograde

Aaliyah, Ben Affleck, Robert Aiken (Writer actor), The Weekend, Betty Paige, Woody Harrelson, Elijah Woods, Ryan Reynolds, Ville Valo, Laura Prepon, Paul Rudd, Freddie Highmore, Rebel Wilson, Anna Farris, Vaness Hudgens, Guillermo del Toro, Jeff Goldblum, Roberto Cavalli


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