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Uranus Retrograde Meaning In The Birth Chart

Astrologically, some Natal Retrogrades are harder to find in the chart than others; Uranus RX isn’t one of them.

Uranus Retrograde's for almost half the year; this planet goes inverse for 5 ½ months. Therefore, the odds of having Uranus Retrograde in the horoscope are high. Also, this is an Outer Planet with a slow orbit of 7 years, so many people within your age range will have it in the same Sign, give or take, the year you were born. In other words, you could have gone to school with several people who also have an “R’ Next to Their Uranus.

In Astrology, Uranus is the planet that prefers to keep things fresh, stay true to the authentic self, be a sovereign soul, and challenge a system that does not work for the people. However, when it is Retrograde in the Birth Chart, instead of embracing change, you could have an aversion to it or be so unpredictable you make others uncomfortable. Thus, having this Uranus RX could affect a person to the point where they feel restricted and more internalized.

When you’re born with a planet like Uranus in Retrograde, it isn’t easy so do the best you can to get through the more challenging days. However, just because you have this in your Astrology Chart doesn’t mean you will always be in a rut. Yes, it could sometimes feel like you don’t see the changes you want in your life, which is beyond stressful, but you will eventually get your breakthrough with this planet and be able to shake things up in a good way.

Natal Uranus Retrograde Experiences

Retrogrades have a unique way of playing out in our charts, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all condition. Everyone experiences their Natal Retrogrades differently, so you could have 4 of these themes while someone else has 8. It all depends on how Uranus is situated in your chart.

One of the reasons Retrogrades in the Natal charts or in Transit are so intense is because they are on the other side of the Sun. For this reason, we experience the full energetic field of whatever planet is going inverse. When they are behind the Sun, they are mitigated by solar energy, so the power this celestial body is emanating is toned down. Therefore, with nothing to filter the strength of the planet, we experience it at full velocity.

There are some things to consider when looking at your Retrograde because not all are created equal. Depending on what Sign Uranus and Aspects are in, the conditions could be a breeze or complex.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Is your Uranus in a Conjunction with the Sun? In other words, it could gain strength by being in something called a Cazimi, which is when these two planets are in exact conjunction by degree.

  • Alternatively, if your natal Uranus is within 17 degrees, it could feel burnt out or overpowered by solar energy in a situation called “under the Beams.

  • Do you have any Conjunctions to other Planets because this could amplify your condition?

  • What kind of aspects are forming to Uranus from other planets; is there many Trines and Sextiles or Square plus Oppositions?

  • With regards to placement, which house is the planet in? The houses are crucial because it could be in one it enjoys or another place it would rather not hang out.

  • The same goes for Sign, element, and mode. You want to look at what they are in as well. For example, you could have Uranus in Scorpio “Fixed Water,” or Uranus in Sagittarius (Mutable Fire)

Natal Retrograde Experiences

Here are some of the themes that could have been experienced with Natal Uranus RX:

  • The biggest issue is being yourself, which could fluctuate from not expressing authentically to being outside of the Rubix cube with their personality.

  • The individuals’ mind could be overly radical compared to a person whose Natal Uranus is Direct

  • Their way of expressing could come across as more Saturnian, which could cause others to feel the Retrograde person is closed-minded and standoffish.

  • Idiosyncrasies could be more pronounced in the person’s mannerisms

  • They tend to feel like the outsider in social situations, work, and in their family

  • At times they are constantly detached from themselves and others

  • Because they are so different, they could experience periods of alienation even if they live with roommates, family, or a spouse

  • There’s a tendency to be reluctant to try new things or suppressing their experimental side to the point of being stagnant

  • Acceptance for themselves and others for being outside of the norm tends to be complicated.

  • Some people with this can feel more anxious than most with a ton of nervous Uranian energy.

  • These individuals go through extremes of wanting to fit in to not giving a damn about social pressures.

  • There is a tendency to disassociate to the point that you disconnect from your body.

  • Not being okay with your own company than going to the extreme of being a loner

  • Some could be uneasy with change to the point they refuse to leave their comfort zone.

  • There are times their hand gets forced so that change can occur.

  • They can go through bouts of suppressing their brilliance for long periods.

  • These people have a way of being in tune with the collective conscious

  • Frequently, these people ignore wake-up calls until they have no choice but to make changes.

  • When they are receptive, their mind is constantly downloading information and strokes of genius.

  • With this planet being internalized, people eventually become good at Uranian topics like Astronomy, Science, Astrology, Solopreneurs/Freelancers/ Self-employed, working online, New Age, excelling in technological fields, inventor, trendsetter, and the game-changers who upgrade the old models.

  • They eventually find their tribe

With Uranus being the planet of revolution, eventually, these natives undergo a significant upgrade in their lives and break free from the restrictions. One would think that being born with a Retrograde prevents you from tapping into your innovative side, but that isn’t the case. These people are hidden geniuses, and once Uranus does wake up for them, it allows the person to align with their abilities.

Another good thing about having a Natal Retrograde is these natives do better than others when Uranus is going inverse because this is the frequency they were born with; therefore, they can acclimate better than everyone else.

Will My Natal Uranus Retrograde Ever Go Direct?

Even though you are born with this Retrograde, it doesn’t mean it won’t go direct at some point in your life. This happens because our Natal planets go through their own growth period, which causes them to transition out of Retrogrades. We can look at this using a technique called Progressions.

In Progressions, it goes by a day equals a year. So say you were born four days before Uranus goes direct; this would mean that your Natal RX went out of Retrograde when you were four years old. If Uranus went out of Retrograde 25 days after your birthday, that means at Twenty Five, your Natal Inverse Cycle ended.

If your Uranus goes Direct by Progression, you could notice that things in this area of life open up for you. So, if you felt blocked or stagnant in that area, you could see that over the next few years, things are slowly falling into place.

What Does Uranus Retrograde Mean In A Past Life?

Retrogrades in your Natal chart could feel stifling, but they serve to help your growth on a spiritual, psychological, emotional level and help you evolve as a soul. Think about what lessons your soul needs to learn for progressive purposes, what you might not have understood in a past life, or even what you need to master in this current life.

With this kind of Retrograde, your past life was one where you couldn’t break out in the way your soul desired. In other words, you could have had a ton of restrictions on what you could do and were not allowed to be yourself; you didn’t get the opportunity to be outspoken.

Some people who have this planet in Retrograde could have been too alternative and became an outsider. Other individuals could have been too groundbreaking for their era, causing them to be obscure in mainstream society.

Additionally, they could have been a situation where you didn’t take social responsibility for your actions. In some cases, those with this placement refuse to stand up for the rights of others. Or, you could have been the type who tried to help their fellow man but wasn’t able to finish your mission in bettering the planet, so now you are doing this one over.

Your Ability to Be A Game Changer Is Found in Your Natal RX

Remember being born with Uranus Retro isn’t a bad thing by any means. This allows you to get in touch with your authentic self and break cycles that stop your freedom. Use this placement to undergo an internal revolution.

Here are some celebrity examples with Retrograde

Jimmy Hendrix, Evangeline Adams, Adele, Lana Del Ray, Billy Zane, Naomi Cambell, Mindy Kaling, Daniel Radcliffe, Winnie Harlow, Keke Palmer, Bill Nye, Bruce Lee, Curtis Armstrong, Richard Pryor, Madam CJ Walker, Annie Lennox, Matthew Lillard


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